Monday, December 8, 2008


WHAT I DID ON MY LONG WEEKEND---WTF?? by Tracy Isabel Borres
(This is obviously from Fezbook but you tecchies please find the readable version yourselves because I have absolutely NO IDEA how to transfer back and forth between websites)
It seems like the Patola Vine is living up to its name as the Patrola Vine. Just as I let it out of the greenhouse....Monday na Monday pa's gone from making siko with the "who's who" at Clinton Global Initiative to making silip to the Facebook of "who the fuck is this" from (what many assume) Ateneo de Manila University. My alma mater. JUICE KO!!
(Da same is-kool that did not want to release a copy of my diploma when I lost it after moving several times. The reason? "We gave it to you in 1984 and can't give you another....' So I went to Quiapo and had a real fake made)
When the Patola Vine first made me read this to it (since thank-s God it can't read, only speak), I was MORTIFIED at the attitude of this kid, I couldn't even react! Hindi ako maka-emote, Mudder. I was i-SPEECHLESS, Tita, like in the Famas Awards.
Everyone including me would find it difficult going to poor neighborhoods and sometimes we have to get out of our comfort zones and really have to do it. However, whether you were forced (because of crimes against the papparazzi, speeding tickets or back taxes) or did it voluntarily, there is no need to tell people how horrible the situation was. It is not their fault that they are poor, that they are dirty or that they are not like 'us.'
(In the case of Tracy Isabel Borres, she's more a "Them")
Many of us will say "Ay bata lang 'yan.....Just kids...." BUT that is exactly the attitude that develops future social monsters.
Borres' entry is a lengthy, often incoherent rant of bitching and complaining about a weekend of Immersion with the Aetas, local aborigines politically incorrectly known as "Negritos.' Immersion is a Jesuit Volunteer Program (JVP) where university students VOLUNTEER to live among the less fortunate to make them a) thank their lucky stars they ain't poor, b) practice Christian values, c) get theology credit or d) all of the above.
FYI I chose to study an extra course and take an exam.
Before I pullout 'highlights' from this great example of entitlement by the clearly unentitled, let me say two things:
One: IMMERSION is voluntary. If you are like me (the reigning Miss Turd World 2008) afraid of dirt, disease, poverty, no aircon, no running water, no nuttin' DON"T FUCKIN' JOIN!
(My husband and I spent the millenium at Isla Naburot where there is no electricity and we almost ended up divorced before our marriage began)
Two: If you DO JOIN (as many members of my family have), shut the fuck up and suffer silently. Who asked YOU to go???
Now for the 'highlights" (there's more on Fezbook where THIS came from!)
"I was going to be with alone with a random aeta family.
Translation: OHMYGOD I’M IN HELL."
(The aetas could say: We were going to be alone with a spolied brat from Manila. OHMYGOD WE SHOULD HAVE JUST TAKEN NGO MONEY and a spot on TV Patrol instead of dat bitch staying here and eating our food!!!)
-No proper plumbing....I did not bathe at all during my entire stay there…."
(This was for credit in theology and practice of Christian values, not an exam for housekeeping at the Georges V)

"-There were so many children….So MANY DIRTY KADIRI CHILDREN…either coughing, wet with their sipon….I seriously did NOT WANT ANY OF THEM TOUCHING ME…."
"..AND Children started to flock around me. They were so close that I tried so hard not to breathe so I wouldn’t smell them….Plus it was so dark so God knows whether they were clean or not."
(Personally, I am not a lover of children of all sorts, kadiri or not, but dirt and sipon are part of the territory if you are going to do any charity work. Next time, to be safe, choose a leper colony.)
Tracy also boringly relates her adventures with a drunken aeta but I'll leave that for you to read on your own.
"She freakin’ picked her nose and I think she rubbed her finger against my leggings…Oh Freakin Lord..."
"Gawd lolo, go count your money….. and hover somewhere else….."
"Good for nothing bus dropped us off at the station in Cubao so I had to walk!! "
(In case she has not been outside the Philippines, a) she should see the coughing, spitting and nose picking in other emerging markets, b) people in the free world--Beijing, Hong Kong London and New York, except perhaps LA, and Cubao---WALK!)

