Monday, December 15, 2008


Like the rest of the free world, I am taking a Christmas and New Year break for a few weeks and hopefully I will be able to finish the rest of my third book which seems to not have a deadline in sight!

December is too cold for the patola vine to be patroling and whoring around unescorted so......

The patola vine is going to turn into holly or mistletoe for Christmas...('yan daw ang cost-chume niya this Christmas kasi we were busy being ourselves on Halloween....)

Unless someone with a personal, sexual or financial scandal goes under the mistletoe to get a kiss, there will be less gossip than there is fake snow at SM.

Right now, the only things going under are institutions, countries and your friendly neighborhood hedge fund.

Of course, if the people who kiss under the mistletoe are MARRIED...but not to each other, then we have a story!!! And if they cheated people that would make an even better story!

In the meantime, forget about being nice because you won't get the gift you wanted anyway.
So check your naughty list twice and email me all the info!

Heard along the patola vine: (last na ito!)

I made a TERRIBLE mistake!!! Si PaPa pala, DID NOT...take note, DID NOT spray bullets in front of RICO PunO's wife's house. Mali..mali...Talaga itong si patola vine, gagawin ko nang bonsai....
But she did do a drive by (not for hamburgers or a tuna sandwich) in front of the mother-in-law's house. (dat's da mudder of da Mrs, you feel me?)

Also, the couple who stays together and sssss--prays together are banned by certain entertainment and dining establishments, many too fabulous to mention.

Someone who witnessed/involved in (who knows!) the s-praying is going to talk. (NOT the patola vine this time) But then...."Kilala mo ba ako???" .....
Abangan....should come out in the local media ko na naman sila!


Twilight Zone said...

lol napaka kenkay mo talaga, merry xmas na rin sayo at happy new year na rin at magandang balita yang 3rd book na yan pero nakakahintay pa naman kami sa paglabas nyan alam naman namin na paglabas nyan e hitik na hitik sa mga bungang-chika.
Merry xmas in advance!

Anonymous said...

You are such a chic bitch!!!hahaha!!!fake snow at SM and patola vine in tow wishing the mistletoe won't spray!Merry Christmas kitty darling!!!

THE BOOK....for crying out loud!

Anonymous said...

" ko na naman sila!" ms kitty, para namang ebs yang gusto mong i-scoop.... hehehe....Happy Holidays po.

sarah said...

am definitely gonna miss ur writing but we all will celebrate so you go have a happy holiday!!!:)

Cha said...

Merry Christmas to you Kitty and to the Patola vine!

Can't wait for the Turd Book hahaha!
I'm sure its going to be explosive, controversial more than ever!

collinfongjr said...

Merry Christmas Ms. Kitty Go Love you for that I'm waiting for your third book. I hope we could see each other someday