Monday, December 1, 2008

The (It) bag nothing to brag about....

I hate this look of jeans and t-shirt and heels or loafers and a gigantic "It" bag. It doesn't tell anyone you are particularly stylish. Just that you own 'the' bag. (It could even be a rental!)

I am not one to lust over the Birkin but I wouldn't mind owning this---The Lindy from Hermes...

Or this, the Bellevue from Loro Piana.....

Or the Globe also from Loro Piana, all of which epitomize 'Stealth Wealth."

(Which means only YOU know the cost and get to enjoy it while only those 'in the know' would recognize it)

A dear fashionable friend sent me this from New York Magazine:

Along with the economy, the luxury market faces a major upheaval. Yes, really. Former Morgan Stanley luxury analyst Claire Kent, who is now an industry consultant, spoke in London last week at the Luxury Briefing conference (where, we imagine, attendees examine each other's summer yachting photos on their Prada phones … through monocles). The luxury market has been booming for fifteen years, but all good things must come to an end. Sound scary? Fancy this:
[Kent] pointed to “luxury fatigue” and the growing fear of debt, and said consumers would increasingly be spending more money on fewer items. As a result, “masstige and aspirational brands will suffer the most,” she told the audience, adding that the handbag bubble is bursting now. “An ‘It’ handbag will become an embarrassment — a clear sign that you don’t have your own view of fashion,” she said.
Ho ho, Upper East Siders. If you don't feel embarrassed about your money yet, you may as well start now. And eBay your Birkin bags before the rest of the world catches on to your bank account.


I always believe that any "It" fashion item whether the so-over bags, OTT shoes you can't walk in and now watches and jewellery (the brands HAVE to THINK of SOMETHING!) is not a manifestation of stylishness but slavishness... to fashion. In other words, "It" items were created for fashion victims.
An "It" item only tells the public that a) you have "It" and b) you forked over the money and nothing else. It is like a Pinoy or Chinoy (the biggest offenders!) wedding where people wear jewellery that cost the same as houses or a cars yet wear cheap made-to-order tafetta gowns and even cheaper fabric-covered beaded mules (always mules).

At the top of the "It" bag pyramid is the Hermes Birkin which starts at about 10,000 USD with a rumored waiting list of at least 2 years. (Fashion folks, I can tell you for a fact that depending on who you are, you can get it as quickly as one month, instantly if you get lucky. Four is highly possible depending on who is asking and if they are 'residents'. Only losers and tourists have to wait) One has to wonder what message the person carrying this bag projects. Obviously she wants to be thought of as fashionable but the only thing the bag proves is that someone coughed up a huge amount of money for this bag. (I also have a problem with the idea of the many people in the world with hardly any net worth --such as HK secretaries and back office girls ---owning such an expensive item)

The best feeling you can have is buying an "It" bag before anyone deems it such. (This happens when you have a confident style radar because your guess is only as good as anyone else's) Of course, by the time the entire world gets wind of it, the thing ceases to have any charm for any fashion insider.
By far the most economical and pretentious way to approach this issue is to rent a bag online. (It's like movie stars renting clothes and jewels) There is one service that just launched in HK and is doing very well seeing as this is the right time NOT to own something so fashionably fleeting.
Meanwhile, I am so tired of the public and media going on about the recession. Yes, there is one and it is worldwide but should people who have been prudent and can still spend, be punished?

Yesterday's SCMP deemed "designer sale announcements" OUT because it is 'irresponsible" to tempt us with bargains at a time when we have no money. What about those who DO have money? There is also such a thing as being selective. I don't plan on going to all the sales although the Chloe 90% off was very tempting until I saw the lines. Tod's/Hogan you had to make an appointment (jeeez). I heard there were really good buys at Valentino. Fendi I missed because I was in the Turd World so now I want to kick myself with my Fendi boots. The "press only' sample sales are the best because a) non-media are not allowed- you have to show ID, b) none of the tiny Chinese editors compete with me for shoes (39-40 is model size) and c) I don't compete with them for clothes (size 2-6) and belts. Bags are war! hahahaha!!


Charlotte said...

mama kitty, of all your blogs, this hit the most. all i can say is a loud "ouch". makes me re-think about the chanel i was gonna gift myself with. that does sound so poor!!!!!