"I'm not pregnant knocked up carrying an indigenous offspring.."
(Honey, if you were born in the Philippines, YOU ARE indigenous! Just like the aetas!)
Are these famous quotes embarrassing or what?
Whell, boys and girls and gays, albinos and aetas, I am not as much ashamed for this girl as downright embarrassed (as in I wouldn't even go to Unimart with shades on) to be HER PARENTS!
Do you remember how in the Tagalog movies Gloria Romero or Bella Flores or Rita Gomez (with red nails) or Hilda Koronel would go, "At IKAW! Wala kang pinag-aralan!!"
Clearly, this is time for Tracy Isabel Borres' close-up. 'Di ba, direk?
This is an attitude that simply propagates diminishing national pride and the 'flexible morality' of what we know as 'high society'.....What High Society? Who ARE THESE PEOPLE!???
I am HOPING I do not know her parents!!! (ay--baka nasa Fezbook ko!)
It is also this sort of behaviour that we think makes us so cosmopolitan but once we leave Cosmo Manille and into the real cosmos, people will merely laugh at our ignorance and lack of manners.
(Try the New Age Trustafarian neighborhood of Notting Hill Gate and see where THAT will get you!)
BTW--Borres has to write a 'reflection' paper on this exciting adventure but if I were the school, I would give her an expulsion paper. Or better yet, do remedial in the Kolkata branch.


jade worldwide said...

what can i say? shocking is too mild a word....

I'd probably prefer the company of aetas than hers.

she would have died prematurely if a sick kid vomited on her - total freak out siguro siya.

Rosanna said...

mama kitty,

Tumaas ang presyon ko reading this article. Ang mga pari ng katipunan should be doing a review of the whole system. When this article hits the world wide web tomorrow with a million hits, i'm betting my injected ass that the enrollment in the Ateneo will drop faster than you can say "Trisya".

With all honesty, let's not shoot the messenger "This Borress Girl". She is just a messenger of how bulok the system in Manila right now. How kami kami and kayo kayo of the haves and the have nots are in the air of Manila right now. These little rich girls who thinks that having 5 Louis Vuitton and 2 Guccis will define how much they will be respected by manila society.
Pwede ba tigilan ako, ibaba ang kilay ko. Ano ba ang claim to fame nila? At yung mga fashion plates kuno in Manila who "dictates" whats in purita Manila are no different from "this girl who met the Aetas". They are totally out of touch from what Manila truly is. This is my message to them:::

Mga ineng:

Mga Hipokrita! Mga Plastikada! Mga Ilusyonada! Ano ba ang akala nyo sa inyo? How much is your net worth? Wag mag ilusyon!?! Look at Angelina Jolie, she can mingle with the poor children of Africa to the abandoned orphans of Asia. And to think she is at date the highest paid star in Hollywood. Eh kayo> What is your body of work? Ano ang maipagmamalaki niyo? Your bubble will burst soon and kayo mga ineng pag may i step kayo sa Paris or New York, the high society there will not be able to see the difference between you and the aetas. You and I and the aetas are all from the same mold. ASIANS. so please tanggalin ang caste system dahil hindi ka naman Indian noh@! HAhahahahaha. Ilusyonada!

fried-neurons said...

you made very valid points. i agree with you completely, kitty.

good social commentary, but also very funny. great post!

wysgal said...

Hi Kitty --- Just a clarification: all Ateneo seniors are required to go on a one-weekend immersion as part of their requirements for their theology class. The JVP voluntary program you're talking about is another program altogether. That being said, I did see a handful of students beg off from the "required" immersion because their parents simply refused to allow them to go.

loudcloud said...

reading through her spasmic drivel made my skin crawl.

i do agree on your points kitty: NO ONE FORCED YOU TO BE WITH THE AETA'S! she should have conducted her immersion among the city dwellers but underprivileged TONDO so they can, like, you know, make gripo out of her gilid or like make her lampaso in the imburnal.

and i hope her reflection paper is written the way she wrote it facebook-wise. otherwise someone should slap her forehead with a sticker that says "retard" or "credit hack"

loudcloud said...

p.s. should have said 'spastic' instead of spasmic.

ayan tuloy, i am speaking indigenous english na rin.


Brian Brotarlo said...

