Friday, November 28, 2008

..And now I wed you Money and Wife so help you God...

Since we are on the topic of social survival that involves gold-digging, social climbing, back stabbing, pepper and bullet spraying, I would like to recommend the book that should be THE REFERENCE guide for all those who REALLY have to WORK 24/7 for da mullah:
THE FORTUNE HUNTERS: Dazzling Women and the Men They Married
by Charlotte Hays

In it you will discover the secrets behind social climbing, gold digging and reinvention by international bold faced names. None of them used pepper spray to win their men and quite a few did manage matters 'amicably' as Ricardo Po likes to do... (kilala mo ba ako?) These women make Madonna's Re-Invention Tour look like a school musical. They make Philippine gold-diggers and social climbers we know look like scavengers on Smokey Mountain.

They can only be labeled BIG GAME HUNTERS.

The book opens with "Prospecting for Gold: What Kind of Woman Does It Take?"
-Believe me, if I read this book earlier and followed everything, I wouldn't be doing lowly blogging. Instead, I would be fitting at the couture and living in various homes around the world.

This juicy book is very easy to read and organized by 'personality.' Of course you can read Thackery's Vanity Fair but this is easier (even the movie sucked!).

Learn to be a 'calculating optimist' not fixated on the past. In other words, MAKAPAL!

Read about Jackie O (Never liked her), Ivana Trump (NOT a gold digger as many think), Melania Knauss (also not a gold-digger but rather very lucky), Arianna Huffington (from pillow-biting husband to Democartic powerhouse), Carolyn Bessette, Georgette Mosbacher (founder of La Prairie), Princess Diana (Never liked her, either---simply an idiot with no sense of duty and too much Hollywood), husband stealers Mercedes Bass, Pamela Whore-riman and the queen of them all, Wallis Simpson, Duchess of Windsor who may have had the best jewels and made the best-dressed lists but STILL looked more manly than her husband. (I'm just jealous)

Whether I like the women profiled or not, over all, I admire them greatly and really wish that I could have done the same. But then here I am....

Siya--I have to feed the dogs and my husband (not at the same time), mag-microwave pa ako, mag-lalaba pa ako...

If I was a Fortune Hunter we wouldn't be having this conversation. I wouldn't even be talkin' to you-s.


eyegames said...

Hon, as I said over at Victorina: if it's not meant for you, there's just so much you can do.

If life is a stage, we all have our roles to play - the bright lights of Broadway be damned.

Yours just happen to be feeding your dogs and husband (in that order ;D )and washing clothes or other mundane things.

We all can not flit from various homes all over the world specially in these times of depleted resources and accrued environmental concerns.

But, bless your witty Kitty mind, your blogging serves a segment of the blogosphere and that, my dear, is enough raison d'etre. And don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

BTW, did you notice the spike in your readership recently specially after Brian's sudden hiatus? I did from all the recent comments.

Keep churning up the gossip and you'll soon be MAJAH, kid.


Twilight Zone said...

hahaha unfortunately your not one of them thats why youre here and make us laugh hahaha well thats life atleast you only have to feed your dog and your fafa unlike me na buong baranggay ahahay.

eyegames said...

Some thoughts about gold prospecting:

While there's a list of successful female Thackerites, they who have to rely on their wiles to have their ways with the men of power and wealth - but how else would they do it? - there's a correspondingly long list of men who have seduced socially entrenched women to obtain their goals in life. Or simply to make their lives better.

Mark Anthony, for instance, would have gone back a general to a dreary life in the Rome of the Cesars if he didn't meet up with Cleopatra.

William Paley would have just been deemed an arriviste in New York if he didn't have the chic Babe in his arms.

Henry Kissinger without Nancy would never have been wined and dined in WASPY Park Avenue residences.

And how about thay Athena Onassis' Alvaro Miranda? Now, he struck majah gold, didn't he?

As well as HER father Thierry Roussel to Christina O.

Or the Royal-without-a-crown Prince Pavlos of Greece being supported in style by one of the Miller sisters of NY and HK?

For that matter, the 2 bold names (Getty and Furstenburg) that got attached to the 2 other Miller girls sisters hopefully did it for love but suspiciously for the Miller Duty-Free moolah.

And on and on and on to that self-described Big Apple's "It Boy" Fabian Basabe, an Equadorian wannabe jet-setter who hooked the La Perla heiress.

And wasn't Porfirio Rubirosa in that same league when Doris Duke threw caution to the wind all because of his impressive Dominican body-part endowment that only her massive trust fund could match?

In the Philippines, wasn't Manuel Collantes just a government minister until he shacked up with Chito Madrigal and learned to love the Park Avenue life?

Who else?

Ninoy Aquino to Cory Cojuanco?

Paing Hechanova and Mely Concepcion?

You probably can fill me in on the local list better than me cracking my head thinking ;)

But to cut to my point: since time immemorial or memorialized in books such as the one you cited, women and men have been bettering their lot and buttering their loft by the best way they can: by their singularly captivating selves.

eyegames said...

Wait, that should read "...buttering their loaf (of bread)" NOT loft ;D

But the sentiment's the same.


Cha said...


you may not be as high profiled as them but your are special and beautiful in your own way. your honesty is loved by people. I luv it!
you're too modest!