Tuesday, November 25, 2008


The writing area that looks out to the soon to be opened (6-Indian months) Six Senses spa. What I saw was a construction site. They also have a fantastic pool.

I love how they used pale rugs on pale marble floors.

You-s must be tired of hearing me talk about India so this will be my last post on India for the year.
I normally don't discuss hotels but I had such a great experience at the Imperial in Delhi that I feel I have to blog about it. This is the CHEAPEST room at the Imperial and it comes with a dressing room bigger than my guest bathroom in HK. The room also has a beautiful bathroom kitted with exclusive jasmine-based bath amenities. (I don't have a photo because I didn't take good ones)
And unlike most hotels, their turn-down service is a REAL turn-on turn-down complete with fresh towels and jasmine burner.
The thing about India, and don't say I didn't warn you, is that you should either go super cheap or super expensive. By the pictures, you know which one I chose. I have some friends who went the 'moderate' route and they didn't even get a hairdryer or a proper mattress. At least they had a car.
The great thing about the Imperial, built by Edward Lutyens in 1911 or 1920s (??), is that it is a historical hotel in the Raffles tradition--grand expansive verandah, well-maintained gardens, lots of birds. Much of the art that decorate the hotel are originals and there is even a wooden chair used by King George V during his coronation in India. Few people know of the chair's provenance so you can see these bumbais sitting on it while talking on the phone.
Their restaurant, The Spice Route, is abso-fuckin-lutely drop dead glam, gorgeous, fabulous, OTT, artistic, religious, etc. Indoors and outdoors, it does not disappoint. Well, it has to be if it took 7 years to complete! It is indeed an experience like no other. It is SO GAY!!
If tradition is not to your taste, you'd probably like the Oberoi which many Chinese and Singaporeans prefer (hint!hint! gold and black). But most locals would recommend The Imperial. It is like the Manila Peninsula to the Oberoi's Shangri-la.


Twilight Zone said...

hmmm nice, elegant thanks for sharing madam kitty

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poor OBEROI :-(

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