You actually think her attitude is not normal? Once saw a girl in the YFC (kids arm of the couples for christ) go into fetal position when confronted by several taga-barrios. These people actually take regular baths but the hard Tagalog accent really got into her. Did I help her? Nah.

Leicestersq said...


arlene :) said...

i asked a couple of my friends about her and all they could tell me that she's a bitch.

and that entry just proves how much of a bitch she really is.

Twilight Zone said...

ouch, zinoh syah? lolz

Anonymous said...

kitty, who is this tracy bores and why does she deserve space in your blog? if she's high society, i've never heard of her. (though her condescending-ness reminds me of one)

ana said...

does father nebres know about this?

off with this pompous little twat's head!

her fugly face should be plastered all over the campus with excerpts from her facebook entries.

Dakota Harrison said...

Hay nakoh Miss Kitty, @#$%inang Tracy Borres hah! Di ko malaman kung flopchina ang mga efforts ng Ateneo na burahin ang "shet-my-horse-died-today" image o sadyang pinangangalandakan ang pagiging elitista...

Anonymous said...

This un-educated lady bug(she's from ateneo ba?)should be crucified with the rest of Manila Society who think they are high and mighty and leave everyone poor!If i were her parents9since i can't bear an offspring since i'm a total fag-fabulous)i would be very disappointed and break all hell and crucify myself on a banana tree!!!PABALIKTAD!tSK...

Rosanna said...

mama kitty,

where is my comment made yesterday? :( . sorry if it was magulo, i was drunk and quite shocked by what i read from that girl's fezbook. thanks.

Sam said...

Love you Ms. Kitty!!!
OMG! I defer to the other comments on this one. Appalled? Shocked? God save us all from these emerging creatures. She is funny but scared-the-shet-out-of me. Ano na nag nagyayari sa kabataang Pilipino, or maybe I am just too old and too far?

Wendy said...

Hi Kitty,

I'm really a big fan of yours but...

Let's face it, experiences like immersions aren't for everyone. I graduated from Ateneo myself so I know.

I think had she known what she was getting into she would not have gone at all. She's just being herself. I don't know her, I bet most of the people who've been lambasting her and judging her don't know her as well. How can we judge her solely from her reaction to an experience which she deemed bad?

She posted her account on Facebook, probably to share with her friends and peers, and now it is being feasted on, ridiculed, and criticized for all the world to see.

Nobody's perfect.

I feel sorry for her, because she is being turned into a sideshow so people will have something to talk about. :(

Theresa said...

Hi Ms. Kitty (idol!!!)

Posted the same on my "fezbook" and got hordes of comments PLUS a private message from her friend that "I shouldn't have done that."

I saw it as my social obligation to let the world know that there are people there who tend to be downright mean and degrading. She should've stopped and did some major introspection before writing anything.

Then again...

Love your work, by the way!

Sharon Jean said...

I feel sad for the Aeta family among other things. The father even packed her fruits before she left. They've sheltered her ever for a weekend and welcomed her in their lives and in exchange, they appeared like freaks in her FB. Next time, the Ateneo should also take measures in protecting the poor folks against students like these. I had my immersion too some ten years ago among the fisher folks in Bataan, quite uneventful really except for one group mate who was promising that he will come back and will have basketball courts constructed for these folks. I do not know if he delivered on his promise though.

reinestella said...

Is there a way for her rants to reach any of her professors at the university? I can't believe such a spoiled brat would dare complain and derogate those poor Aetas. Her attitude does not deserve her a degree from Ateneo. If there's one thing she's ranting about, it's the REALITY that she saw. Never mind that she saw it the way she did; soon she has to grow up (if she ever will) and realize that not everything she sees through those narrow-minded eyes always have to be pleasing.

Chinachix said...

what disturbs me more is knowing how prevalent this 'tude may be towards the aetas among her equally-privileged peers, Atenista o hindi (im from ober da side of the bakod, along Taft Ave. to be exact)....

Anonymous said...

Reaction to:

"Hi Kitty,

I'm really a big fan of yours but...

Let's face it, experiences like immersions aren't for everyone. I graduated from Ateneo myself so I know.

