Friday, January 16, 2009


Sammy says to her sister Tallulah: Bitch! We have so many clothes and you HAD to choose the SAME outfit!!! Look at Wong Wong in red Valentino laughing at us!!
Da spread: Oreo-style peanut butter biscuits filled with vanilla, canine chicken pie from three Dogs Bakery in happy Valley, beef jerky giveaways from France and raffle prizes for guests

Sammy in Chipie denim checks out her spread.

My dog Sammy Doggis Junior turned 15 this month and since that is equivalent to 112 human years and she is older that Erap's mom, we decided to give her a birthday party in the park in our 'hood where there is a big sign that says "No Dogs Allowed."
But siyempre, alam mo naman mga Pinoy, okay lang. So when the HK Chekua security guard came to stop the party, we gave him a plate of pancit, mamon and dumplings. AYOS ang problema!


Anonymous said...

The dogs are all pretty!!!My half-breed Coco(named after Coco Chanel,of course) will be having her party tomorrow.We have decided to take her to a vacant lot inside the subdivision owned by Manny VIllar(with no running water on thursday and guards are off-duty everyday).There,she will eat everything we got from Puregold(since there is no Krispy creme nearby and Ministop is about 4kilometers).

cherie said...

this is so funny! i was cracking up in the middle of the night. the dogs are so sosyal!