Tuesday, December 30, 2008


BHOYS AND GHELS AND GHEYS, skiers, non-skiers and apres ski poseurs, just because I didn't post anything in the last few days, that doesn't mean that I DON'T KNOW anything...
It's just that more important things came up such as skiing for 6 hours for the last five days, doing the laundry, cooking (plus palengke, ha!) and reading in front of the fire.
HOWEVER, thanks to rebo_k, I found out pala that the Patola Vine has been talking to the Grape Vine, ha...Hindi bale, kamag-anak naman sila. Parehong Vine. This from a 24 December comment:
"this came out in victor agustin's cocktales column (manila standard today)---
Heard through the grapevine
The Christmas party at the East Avenue Medical Center ended up in a rough note when two male doctors mixed it up and gotten physical over a female colleague, Dr. Chin Palafox, daughter of architect Felino Palafox.Details are still hazy, although the hospital’s chief resident, Glenn Carandang, is said to be preparing an assault complaint against fellow doctor Alfred Tengonciang."
WELL--you read it here first, fellow creepers. Buti pa si Vic--short, direct to the point and very profeysional.
This from active commenter Twilight Zone posted on 27 December:
"wow eto naka balandra din ang blogsite mo dito mam kits
I have never openly claimed first on anything and I couldn't be bothered to open this but I know for a fact that pep.ph WAS NOT the 'first read.' This comment is dated 27 December.
I know for a fact that INQUIRER ran the story on 26 December.
So I ask you, intelligent citizens, which day came first? (Hindi ito Mayan Calendar or Chinese calendar, hokay?)
The patola vine told me so!! We are so huli sa balita all because the patola vine can't read!! (So see how important being able to read, is?)
I didn't read the link but from what the Patola Vine found out ---supposedly Ricardo Po left Pa Pa and went back to his famille for bonnes vacances Noel. He will then 'go to Europe for further studies.' (I can only wonder what that means in Hollywood PR parlance. Your guess is as good as mine. It certainly doesn't carry the same meaning as when Jose Rizal said it in his time)
I forgot the other details. The altitude must be getting to me.
Before the end of this year, like everyone and his blog, I will do a year in review----if I have time and if I will be able to remember anything.


Twilight Zone said...

Argh, oh oh ngah tsk talagang mahirap yung nawawala ka sa sirkulasyon mam Kits pati tuloy kami (o baka naman ako lang) e huli din sa bali balita, aside from spraying at love triangle issue VB-HK-KH ay wala namang ibang eksayting na news at the moment at naghihintay lang kung may pasalubong kang chika.

Twilight Zone said...

Pero sa totoo lang e naaalibadbaran ako dyan sa 2ng picture na bumubulaga twing akoy sisilip sa site mo mam kits, yung GUY mukhang bagong babad ng formalin para tumagal sa lamayan at yung GEL naman mukhang feeling naimpatso nung noche buena ang ichura, juice ko forgive me paskong pasko at magnu-new year na e nakakapamintas pako, i cant help it eh hahahahaha.
Happy new year mam Kitty.

Anonymous said...

Patola vine certainly is chizmosa...s/he so updated with the latest in high-high society.Fabulous ski resorts kitty darling.BTW...2 DAYS TO GO AND IT'S NEW YEAR...WHERE'S THE BOOK?

WE all can't wait to have a copy!!!

happy new year!!!

Rosanna said...

mama kitty,

ano say mo sa heart to heart website ni beauty tantoco. siya na ba pumalit kay inday badiday's show na eye to eye? in fairness hindi tinipid ang pictures , galante sa litrato ang mujer. unlike your website bitin kami (dont get mad ha mama hahahaha) i like her website. daming inside look sa mga rica at alta sosyedad!!! ano comment mo? may mali ba or tama?

Dakota Harrison said...

Hi Miss Kitty. Happy New Year :) Hope you can give us more okrays this 2009 and beyond :)
Enywei, kwidaw ka rin jan sa pag-ge-getlak ng chismax mula kay Vic Agustin na yan - mejo questionable sha at hendeh katulad mo na tunay na may integrity :) Hay Miss Kitty, fan mo akoh long before yang pagbukelya sa gucci gang ek-ek :)

Cyclonetrading said...

Happy New Year Kitty!