I think had she known what she was getting into she would not have gone at all. She's just being herself. I don't know her, I bet most of the people who've been lambasting her and judging her don't know her as well. How can we judge her solely from her reaction to an experience which she deemed bad?

She posted her account on Facebook, probably to share with her friends and peers, and now it is being feasted on, ridiculed, and criticized for all the world to see.

Nobody's perfect.

I feel sorry for her, because she is being turned into a sideshow so people will have something to talk about. :("

So ibig sabihin okay lang yun ginawa ni Tracy? Diba the intention of the immersion is for the students to have an awareness of the plight of the poor? Oo nga at mahirap ang mag immersion but grow up noh. Yun mga mahihirap araw araw nilang buhay yon. Sana hindi na lang siya nanlait as her act of charity. Yun na nga lang ang puwede niyang ibigay, hindi pa binigay. Bigyan pa ba ng excuse ang mapanlait na behavior?

jade worldwide said...

Rosanna - loved your comment -so hilarious...

Mama S - totally agree with what you wrote, sana hindi na lang siya nag-comment kung hindi niya type ang naging experience niya.

as for sosi-attitude- hindi lang sa ateneo and other private schools iyan, kahit anong school mayroong mga TH.


ishy133 said...

sa totoo lang ha... she looks like Ai Ai delas Alas... an uglier version of Ai Ai....

sunny said...

jade worldwide,

that's exactly the word to describe her -TH. Talagang trying hard ang girl.

Rosanna said...

(sorry ateh pero i just have to say my piece about ateneo and la salle)

those people who are from the ateneo and dlsu and feels like they are "super sosyal":

IBABA ANG KILAY KO. pwede ba mga ineng, bago kayo mag pilipit ng dila niyo to come up with what others perceived as sosyal accent, should look first kung ano ranking ng ateneo and dlsu sa world universities. che! its not even La sorbonne, mit, oxford, georgetown, harvard or in the league of the ivy. kaya please lang mga ineng, your tuition for the whole 4 years ay tuition lang ng isang semester sa mga nabanggit na paaralan. and take note, the people who studies in these "world class unis" are polite, have breeding (generally ok), humble, and know the difference between cheap shots (like what borres did) and intelligent hoots. will someone send my message to borres and her minions. plz!!!pl

Twilight Zone said...

ay naku madam kitty eto ngayon agang aga nabasa ko nanaman to 'aeta' issue na to dun sa isang pinafollow kong blogger...

Hazeru said...

She replied to the issue here:

"Dark, quirky humor"? Um, I don't think so.

Beng said...

Yuckkkkkkk!!!! Siya yong nakakadiri to death. She is indeed a filthy, heartless, ├╝ber OA stupid spoiled brat. Dapat sana iniwanan na siya doon so she’ll learn how to live with nothing.

Mike Abundo said...

Here's Tracy's statement on the issue.

Anonymous said...

I've just read the statement of the girl.

Now she's trying to sound harmless and unconcerned. She's even trying to divert the issue by bringing up the "breach of privacy" angle.

Well, since she's such a brat, I think she deserves to have friends who betray her trust by leaking her private thoughts for everyone to read.

Oh, and notice how many times she claimed to have avoided taking a piss or a dump? Seems she's so good at keeping it all in that it makes sense to refer to her as being full of $#it.

= = = = = = = = = =

In support of what wysgal said, the JVP is indeed different from the required immersion for graduating students. For one thing, entrance into the JVP is quite rigorous and it's safe to say that anyone who is fussy about such things as sanitation and indigenous Filipinos would be turned away outright.

Twilight Zone said...

sori nalang sya di natawa ang kanyang mga amiga hihihi(ako lang yata natawa) kaya ayun biglang kambyo ang bruha na nagmana ky malou na mahilig magpatawa.

Dawn Selya said...

the nerve! another scum walking on earth, or better yet ensconced on her high throne. When are you going to go away? Kainez!

The Nashman said...

yay! very entertainment! now she's famous. good on her.more power to the jesuits!

Wendy said...

@mamaS - No, I am not condoning the things Tracy has said and done, and I'm not saying it's okay.

