Monday, December 1, 2008


I KNEW IT!!! Fashion opinion always opens a can of caviar with worms! (or in this case, questions) See previous post today.
But that's good because then I don't need to think of the next topic since I feel this week will be uneventful.
Question #1 from Charlotte: "...makes me re-think (about) the chanel i was gonna gift myself with."
Being a member of the fashion press who tells you to go out and buy the next 'must-have,' I do not want to discourage you dedicated followers of fashion to buy Chanel, LV, BV, Fendi, etc. In fact, I should encourage it because I have a job BECAUSE of the luxury goods market.
HOWEVER what I discourage is (and I hate to sound like a Chekua Mama 'during the war we ate champoy and rice', 'we wore our shoes until there were holes and we had no socks," 'our only food was lugaw' --well, you better move to the house with champoy and rice, then!) .....
.....buying stuff when you know the money could be put to better use. You feels me?
(of course we all have those Sex and the City moments of buying something extremely beautiful and expensive but not making the rent. This is why they are called 'moments' and not entire lives or else the whole world would be called the United States by now and there woud only be one road to the world's end: Wall Street)
If Charlotte wants to buy something for herself this Christmas or after closing a deal, then as they say in Pinoy showbiz, "More Power to You."
(Especially if you have a choice between buying electronics for the boyfriend or a bag for yourself, I'd choose you anytime!)
Question #2 from Rain: "does it really require a global recession for the elite to understand that a luxury bag hurts the global economy in the long run and it does not speak well of a person's sense of taste and individual style?"
There are two answers to this--a) the fashion answer b) the economics answer.
THE FASHION ANSWER: NO. For the fashion insider or individualist, the 'It" bag never was because this group of people would rather get caught with their pants down (wearing Myla or Agent Provocateur, of course) than get caught with something everyone wants or has. That slavish behaviour, as the snobby Brits put it, is for 'shop girls."
THE ECONOMICS ANSWER: NO. For the truly elite, and we really don't want to go there since I go there enough with my job, the "It" bag is beneath them because these are the haute couture clients for whom over 50,000 euros of a dress would guarantee them 100% exclusivity and privacy. A 100,000 euro off-the-rack Fendi fur also works. See...I told you we don't want to go there.
THE ECONOMICS ANSWER: YES. The "It' bag died with the recession because most of the free world (including the not-so-free like Russia) were heavily based on credit for the last 10 years. That means, now that credit has tightened and many banks are going to be 'collecting' until next year, there ain't going to be much of "It' going around.
I read somewhere that Americans borrowed up to 120% over their household incomes! This is why "Washington, Wall Street and The City (of London), we have a problem..."
(But on the trend front, the brands knew that the "It' bag idea was dying---for the last two years at least---so they introduced shoes which weren't very successful and now watches and jewellery which has yet to prove itself as a market sector)
Yan lang po....O--sige ibukas niyo na ang mga bag niyo for inspection...
"Bag ma'am...." (Guard with chopsticks)
This is still less irritating than "ID niyo ma'am..."


Twilight Zone said...

haaay ginuo pwede na ko magpatayo ng bahay sa presyo ng isang bag nayan

Anonymous said...

This is very true...and hilarious.I used to buy second-hand bags(and buy and buy and buy) from garage sale somewhere in Evangelista,Makati.I love designer bags but i can't afford the tag price so i go bag hunting on garage sale.I scored an envelope YSL bag and my beloved Agnes B Voyage bag there.Besides,how can i carry a logo-ed bag if 95% of PHILIPPINE POPULATION live less $2 a day?Bakit nga kaya?Whatever.

eyegames said...

Dahling, I'm really surprised how you could have gone on the Fendi bandwagon and started brandishing that brand!

Not even the Kaiser Karl can banish the immediate implication of that fur line's catering to the Natashas of the world.

Mariella Agnelli brushed away all entreaties from the Fendi sisters and would never get caught in those over-the-top renderings of animal skinwear.

Can you even cite anyone in the International Best Dressed having gone the Fendi route?

I mean, you have fur and... you have fuzzy balls.

A 100 grand in euros does not make the latter any special.

Now Loro Piana is another story all together.

I agree with you that it has some really good chic cachet specially its cashmere line. The jury is out on the bags because the leather part of the business is pretty new.
You know that in fashion, it takes a bit for a product to find its own niche in an international level.

That's the case with the other venerable, still-under-the-radar-in-the-Philippines Italian luxury brand ETRO.

RainB said...


hehehhee... exactly. but i guess, and i think Kitty can verify this, it is extra-ordinarily hard for rich people to live simple lives. If only they understand that if they live simply, others will simply live.

nice post, enlightening though maddening at the same time.

Rosanna said...

mama kitty,

pautang naman. i want to buy the it bag of today. para naman lumebel ako sa mga patricia panlilios and the marivic vazquezs, pls mama kitty?
ano gusto mo guarantee?

Anonymous said...

Completely hilarious! Well, if we follow Reaganomics, people SHOULD NOT stop spending during the economic crunch--otherwise the GNP would really drop and the recession becomes the depression. And oh, the (supposedly prudent) rule is that your monthly mortgage/rent payment should be only 1/3 of your monthly net pay. So the 120% thing is scary talaga!