Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Not quite the diplomat

I forgot to mention in my earlier post that indeed Aga M. is NOT quite the diplomat yet when I went to a bookstore in the Prince's Building asking my friendly neighborhood Pinoy booksellers if they were going to the Aga show, this is the reply I got.
"Alam mo naman Ma'am nandito si Lord Patten sa Linggo. Siyempre mas gusto namin makita si Aga. Kung wala sna si Lord Patten nandiyan na kami kay Aga....."

HOKAY---in other words, if you had a choice between choosing to meet Aga M. or the last governor of HK, former EU commissioner for foreign relations and current chancellor of Oxford University, of course you would choose Aga...Would you?

Ask Kofi Annan.

Lord Patten is addressing the FCC (Foreign Correspondents Club) at a sold out dinner in HK tomorrow but I am sure he will not get the pandemonium Aga caused even if he wrote Not Quite the Diplomat which made my husband laugh out loud. He certainly doesn't do that when watching Wow-wowee.

In fact, he doesn't 'get it.' This is why we will never qualify for the quiz segment.

Heard at lunch (if Vic Agustin can do the grapevine, I should be able to do lunch):

Social climbing ex-pat head (puti to you and me) of the Philippine office of one of the biggest banks in the world, with HK and EU (okay--sige clue: UK) head offices, seems to think that maintaining and developing client relations is not imporant. (Of course it's not PNB, BDO, DBP, LGT, DBS, UPS, FYI, BTW.... pero OMG!! initials rin ang pangalan....but aren't they all except for Banque Rothschild?? hahaha!!! )

You know the type--The white guy who is SIMPLY DELIGHTED he is a super-star VIP in a turd world country who makes the social pages when in his hometown he probably wouldn't even make the county police circular--- beats living with sheep in Shropshire! baaa..baaa...

After receiving complaints about the bank's unprofessionalism, he went as far as telling a potential new client to take his business to another bank.....(like next door's BPI?)

BUT the slick-haired, relatively distinguished European (read: old and well, you ARE comparing him to Giordano-wearing Pinoys and not exactly London City types in Anderson and Sheppard) kisses up and apologizes to the likes of Yoyo Tan (thanks to a call from the bank for late payment and the caller calling him a bakla--e--kung totoo...what can you do? Lie about your balance or im-balance?)

In fairness naman, he did call the potential client to apologize for his behaviour....

AFTER he found out WHO the client WAS.

O--- good service naman di ba?
But Andok's might be a tad better.
Sino sha?
Sha--sige, being a chekua I have to count pa the few cents I have under my banig....


Anonymous said...

Who is this guy?

How are you kitty,darling?
We miss you!!!

Twilight Zone said...

dun sa previous post natawa ko dito natawa pa rin ako lol.

Anonymous said...

Mark Watkinson ba? ha, ha, tita kitty? He takes after also the former boss na social climber din who is now based there in HK w/ his querida. ok ba?

boldstar said...

natatawa talagh ako sayo nohhh crush ko pa naman si aga no'ooon. tsaka oo nga noh tiny blogged about it. maybe because he thinks na mabuking siya, kung ako yun mahimatay na ako, sosyal na walang pera, mabuti pa yong domestic assistant ko may credit card tsaka wala pang duedate bayad na siya hehehheh. sosyal ako ate sabi niya, walang utang. senorita an dating ko.

Cha said...

I know its the head manager from HSBC. I saw the apology letter posted in yoyo tan's site (i just stumbled upon it a few months ago)
big deal diba? eh bading naman si YOyo tan and there's nothing wrong about it. anu ba sya?

vinyl said...

Miss Kitty, I love Preview but nababawasan ang credibility nila everytime they do this, yes this isn't the first time. Here are the previous Pantene girls cover:

What's more annoying was that one of Pantene's TV ad claimed these stars were "Voted Most Beautiful by Preview Magazine." Of course, they paid for that cover! GRRR.