I just think it isn't fair to judge a whole person with finality based on a single account -- besides, how many here personally know her enough to pass judgment? Calling her names hardly addresses the issue at hand. If she's so bad do you really think attacking her will reform her and make her change her ways? That it will contribute to the betterment of society? So just because she is financially better off than the Aetas it's OKAY to say all sorts of mean things about her? What makes that different from her saying mean things about the Aetas?

Just some food for thought.

Anonymous said...

yWendy, sa tingin mo, ano ang best way para magkaroon ng kaliwanagan ang mga katulad ni Tracy?

Regarding the difference between the rich saying mean things to the rich and the rich saying mean things to the poor, parehong hindi tama. Pero sa tingin mo saan mas patas ang laban?

Tanong lang po. Peace.

Sam said...

Additional food for thought and talking about labels na rin, based on what I've read so far and based only on what I have read in the infamous fezbook notes, the following words easily come to mind: ignorant, arrogant, indiscreet,tacky and boorish (no pun intended). We sure all miss the days of paper journals with those padlock thingies hidden in some dark corner of the musty bahay-na-bato. Yan ang discreet expression ng darkest and wildest thoughts. and about the fezbook notes? bang on the keyboards and hit the return key, and you are fair game to the madlang reader to the farthest reaches of the milky way or wherever there is wifi signal . As dear lola would say, supilin ang mga yan, bawiin ang laptop at magsulat uli sa pisara at kuwaderno, tingnan natin kung wild and dark ang entries. As Mama Kitty would say, yan lang pow (TM)!!

Anonymous said...


I don't think anybody who has commented on this article did so with the intention of:

1. judging the brat with "finality";

2. making the brat reform; and/or

3. pushing for the "betterment of society"

Maybe people simply want to voice out their indignation. Keeping silent would have been much worse. Everyone has an idea on how to make society better, and I'm pretty sure 99% of us think that leaving comments in a blog is not exactly the best way to go about it. (You might have other ideas.)

Oh, and if you think that people say mean things to the brat simply because she is better off than Aetas, then you are very badly mistaken.

Seems you need some food for thought yourself.

Dark Lord said...

i wouldn't judge her for what she said. that girl is just like the rest of us, we all have our biases and prejudices. we all have our moments when we do what tracy did. the only difference is that tracy posted her thoughts on facebook. but really, ganun din naman tayo.

Anonymous said...

My my my.

Tracy Isabel Borres.

This is one of the more mildly controversial topics I’ve seen floating around the blogosphere, but I am thinking this is creating a buzz only because Gorrell is currently on hibernation.

I don’t begrudge her for not being able to vent anything deeper than ohmygollyhowkadirinamanthesepeopleare in her blog. Not all life lessons come immediately, and even when they do, not all of us articulate enough to compose them into a straightforward essay we can share with our friends.

I will give her the benefit of the doubt, and simply ask - how will she live her life from here on in? We don’t expect all people who join an immersion to suddenly become saints and social activists. but if she learns to be more appreciative of her material comforts, and grateful to those who are kind and who provide for her, that becomes a plus in my book. Consuelo de bobo nalang, i guess.

She’s a ditz, i will say that, but as someone who does not truly know the person. She doesn’t strike me as being very nice. Again, that is not a fully-informed judgement. I certainly wish she could have been more reflective on her experience. But still. Feelings are feelings, and I will respect her right to vent her very visceral reaction to that one weekend.

How she will live the rest of her life - it’s sad that none of us will ever find out. We will only know her as a name on this particular blog post that she never meant for anyone outside her close circle of friends to read.

How would any of us have reacted in her place? Tell me.

Anonymous said...

Agree, yun lang pow to Miscellaneous and Dark Lord.

Twilight Zone said...

alam mo ang mga pinoy naman madaling magalit pero madali din naman magpatawad, dala ng pagkabigla nakakapag comment ng bugso ng damdamin, pero ako kahit nanga my nacomment ako di naman sobrang sama diba?
oki i must agree to dark lord.
siguro naman sa dami ng inabot na masasamang salita ni tracy e matututo na rin syang sarilinin nalang yung mga ganung bagay.
we just give her nalang another chance, im sure may mga gabi ding di sya nakatulog pagkatapos nung mga iskandalong inabot nya.

