Monday, December 22, 2008


Since the Patrola Vine is busy at hospitals, I am setting up a post office.

I be da postmaster and you-s bee da client. (Or da shooter)
'Do you knows dees peoples?'
In the words of Ricardo Po, 'Kilala mo ba ako?' ay este...SILA!????


DR. TENG TENG (short for a name with too long a jail term and too criminal to remember) who injured a resident surgeon at the East Avenue Medical Center kreez-muz parteey.
'Ju want him to lay a healing hand on 'ya?
Dr. Chin-chiminey Filofax (ay Palafox pala but she ain't lookin' too foxy to me!) from the pathological department (as in lyin', falsifyn' and misdiagnosin') of opthalmology where not only can you a) be blinded by the light but also b) get a wrong prognosis from being diagnosed with a PEN LIGHT (maybe a giveway from Neozep!)
(This is why all the equipment behind her is wrapped in plastic--why use medical equipment when you have a trusty pen light?! Ay basta huwag pen knife for surgery, ha...)

PEN LIGHT!! Oh my GASUL!! I don't even use a penlight to check my dogs' ears!!
Di ba yung pen light pang Robinson's Cinema seating lang yan??
Naku ha...Do an MRI (Masterful Removal Immediately!)

I'm calling DR. HOUSE NOW!!
Is there a doctor in da house who can make a responsible decision without worrying about her place in society? What society? The SPCA?? Society for for Prevention of Cruely to Animals....(or patients?)


Twilight Zone said...

ay grabeh na toh kala ko pang ilaw lang yun sa mga diskuhan lolz

rdp said...

i'm shocked! i used to go to school with her, undergrad in UP-D.

merry christmas, kitty. :)

Anonymous said...

A PENLIGHT???used by this doctor?i don't even use it while checking my dog's ass!!!Who the fuck are these peole?They should be dumped somewhere in Lake Placid...


Kitty dear,we are all waiting for the third book of yours this New Year.It will be a great gift for my social-climbing friends.The weather is getting coldr and will dropped to O degrees...especially in Aspen!!!

bhussy said...

what does Chin's social climbing father think about her dating that lowlife?????? sa bagay he did naman her dirty work

clara said...

Chin Palafox is so ugly pala,and her boyfriend is equally ugly. Maybe thats whu they decided to beat up the young intern, they were jealous of his good looks.

clara said...

Kitty, You should nt bother putting this two psycho doctors in your book,they are nobodies anyway.

Brian said...

Love it!

louella said...

ang chisms ay love triangle ito. ay, nakakaloka! yung residente na nasuntok eh, type yung BF! charing. lol. parang gray's. hahaha

Rico said...

ms. kitty go, based on what i read about you, you're a smart, gracious and forthright (to the point of bluntness) person. you characterized yourself as an idealist in your interview. i hope whoever fed you these malicious information (C.P.B.? A.G? dr.GC?) wasn't using you just to extract a personal vendetta.

Twilight Zone said...

Merry Xmas and Happy new year madam Kitty, naway maging masaya ang iyong pasko!

rebo_k said...

this came out in victor agustin's cocktales column (manila standard today)---

Heard through the grapevine

The Christmas party at the East Avenue Medical Center ended up in a rough note when two male doctors mixed it up and gotten physical over a female colleague, Dr. Chin Palafox, daughter of architect Felino Palafox.

Details are still hazy, although the hospital’s chief resident, Glenn Carandang, is said to be preparing an assault complaint against fellow doctor Alfred Tengonciang.

RS said...

utang na loob! love triangle?!? i don't think so. as you have said kitty, this chin palafox is not foxy at all! and the bf? oh please! i heard that the mess is due to this girl's notorious talent in troublemaking that even her troubleshooting bf cannot fix!

bhussy said...

Oh "Rico" I am sure Kitty is smart enough to be able to discern between truth and gossip. It seems to me that you are either Dr. Chin Chin, a Dr. Chin Chin lackey, or the sort of person who adores the Gucci Gang and the Niveras -- in short the sort who feel that the truth is malicious. Tsk tsk shame on you!

exposed said...

this story of the ugly-criminal lady doctor (sorry for the understatement) is not surprising considering that she was totally banned from practicing at the UP PGH. nakakahiya talaga siya at nakasama ko pa naman sa same hospital.

now, she is doing the same crimes at the East avenue hospital??? oh my god!!... paging everyone to please call the police when you see this lady doctor and the demented bf doctor.

i know it is best for everyone to exercise caution before commenting against anyone. but this damn lady doctor deserves all the negative press. talagang ibabagsak niya ang reputation ng kanyang sikat na arkitektong tatay.

i cant really say any comment against the guy that were assaulted by this damn creatures since i hardly know him. but i heard he is well respected in their field as compared to the hobbit-sized criminal doctor with a tainted record. (too bad she was a friend before at the PGH)

Anonymous said...

