Sunday, December 7, 2008


WHHHELLL Boys and Girls and Gheys it seems like KC has a big fan base even among my readers of generation snob. That only means one thing: That the Patola Vine and I have to shat-the-fuck-up because we ain't evah gonna win with our snobby opinions. (But we will still find a way to get our opinions through, good, bad or ugleh!)

"KC fought for what she wanted..." A photo? I have a hard time understanding this but then that's me and that's why I am merely a journalist and not the 'Angelina Jolie of Asia"--huh?--uh?--I don't think even a HK movie actress can claim THAT! Not even Karen Mok.
(Oh MY GAS! That's another kwento---I was staring at her at the gym and all I thought was "This is the MOST BADUY person I;ve ever seen in my life!!" but she was probably thinking, "...crazed fan..." SO I asked who she was since there are usually only 2 people at the gym, the staff told me, "Ah--Karen Mok..did you recognize her?" I said, "No but I wanted to know who she was because I never saw such an atrocious outfit out of the circus in my LIFE!" I swear over my new Lanvins that these people need a charity to raise money for their fashion handicaps)

I live with a snob and if my husband even got whiff (on the edge of his patrician nose) that I have such a bakya blog, he would say this, "How common!" What KC did would have been common. What I did was also common. In other words, being star-struck is common. As the mayordomo in Agatha Christie once said, "Crying is common. Going to the police is common."
He once lectured me for talking to Boris Becker (or course I didn't know who HE was--and HE talked to me FIRST!--"Don't you know that guy is embroiled in a sperm scandal??") and for staring at James Hewitt (again, I didn't know who HE was. I just thought he was cute. I find red hair very attractive--"Your mouth is open.") I also know where Dustin Hoffman and Lord Snowdon live but I know not to stare---at their garage doors--when I take the short cut to the Fulham Road and High Street Ken.

For him, common is fitted bedsheets (never mind if they are the best Italian or French), tissue case coverings, any form of lace for dining (worse of all for tissues and loo paper), monograms (unless they are required)---do we have to be reminded through our towels who lives here or that I own my shirt?.....

Now you know why my house looks like a dump.

OH YES! Which reminds me. I know I promised not to talk about India but my husband is reading a great book "Shantaram" on India (and if you care to know what I am reading -----"The Man Who Loved China" and "A Pilgrimage to Angkor") ----and I was reminded of a great idea at the wedding I attended in Delhi. They served drinks at the ceremony complete with wait staff!

I'm going to do that next time I get married (as if!) ---I will serve drinks at church. It's such a bore to wait, don't you think?


eyegames said...

You know what, Kitty, re KC, there is no accounting for taste...but do you really want to be an accountant anyway? Certainly not for the likes of toi et moi ;)

Anonymous said...

"Let's get it on Mrrrrr. Clllinton!"

"Oh HEEEEELLLL no! Ya pussy stank b*tch!"

Brian said...

Kitty dear, you could NEVER be a bore. I LOVED this entry so much.

OMG- the letters I have to type for comment moderation are PUSSE.


Twilight Zone said...

wow i love Boris Becker madam kitty.
and yes KC is an ambassador but i dont think its fair to level her with Anj Jolie (im a die hard AJ fan lol) but then i can say that so far only KC have the beauty+brain+class+down to earth(for me lang naman) compare to other celebs in Phil and shes not maarte and plastic like her mother (buti nalang di kinuha pagka OA ng mader nya).
again madam kitty, im so excited na sa 3rd book mo sana naman wag mo ng patagalin ang pananabik namin hahaha.