Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I never thought I would see the day that I would highly recommend not one but TWO restaurants with NO AIR CONDITIONING. Both are in my latest favourite town, Siem Reap.
No. I take that back. My super-latest favourite country is Lebanon because you can ski, visit vineyards, ancient ruins and monasteries all in one town whose name I forgot so it probably can't be THAT important.
My husband says living in Cambodia and Lebanon will lower my glamour quotient considerably.
But who's counting?
The SINGING TREE (see photo above) is certainly not for the glam (or the glam at heart--in other words, mga 'feeling') The restaurant has a natural garden setting with a balcony upstairs. It serves all organic food and I highly recommend the local favourite, Amok which is fish stewed in some kind of local curry.
It is full of white people so you know they are not going to be switching on airconditioning soon.
The only white person who requires aircon 24 hours is my husband who moonlights as a heater.
BUTTERFLY CAFE AND BAR is home to over 1500 butterflies all bursting with splendid colour in a garden surrounded by fine netting. Go before 4PM which is butterfly bedtime but if you want to escape the heat and enjoy happy hour amidst tranquil surroundings, go between 4-6PM for drinks and foot baths.
Remember to bathe in sunscreen and mosquito cream! and bring a portable aircondition--hahahaha
If the heat is killing you and like me, Air Con wins over Al Gore any day, go to the lounge/bar framed by a local contemporary art gallery at the super-chic Hotel de la Paix. The gallery is curated by Don Protasio, a Pinoy, he of the designs being sold at the stylish One Hotel in the Old Market.
I have Quentin in this post because I want to make a point about foreigners wearing national costume. Quentin, not much of a looker, at least wears our barong right. (but no one beats Ferdinand Marcos, the real McCoy) I was in Jakarta last week with some foreign journalists and a few of them tucked in their batik shirts.
A tucked in batik shirt merely screams tourist.
A tucked in barong is not only a fashion crime but a disgrace.
Don't get me started on Gloria Arroyo and the terno unless we are in Disneyland where I can use Dumbo as reference.
This will certainly make a SPLASH!! (maybe because there is a soap star involved)
Pinoy TV soap star formerly not very good looking (but surgery has done wonders) who was supposedly slapped with tax evasion years ago appeared on the cover of a mega fashion publication.
(okay--it's Juday, the star, that is)
Nothing strange about that. (I've done worse because I have featured Jolina)
The magazine hired a fabulously talented and professsional make-up artist for this cover.
(Clue: He's gay. But what the-fag?)
Nothing strange about that.
The magazine credited the make-up used as some SPLASHY make-up brand.
Nothing strange about that.
Then they ran the cover as advertising.
Every editor worth their bag of freebies and press rack knows that a cover is a cover and an ad is an ad and never shall the two meet especially when it comes to budget.... well, except for the old Asian Tatlers where the ads covered almost the entire cover.
WHAT IS EVEN STRRAANGER IS that the make-up artist may have been paid very little if at all because many do it for free and for the publicity with the hope that THEY LAND HIGH PAYING COMMERCIAL WORK!
You feels me?
Unless she has some Splashy contract, there is a chance higher than the USD going to Php 25 at 1990s rates that Juday may not have been paid at all. But I heard from the patola vine Nora, that Juday got a beautiful two-carat diamond ring (Siguro mas malaki pa sa 'yo, ma'am. Thanks. Remind me to hold your bonus). Hindi naman kami sosyal like Vic Agustin who has a grapevine.
But does the em-yaks artiste have a ring?
Sadly no, just a ring tone.
Heard at lunch but this was ages ago because my memory, like my French teacher, fails me
Remember the days when a supermarket catering to the upper class had so little stock that their shelves were empty? Not refrigerator-of-a-singleton-empty but Robert-Mugabe-Zimbabwe-on-the-BBC empty.
WHELL!! Seems like payment to the suppliers were not as overflowing as the glamour of their new luxury emporium in Greenbelt 5.
Anyway, I ADORE everything at G5 so you guys start guessing which shop is the phoenix risen from the ashes.
Inquiring minds want to know the answers to questions (There are also answers to prayers but that's not my department. It's down the hall).
The answer is: Man-o-Man ('Man' naman siya, di ba?)
Have Some Bitch Crackers!
Who is manning the deposit counter? (or in his case, withdrawals)
The question is: YOU FIGURE it out this time because I'm tired of asking!
'Yan lang pow.
Until next week because this checkua leaves for Bumbai land sooner than you can count 5-6.


Rosanna said...

Mama Kitty,

you're on a roll! talagang Prolific ang lola ko ngayon in churning out blogs. Love It! At least while im having my daily Londinium Espresso I'm reading your musings. The name Eman is so talipapa. Love it. At least hindi siya katulad ng si ilusyonadang si baroness na feeling european ang gagah. Very pinoy si eman, love him.Deep pocket at a very young age. hahaha. Ano naman ang inside story sa tita niya, yung may i marry ng model model na hunk? talagang jackpot ang ombre dahil naka Dasma na ang bakla. Talagang moving up na. That's the way to go. To marry up. Bwahahaha.

baboo for now manay kitty.

Anonymous said...

This is super-duper emtertaining!!!Juday on a fashion magazine and every baduy artistas on every publication...including BANAT,TIKTIK, name a few.hahaha!!!Don't even get me started,at least, they got a cover!!!!


Twilight Zone said...

yay, grabe ang bilis ng posting meron kagad kasunod at ang saya lol.
buti pa si juday kahit na nga ganun puro thank you doktor at thank you photoshop my cover sa mag e ako kahit sa pambalot ng tinapa alang chance (asa ka pa lol).

chinita said...

Confusing Tita kitty. Ung nag-apologize ke Yoyo Ma si Watkinson e. Nasa HK na si man-o-man when that incident happened, altho very true super feeling sushal yan talaga when he was here in Manila. The querida was the one who made it all happen (the sushalan I mean).

So ur saying the incident of "take ur biz next door" was long time ago na? before watkinson?

Claire said...

I've been going to Siem Reap since 2000. I was only 21 and was so struck with how exotic it was. They were still filming the first Tombraider when I first got to visit the I was so very star struck when Angelina walked into the Red Piano.

I am very familiar with the restos you recommended...My hubby and I just love walking around Siem Reap and made some local friends that we still visit. Our last one was in '06 and we're off again in April ´09. While I am apalled at how 'uber commercialized' things have gotten, Siem reap is still gorgeous, especially the inner streets lined with frangipani trees in that Colonial French athmosphere.

There is this really gorgeous Photography gallery & boutique by the old canal close to the has this equally gorgeous garden restaurant with it...I have forgotten the name... Ah..

Anyway Mommy Kitty...I am so pleased that Siem reap is in your list too!!!! Konti lang ang kilala ko na love and Siem reap...or even heard of it.

Another one of my fave haunts at the moment is has got that sleepy french Colonial charm...Off to visit soon. can't wait. Winter is setting in here in Europe...Not a big fan of snow.