Thursday, December 4, 2008

KC ng-siko ng Clinton Se-kiu (security)

Before I get to the main event via the patola vine who was at the invitational CGI in Hong Kong(that's Clinton Global Initiative to the uninvited), I would like to apologize to readers who did not 'get' the PaPa story.

Kids, cyberspace is not exactly the safest place for all the news not fit to print.

I do not know the rules of the blogging game when it comes to the definition of 'public figures' since social climbers start denying they are public figures once they get hit with a scandal. What I am saying is that I am not as bold as Amiel ( and his Council of Boldstar and RainB (they are coming out on TV soon!) or Gorrell.

In fact, I am quite the coward.
Mamamaya ma-drive by shooting pa ako, ang liit liit pa bahay kubo ko....

But like I always tell friends and family, fans and foes, it's not the WHO that makes a story but the WHATs and HOWs. That has been the basis of my books and will be the basis of this blog. By no means should you feel alienated if you don't know the people I'm talking about. Who cares about them because they are precisely that---THEMs, while we are US-es.

As I have mentioned before, there are only TWO people in this world: US and THEM.
(based on KC's behaviour with Bill in HK, I would classify her for now as a "THEM"--more on that PUBLIC FIGURE later)

It was a relatively uneventul week in Hong Kong with Jackie Chan, Vivienne Westwood, Kylie, Bill Clinton, money-launderers and corrupt politicians from Third World countries but I was....

....tongue-tied at lunch with celebrity yoga teacher JOHN SCOTT (yoga teacher of Sting to you non-yogis) where we had Indian food.....My yoga teacher, a celebrity himself in yoga circles (only one of 30 authorized by our Guruji Sri Pattabi Jois to teach the ashtanga method) took me out to lunch and invited John Scott to come, too. AND NO---I am NOT intending to follow the downward-dog spiral of Wendy Hotung! (source: Oriental Daily Magazine)

....impressed with his patience (with me) let alone his talent at a Chinese dinner with JOHN PAULINE (Mr. Beijing Olympics Water Sports Ice Cube Stadium architect to you who think SM is an architectural masterpiece).

Now that we got the name-dropping out of the way (there's MORE where THAT came from!), let us get to the main event with the patola vine who was crawling all over the CGI in Wanchai and abso-fuckin'-lutely dyin' to tell all before I lock it up in the greenhouse for the weekend.

The patola had not just one but TWO KC sightings and they were the following Kodak moments. So 'picture this' geddit???

1) At one of the dinners, KC daw made siko the Secret Service standing next to Clinton so she could take a photo with him (arms outstretched) with her camera. It might look something like the photo in this entry but with Bill next to her. You feels me? You picture it in your mind?

2) At the final evening's awards ceremony, when Clinton was giving out recognitions for the event, a CEO of a MAJOR corporation was sitting down and Clinton was standing next to him. Follow so far? You's gets the picture? THEN all of a sudden KC SQQUUEEZZES (like SQQUUEEZING into Bench or whatever-she-advertises jeans) herself in between Clinton and the CEO and the rest is Kodak history. Hindi na sha ma-crop ngayon....

You READ it here FIRST! (I can BET you PEP will come out with a 'similar' story)
(Would you by chance be interested in a Mrs Robert Miller --read: Mrs Duty Free--sighting by the patola vine at the HK Flower market? Guess not. Thought so.)

That's it for this week unless you want to hear about fashion. Baka later na after I sort through the stuff I got 90% off at the press sales today!! WOOOOHOOOO!!
Also, Hermes was on sale (only)today 45% off at the HK airport.


Twilight Zone said...

hahaha ouch very funny, i remember sabi ng mom ko si KC lang daw at si Heart ang type nyang celeb kasi sila lang yung sa tingin nya my breeding compare sa ibang celeb aray ko.

naku e kahit pa yata mag 99% sale ang hermes di kakayanin ng hampaslupa kong bulsa hahaha.

Cha said...

well. syempre who is KC compared to Bill Clinton. but that's way too much!!!!

Rain said...

That was a brilliant revelation there, one which actually makes sense. It's not the who but the what that SHOULD make an event worth remembering, else it is just the same as name dropping, is it not? Or worse, an outdated snootiness that is a relic of a distant past.

Kitty, there are no rules in blogging. The Freedom is as expansive it should be.

The fact that it was KC who did that act, for example, makes it a headliner. But WHAT she did was not a defining moment of her career, it was a bold move, don't you think? WHAT she did actually makes her more human (breeding or the lack thereof notwithstanding): we have a natural instinct to know what is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and the capacity to grab it. And she did!

I love her the more actually. Because others would resist that temptation for fear of being branded as classless. But heck! If fear of people's opinion defines what breeding should be, then why do the so-called well-bred people become the subject of gossip columns? And I am not talking about manners and taste. I am talking about crimes against the state and against humanity.

Jennifer said...

i luurve this post.

the title is hilarious, i want to read and reread it and say it out loud over and over again.

everybody please,
one and a two and a three and a GO -- SI KC NANG-SIKO NG CLINTON SEKYU



one more time


eyegames said...

Oh, Kitty! dish about what Chantal Miller bought at the flower market.

I don't know if you know that she's not only Mrs. Billionaire Robert Warren Miller, parent of the fairy-tale trio of daughters who married well (two of them subsequently divorced; only Marie-Chantal is still left hanging on to a charmed life having acquired a royal title - albeit Greece's deposed one. Her husband is the Crown Prince Pavlos of Greece, nephew of the King and Queen of Spain, cousin of Prince Charles and other major European royalty) but is herself a most fascinating woman. Born in Ecuador she is reported to be THE LAST INCAN PRINCESS (Vanity Fair 06/95.

She also happens to be one of the remaining Haute Couture clients of Europe's leading maisons, specially of Valentino who made the wedding gowns of the the Miller sisters at one time or the other.

You could at least have told us what she wore to get a beauty bunch of nature. Inquiring minds want to know.

Anonymous said...

hi kitty, i have yet to comment ever in your blog, but have decided to in this particular post. honestly, after reading this, all the more i became a fan. i mean instead of thinking "kc talaga! no breeding, wa class! pa picture pa kay clinton. feeling close tapos ilalabas sa newspaper." i dont.
on the other hand, it does make her more human. that someone like her also gets starstruck when they see someone important. now im no longer embarassed to aproach artistas. si kc rin pala ganoon.

Anonymous said...

Watch KC with Bill Clinton at the Closing Ceremonies of the Clinton Global Initiative in HK.

Airesol said...

it happens that sometimes if you want something you have to do something to get it and she got it so it happened that she got what she wanted, laughs. way to go KC! hi! kitty :) and yes we can blog what ever we wanted under the sun, you're right and very true rain, okay, grammar errors and all like mine but who cares really for i certainly don't give a care esp. those that are mine, laughs. so to the grammar police give me a ticket all you want :)

The Nashman said...

so will it appear on da inquirer and spun with 'BC spends time to discuss world affairs with KC' on the caption??