Saturday, November 22, 2008

Privilege in an underprivileged country...

Since we were so RUDELY interrupted by Pa Pa (para-ting paranoid) and her weapons of mistress destruction, I forgot to post these two pictures I took at the Lodi Gardens in Delhi.
(Of course we know the one who was REALLY RUDELY interrupted was --as Ate Vi would say----"...the victims and not the addict..." You-s feels me?)
The LODI GARDENS seem to be something like Delhi's Rizal Park except that it was built in 1936 around a series of tombs and mosques built in the 1400s and 1500s. Look at these kids playing amidst the dramatic ruins. What a privilege to be surrounded by such history! (I think they are from private schools because they are in uniforms and I heard some English. That sosyal girl lying down in the foreground even brought her own carpet to lie on!!!)
I always think it is such a privilege to work, live or study in historic places but people like my husband who went to a boarding school established in the 1400s seem to find this ordinary. In London he also works in a relatively old building but so does everyone.
They find it so ordinary that when we went to his cousin's estate in the country, and I asked what it felt like to live in such an old manor, the wife said to me, "This house is not that old...only 100 yrs old. The gardens are only from 1912 and that chair you are sitting on is as old as the house and the favourite of that guy in the painting." (and the paintings of their relatives are old that I swear their eyes follow you!)
Of course, I jumped off the seat but couldn't find anything from Ikea to sit on....
In many ways, India is like the Philippines but with 1000x more people and about 100x dirtier. There are not only LOTS of stray dogs sleeping ON the ROADS but also goats and cattle that roam the streets.
There was a sign at Lodi that said "Keep dogs on leash" with a pile of stray sleeping dogs underneath it. I didn't dare take a photo because if those dogs woke up and attacked me, the second to the last place I want to be in is in an Indian hosptital.
The first place I DON'T want to be is in an Indian jail.
The bathrooms are about as bad as Pinoy public toilets so that wasn't really a challenge for me since I paid my way to use the handicap loo which was STILL HORRIFYING!! Sometimes the flushing could pose a problem especially when the bucket they give you to flush the loo with has a hole and by the time you try to throw water into the toilet, there's nothing left but a drop. Spitting would have yielded more liquid.
You couldn't even cover the hole in the bucket because only Shiva knows where that water came from! And I gotta tell you, it ain't holy....
(This also happens sometimes in some places in Indonesia, where everyone looks like Max Alvarado or Ritchie d Horsey)


jamie da vinci! said...

the mental imagery of this post will leave a smile on my face to last me the entire day! "chia ho chio!!!"

love the picture of shiva plugging holes in leaky bucket!!!

love you kitty!

Anonymous said...

The place is magnificent.I do hope people in the Philippines should take pride of Luneta Park...minus the snatchers,holduppers,drug addict,trannies and bitches roaming the park.

Rosanna said...


even gay paris has snatchers, hookers, beggars in their chi chi parks. so dont feel bad for manille ok.

Twilight Zone said...

lolz, this is the benefits of reading kitty's blog, always made you smile.
i've been there and i know what you mean,about the WC argh!
i wish your not so busy so we could see more of your posts that will made our days lol.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Rosanna!!!