Tuesday, November 25, 2008


TO ALL THE GIRLS AND BOYS AND GHEYS who have been asking me what happened to Papa Brian's blog, here is what I know not from the patola vine or the grape vine...excuse me, but from the Di-vine-- Brian Gorrell his-self.

1) www.delfindjmontano.blogspot.com is TEMPORARILY closed. Dat means it will open again but when, we don't know. Gorrell really needs a break and is working on a new blog template (yet again! already!) while I am still trying to work my blog. Juice ko!
(I think the Mayans were right--the 'information/technology gap' is fast closing into 21 days and I still don't know how to use a phone camera!)

2) Although he loves the Philippines and our getting high society scandals have catapulted him to fame, he is going to start a global blog which will center on HIV/AIDS advocacy. It should launch on International HIV/AIDS Day.
(baka secret pa ang URL pero get this---PP rin ang initials...o, di ba??)

3) Papa Brian is also trying to gain some weight which is not exactly my kind of problem. But it is THE problem of HIV and cancer patients. Which reminds me....
I had lunch with one of my editors who is sort of a cancer survivor (five more years she reckons) and she said...SHE SAID okay, NOT ME.. that the best part of having cancer was that she was size 0-2 and she could buy all the samples. Now that she is back to her old weight, she just got depressed at the Ferre-Cavalli sale yesterday. (o--five years to go nag-sha-shopping pa..)

Heard at lunch sadly not at the Ivy but NOT from the patola vine, either. More like the premiere cru Le Montrachet grapevine: It seems like the Estee Lauder Company (c/o Aerin Lauder) is planning a Bollywood-themed new fragrance launch in India.


Twilight Zone said...

i think he really needs a grand holiday and super duper time for himself away from internet like you to get a fresh air.
ako nga sakit na ng ulo ko kakababad sa internet lol considering nagbabasa lang naman ako at di naman gumagana ng husto isip ko sa pagba blogging.

Claire said...

Mama Kitty,
I second that Bri needs a break and a bit of Holiday. naysayers in Pinas of course (plus all his negatory critics) will once more make up stories to sensationalize his blog's disappearance. I think however that Bri paved a way for outstanding bloggers like Amiel and of course, there's you.
If you keep in touch with bri please let him know that Silent Observe wishes him well. Its time he takes a break to come back to the field anew. He was and still is phenomenal.
BTW Mama Kitty, I just might check out India soon. Im going to be travelling to South East Asia for work for a good 3 months from January next year.
Take care Mama kitty, I always make your blog a regular pitstop. Happy Shopping (the holidays being here and all).

Silent Observer

jinggayditan said...

thanks for this update... Ur blog is hilarious and I look forward to ur third book.... Ur hot in Cebu we look forward to that book!! All the best!!

eyegames said...

If indeed Brian Is going the HIV/AIDS advocacy route, then I'm doubly happy because he is obviously following what I suggested for him to do.

You see, some days before his blog closed, under the first HIV Awareness thread, I had posted (anonymously) that he should divert his energies to encourage the government of Canada and others to encourage and bolster non-traditional or experimental research in HIV treatment, similar to what's being done in Germany.

There, an American patient has just been given a clean bill of health after undergoing an unusual gene theraphy procedure - not normally applied to HIV cases - and is now miraculously free of the virus.

I pointed out to Brian that Canada has not done anything comparatively proactive in research (vis-a-vis the US and some EU countries) despite the fact that in 1994, during an AIDS conference, the findings resolutely and unequivocally urged such urgent actions.

Instead the country is still relying mainly on the old therapeutic ways (with the use of prescription cocktails) of alleviating the situations of the afflicted.

For a First World country with the financial wherewithal, it has not embarked on an aggressive alternative ways of combating the AIDS scourge. And it's a shame.

Well, as I said, I pointed out to Brian and made it known that instead of him trying to help heal the social maladies of the Philippines, he can do better with his blog's bullhorn to seek more aggressive if less conventional treatment of his sickness and of those like him in his country and elsewhere.

For an HIV positive person, he has to prioritize the private and public wars that he wages or undertakes - before it is too late!