Saturday, November 29, 2008

LET US SPRAY 2---ay totoong pray ngayon...

The last fervent prayer I said was sometime in 1984/85 which was a Novena to the Infant Jesus of Prague to help me pass Spanish and Math exams. For over 20 years, I have not been in speaking terms with my Maker/the Universe simply because I have learned to believe in myself since the divine 'Help Line' was always busy or disconnected. I also had no bargaining powers so I would leave praying to other people who do it better.
Begging really got me nowhere.
However, for the first time in 30 years, I bought myself to say a prayer of thanks last Thursday night when I realized that my husband could have been one of those people in Mumbai. He was there exactly one week before this catastrophe.
My husband goes to India very often--maybe every other month--and stays either at the Taj or the Oberoi. When at the Oberoi he stays on the 19th floor, the very floor where hostages were held. He also holds a UK passport. The Mumbai staff also happened to be in HK this week so they escaped this (but they still have family there).
I look at this as a return call from God (maybe he finally fired his bitch secretary who never gave him my messages).
I guess this must be a sign for me to get back down on my knees at the time when they give me the most problems.
Well, as they say, better late than never!


Twilight Zone said...

Amen to that Madam Kitty.

eyegames said...

Aaaww, Kitty finding solace in religion all of a sudden. How quaint.

It's so Filipino to involve the deity in all aspects of life specially when there is an escape from disaster or accident is involved.

I guess whatever works to feel good;)

Mine's sex, if you ask me, and my idea of genuflection goes only so far with a particular act.

Well, to each his or her own.

But, Kitty, have you ever thought that your hubby was spared from that Mumbai Massacre and Marauding by Muslims because it's just not his time to meet with the Creator

It's all a matter of destiny and no amount of kneeling can change that.

Our lives are in some mainly mediocre scripts churned out in that Bollywood-in-the sky. Most of the time, I feel that the Studio Head should be changed ;)

Entertainment is fine if it's not at your expense, as my dear worldly mamman would say.

But back to kneeling, Imeldific's resilience and survival can possibly be ascribed to the knee-scraping penance she's done from the doors to the altars of St. Patrick's Cathedral (with the attendant press presence of course).

Makes you wonder if God or Sartre has Black Comedy in mind for mankind.

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear Matthew is ok. Left India a couple of days before the attack--so thankful that we weren't anywhere near Mumbai! Hope the Oberoi staff got out ok.

Anonymous said...

I,and all the chic people out there who follows your blog,will always pray for you.Thank God,your husband and his colleagues are all safe.God is Good.

Cha said...

thank God your hubby is safe.
everything happens for a reason and in our most desperate times, he listens to our prayers.
its time to say thanks and be reflective. thanks


dindin said...

i'm happy your husband is safe.
God had a hand in it.

wanderingmind said...

thanks for this entry, i needed to read something like this.