They are both cheap-looking doctor!I am just a lowly call center agent/flamenco dancer/gay lover who doesn't bother looking cool but kiss my ass i look 5x more fabulous than these two hobbits!!


Just don't include them on your book..please.


Anonymous said...

Ni tsai na li, Kitty! The world needs you?

Let's forget about the fug couple of EAMC for a minute and tackle another abusive government official, as referenced in this link:

Anonymous said...

since your blog exposes the bastards of the world, perhaps you might want to read this (as this deserves a post)
imagine, a politician beating up a 54 year old and his 14 year old son in broad daylight, in front of everybody over a stupid golf game?

open said...

that's terrible.
that girl really is an incompetent doctor, but let's face it, she has some pretty strong connections.
if you dig deeper (and i truly hope that you will, for the dignity of the medical profession), you'll discover that she's a fraud, like the rest of her family.

honeylille said...

Regardless of whatever a person did to you or to your loved ones, violence is never and would never be a solution to anything. What Chin’s bf did was so wrong. It’s so unbecoming of a doctor. If anything bad happens to DR G.C., all fingers will be pointing at you and your bf.

lhexmonti said...

OMG, MADER KITTY!!!! yan bang si doc tengh yung excon cri,minal doctor ay ang may kinalyamna dun sa WRONG EYE SURGERY SA EAST AVENUE MEDICAL OMG!!! NASA NEWS NUNG last week!!! OMG maleng mata ang naopherahan!!!!!!!! grabe lam na ba ni CORINNA SANCHEZ YAN.... maleng mata OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! malpractice to the mazhhxxxx itohh

jana b. said...

kiitty! guess what super yuck yuck yuck i saw that quack quack doc yuck docchinchin with her boyfriend yuck equzlly barfable looks , at the mall last week yuck she is so ugly so fat and full of pimples... and i herd that youre right she is quite the impostor.. apparently myu sisters friends' from st. scho know her and used to thik she was sosyal and all cause she said she said she s from alabang but she s just grew up gpala in BF homes.. yuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

superman-u said...

^ Don't be stupid/ Chin is NOT from ST scho. she came from a MUCH better school than than. And NO she is not from BF. Although I never knew Alabang is not considered to be "sosyal" na pala... well, maybe for standards of people like you.

CORY said...

People! Katrina Suzanne Palafox or Chin-chin graduated high school from Assumption College.Her family used to live in Ayala Alabang Village before they moved to Rockwell Center Rizal Tower in early 2000. I believe the property in AAV was sold. They also owned properties in Bf Homes P'que, Hacienda de Sta Elena, CA, US of A, etc. At this point in time her parent lives in Belair, Makati. No, her father is not a social climber, but, one of the most influential persons in the Philippines, a brilliant&respected man. Arch Jun Palafox belong to the Albano-Palafox clan from Cagayan & Ilocos Norte. Chin's mother Wilma an unknown creature come from Pasay City is actually the certified social climber & a card carrying psycho. It's too bad that her dad is being dragged because of her notoriety. I have a question. Is there anyone who could tell me why was Chin banned at the UP PGH? Thanks.

Daisy said...

PIPOL, FYI! Katrina Suzanne Villanueva Palafox or Chin-chin (what a petname which means penis in Japanese!) finished high school at Assumption College. Her parent used to live in Ayala Alabang Village before they sold it prior moving to Rockwell Center Rizal Tower in early 2000. They also own property in BF Homes P'que.Right now, Arch Palafox lives in Belair Village Makati (ewan ko lang if they sold the Rockwell unit) Dr Penis' father is not a social climber. He is one of the most influential persons in the Philippines. A very brilliant&respected man. Arch Palafox come from Albano-Palafox clan of Cagayan&Ilocos Norte.Her mother, Wilma, an unknown species come from Pasay City.Yes,the mother is the certified social climber&a card carrying nut.Very MATA-POBRE that's why the maid who was with them for over 10 years left because of the mal-trato&yelling of Dr Penis' mama curacha.Well, she herself is the blue-print of her mother.Too bad, her whole family is being dragged because of her notoriety.

Anonymous said...

Kitty, thank your for the warning. My mother was suppose to see this Dra Palafox in an eye center somewhere in Delta or West Avenue a couple of months ago. She was recommended by a friend of her mom. Buti na lang my daughter checked her out online and saw your article.

Isn't there an organization in this country makes sure that these doctors are safe for patients to see? Kawawa naman patients who ends up seeing this Dra Palafox.