Friday, December 5, 2008


The state of California is close to broke. The governor of the world's 8th largest economy (if it were a country) is probably not going to be robbing a bank soon since there are no American banks even worth robbing. Speaking of...The US (c/o Hank Paulson) was lectured by China yesterday about its economy and their need to save. Over 60% of America's 2 trillon USD reserves are held by China. I don't know about America but if you've been to Chinese school (or have had Chinese parents) and didn't hold anything but a Chinese calligraphy brush, you can already feel the pain of a Chinese lecture. Can you imagine if they held 60% of you by the b----.......????


I have received positive reactions to the way KC behaved with Bill Clinton (although I personally would not have done that because as I told someone, I'd rather make siko other editors at press sales than siko to meet Clinton--that makes BOTH Clintons). Prepare yourselves because there will be a lot of digressions in this entry.

The comments said something like "KC seemed more human...she appeared down to earth, etc.." I am happy those comments were made because they made me realize how I (and probably other members of the international media) see things so differently. Jaded? Us???

a) The patola vine and I had lunch together yesterday (yes, like Price Charles, I talk to plants and even feed it cheese with honey and walnuts but it has to pay its bill) and it called to my attention how frivolous and out of touch people like me, members of the fashion world, are.

Let me explain by example:

Exhibit A: Jane Mulvagh, one of Vivienne Westwood's biographers, told me that she left the fashion world because she shocked herself with the shallowness of her conversation when she turned to her dinner companion and said, "How can you NOT own a pair of navy cotton twill chinos?"

Exhibit B: When I was writing for the Wall Street Journal, my editor asked me to gather 5 must-haves and (for me at least) one of them was an Alexander McQueen fur coat in white rabbit trimmed in gold (not real!) braid for HKD 800,000 (or USD 100,000). Let us NOT even bring Fendi, Dennis Basso or J Mendel into the picture because they will only complicate matters and figures.

Editor: I think you have printed one too many zeros.

Me: No, that's right. 800,000 HKD.

Editor: 800,000 is 100,000 USD for a COAT!?? WHY??

Me: Don't you understand? It's MCQUEEEEEN!!! It's beautiful!! Why are you asking me this?? How can you NOT know McQueeenn???

(There was another argument about a Balenciaga jacket so that's why I don't work for the AWSJ anymore! At least with the FT we never discuss money.....)

b) For some of us, we get to meet important people because of WHO WE WORK FOR. I know there are some members of the media who THINK important people will speak to them because of who they are. Big mistake unless you own the network. Therefore, meeting important people is not as important to us unlike say, for KC Concepcion (and others in the free world), who probably doesn't get to meet anyone more important than herself. Being starstruck probably also has to do with the circles, industries or communities one is exposed to.

To me, yoga is a new experience so I am trying to learn as much as I can about it. Although my teacher here in HK is some sort of yoga celebrity, I don't get to meet many. A journo like me who can talk figures and fashion with Kaiser Karl, Michael Burke and Sidney Toledano, Arnault, Diego della Valle, MINOR royalty (like the odd count with no account),CEOs, artists, politicians, senior bankers, etc...COULD NOT even bring herself to ask Sharon Gannon (co-founder of NYC's Jivamukti Yoga) what brand of make-up she uses because it stayed on so well. To think I have even interviewed the CEO of L'Oreal....

O--eto--sideline, okay? (Pay attention) When I met Amanda Harlech at the couture, I was so excited and kept asking her about her clothes and horses that....I forgot about my Kaiser Karl interview!!!

Add to that what happened early this week before I went out to lunch with John Scott (Sting's yoga teacher to you, the unenlightened--hahaha!):

Alex (my yoga teacher in HK): Do you mind if a friend joins us for lunch today?

Me: No, of course not.

Alex: It's John Scott. I'm sure you've heard of him. Think of it as a treat for you.

Me: (amidst the quiet of the Landmark Mandarin Spa) JAAHN SCAAATTT!!!???? HE'S FAAAAMOUS!!!! OH MY GAAAAWWWD!! (Of course, there was John Scott sitting next to me...)

So, girls and gheys, as much as I think making siko is uncool, I did have my KC Concepcion moment this week. Of course there was also the time I thought Whoopi Goldberg was a waiter and I thought Bryan Adams was an architect then worse, changed my opinion to a starving musician.....(HOPELESS! No wonder I can't be taken out in public---buti pa yung patola vine)


Rosanna said...

mama kitty,

hinay hinay lang kay kaycee. she's an ambassador na you know. lumelebel na si ineng kay angelina jolie. may peeding program pa yan sa mindanao. so lets give her some leeway naman. hahahahaha. after all kc consepyon is kc consepyon. ang positioning niya ngayon is THE ANGELINA JOLIE OF ASIA. matuk mo yan? her hands are full of everything. movies, tv, charity, etcetera, etcetera... in short jack of all trades master of none. hahahaha. pero in fairness, sosyal ang luka luka. may exposure sa asian initiative. taray!!! ako ang masasabi ko, I DON'T FLOAT MY CHARITY!

Twilight Zone said...

i saw chika minute last night and they show KC with Clinton and she looks very pretty, the ex-prez handling an award to KC and having interview together with other famous celeb and youre right she looks so down to earth
thats why my mom and sister are so proud again to KC, mga tao sa bahay from my mom to my sister to the maid lahat maka KC (pero never naging maka Sha lolz)

Anonymous said...

Having been educated in an International School,featured in Tatler(social-climbing magazine),daughter of a mega-star(whale shark i guess) and raised inside Damarinas Village,how could she act like that?Well,you can never buy class.I have no idea why she became an ambassador for the World's Hungry(tama ba?)...she always bring Yoyo tAN with her(a lackey i guess) to get more media exposure.I never like her..she's so pa-sweet and yet the way she act at Clinton Convention seems so awkward.

NIce post Kitty dear...

Anonymous said...

I love yoga with Alex. I walk down the hill from Caine Rd and start practicing at 6am. Too bad I don't live there full time.