Rosanna said...

ateh kitty,

i edited it na para mas "readable"...
this is my message to those who support the likes of borres:::

naku naman wag ka na magpakahipokrita day! hindi pwede ang "treating with kid's gloves" ang mga tipo ng borres girl na iyan. dapat dyan "malakas na pagdagundung". makapal na mukha niyan, hindi uubra diyan ang pa sweet. for her age, ang kapal ng apog niya ay equivalent sa isang 60 year old na lukaret. masahol pa siya sa baboy ramo na inaalagaan ng mga ita. tae siya. bastos siya. walang modo. walang breeding! IMPOLITE IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT TO DESCRIBE THIS BORRESS GIRL. the term "rude" and "ingrata" are words specially coined for her! I TOTALLY ABHOR HER type. The Philippines can see a dark and bleak future if her youth is represented by that girl! Cheap shot!

dementia said...

How do I contact this gehl? I'll invite her to my party in Baseco

H*U*N*E*Y F*A*Y*E said...

I don't think whatever reaction she gets would matter. she still thinks its PR. Ika nga good or bad PR is still good. So she enjoys the fact that she is an 'internet sensation'. I think that its all about upbringing. What she did its definitely not good breeding. Anyhoo... karma karma lang yan. Sino ba nagsabi na maganda sya? SIGH/SIGH! hahaha! she's so pretentious! Lets wait and see when Poppa gets bankrupt!

She was funny! definitely made a fool of herself.

The Nashman said...

yah, how do we contact new internet sensation Tracy Isabel Borres? i see mony in t-shirts, greeting cards, umbrellas, and disposable bags emblazoned with her name on it coz she is famous...

Rissy said...

I don't believe that she had no idea what she was getting into. How arrogant!!

Perhaps we can use this opportunity to send a positive message out there...I like the t-shirt idea!! It can be a great social awareness/eye-opener campaign so that others can reap the lesson of Ms. Borres' lack of humility.

loudcloud said...

i'm all in for the t-shirt idea.

i can picture these out in a shirt:

1. The Boorish Borres.
2. Anti-Uhog! The Borres Fans Club
3. The Borres And The Beasts
4. Noli Mi Tangere by T. Borres

any enterprising people out there?

Khaffalmhoukz said...

It's people like her (alongside FG Mike, Bolante, Erap, the guy behind the bonfire scandal, etc.) that make me regret more the decision to choose Ateneo instead of UP. She should have realized that any statement she (or any alumnus in that mater) makes reflect the way her alma mater thinks and acts. And yes, if anyone could please send a copy of this travesty to Fr. Dacanay and Fr. Nebres.

red said...

Ateneo-bred, Jesuit educated, what can I say?

Ryanne said...

Ay Tracy... ayan kasi. Next time, wag masyadong masigasig gumawa ng notes.

The Gravelcat said...

Read the kid's statement in another person's blog:

I think that kids today just shoot their mouths off without thinking of the consequences, and WITHOUT TAKING RESPONSIBILITY for what they say. There must be something wrong in one's upbringing that one feels she can easily wipe her hands off something so rude and thoughtless, practically denying culpability. This is the reason why there are politicians in the news who get away with things. The lack of responsibility is so juvenile.

People like this don't really become adults until they are able to face the unpleasantness of their own actions.

"Dark, quirky humor" does not justify meanness and lack of compassion.

Tracy Isabel Borres' parents should be ashamed. If they want her to actually become a good, productive person, they should take responsibility for her upbringing. If they don't take responsibility, why, they're just as bad.

masashipao said...

Get a life bitch :)

Paul Denille said...

rosanna said:

"Look at Angelina Jolie, she can mingle with the poor children of Africa to the abandoned orphans of Asia. And to think she is at date the highest paid star in Hollywood"

isang malaking PWEEEEE!

the girl with "serious emotional problems (as claimed by her father); who attended her wedding wearing a shirt with the name of Johnny Miller written on it using her own blood; who wore Billy Thornton's blood in a vial around her neck; who is so in love with her brother that she kissed her full on the lips.

At ngayon ay goodwill ambassador pa. Isang malaking PWE ulit!


angelina is a homewrecking, famewhoring, self-absorbed slut who needs to get out of the spotlight and take care of her 50 children. Maybe their kids wouldn't be peeing on chairs and throwing temper tantrums if they bothered to play with them.