Rain said...

i am fashion retard and always will be, but i enjoy reading your blog because of its irreverent take on high society and the fashion industry.

but this post is above the cut, almost verging on advocacy. does it really require a global recession for the elite to understand that a luxury bag hurts the global economy in the long run and it does not speak well of a person's sense of taste and individual style?

Surely, there are better ways of looking fab and classy.

sunny said...

Ouch! but you are so right!

sunny said...
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Twilight Zone said...

i cannot afford it and even i can afford it i will not buy it,and besides kahit mag bag ako ng mahal walang maniniwalang orig dahil alam ng lahat na nandito ako sa land of the fakes hahaha.
the most expensive bag i bought was nine west (100usd) but not more than that at binili ko yun hindi dahil sa brand kundi dahil sa maraming mailalagay at maraming compartment at ang nakakatawa
bag pa ng nanay na may baby kasi my lalagyanan pa ng mga dede hahaha.

Brian said...


Gawd, even I love looking at all the new bags. I LOVE the stealth wealth bag! Did you coin that Kitty?
This article was great.
Only you mama Kitty can truly write about fashion... WITH conviction.
But i use a reusable cloth bag which cost two dollars. it's made from Hemp which I think is VERY stylish (and smokable too, hehehe?

TWO DOLLARS and everyone asks me where I got it from. hahahaha._

Many other fashionista(?)pale next to you and your witty precise observations AND ACTUAL global experience.

Rain, A fashion retard...? Bawawawawawawawa.
I LOVE what you wear Rain.
Funny. Nothing wrong with a wife beater and flippies dear RB. As long as your mind is fresh and your ideas are new, relevancy shall be yours for a long time(forever) to come.
And I WILL have a beer for you today! And a champers for you Kitts.

Kitty, HOW can a fur cost 100,000 euros. I'm sorry, but I find that SHOCKING.What kind of fur?

Kitty.... new blog coming soon.
I'm sooo excited.

It' going to ROCK!

fried-neurons said...

er... huh? how in the world does a luxury bag hurt the global economy? that makes absolutely no sense

eyegames said...

I guess Rain needs a bit of Business 101 refresher:

The economy - global or otherwise - is comprised of various niches, all involving production, labor and distribution (most specially the HUMAN elements in them). Hence, any consumer expenditure on goods of whatever category (luxury included)impacts the economy, the effects of which trickle down to jobs, taxes and services.

The derided luxury bag, believe it or not, has its own ECONOMIC reason for being and whether it reflects the buyer's personal attributes is up for a debate.

As, my mamman would point out, take a long hard look at the mirror before you start ogling judgmentally at people you're hardly acquainted with.

And I may add: or speak of subject matters you have no idea about. Specially a supremely subjective one as TASTE or STYLE.

Verushka said...

I like how you call it -stealth wealth.Reminds me of the two brothers who entered a Piaguet store and left with two watches, the price of which can feed an evacuation camp in Mindanao for a two years. And you can count on it that their wives don't wear cheap tafetta gowns and beaded mules to weddings.

Anonymous said...

“An ‘It’ handbag will become an embarrassment — a clear sign that you don’t have your own view of fashion,” she said.KORAK!!!Some people we know carry these so-called "it" bags just to show off.You read it on magazines,heard it on interviews anmd even fashion police declared an item as "it".What's with the word "it"?Lots of social-climber,celebrities and even the so-called fashion elites in TURD WORLD(hehehe)pawned their bags somewhere in Makati(because wala na silang money pambili).Hmmm...recession rattles them to the bones.

Verushka said...

IT bag sila ng IT bag,eh,ang dami namang pirated IT bags sa Greenhills.Take your pick- Class A or Quad A. I've heard some celebrities who buy fakes and pass it off as authentic.

Have you seen a conductor with a Gucci belt bag?

Verushka said...

my friend goes : "I read your comment in Kitty's blog.What do you mean conductor?"
I say: " I meant,Bus conduktor."
She says: "he he,i thought you meant a conductor in a symphony orchestra. I haven't seen one but I saw a Metro Aide with a Prada backpack."

Sayang,di nila ma prenda somewhere in Makati pag wala cla money pambili...

Twilight Zone said...

dami dito nyan like mo 3rd class 50rmb, 2nd class 150rmb, 1st class (na kahit sino mapepeke dahil mukha talagang orig) 500rmb may tawad pa pag nilayasan mot dika hinabot means tapat na yun lol

Anonymous said...

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