Monday, November 3, 2008


Don't we just LUUURVE the concept behind this photo?? hahahaha!!

I never knew I would ever write something on Pinoy showbiz but I sense major changes in my life -- no, NOT taking Ricky Lo's job or liposuction but God knows I need a brain transplant.

Aga M. (I don't want to get into spelling bec I already had a problem googling this) was here in HK for a show in Wanchai yesterday to promote SunCellular-Smartone.

Maraming Salamat, Ate Pat sa SunCellular for the free tickets delivered directly to me in HK.

I gave my maid the tickets and who wooodda THUNK that sending her there would lead to a heated marital exchange without the subject/s even being present or knowing about it?

It was very difficult to get into the stadium because the crowd was out of control as early as 2-3PM. The show was at 330 PM and by 4Pm, I received several SMS messages from my maid saying things like.

"We can't get in even with the tickets," "the lines are so long," (I think HK Immigration's are shorter) "the police are here, (what else are they doing on a Sunday?), "may nahimatay na maid.." (as usual) 'nagwawala ang mga DH.,"( as usual) "walang seats," (what was this, the MTR?) "hindi nag-e-english ang mga pulis" (I think it's bec we are in China), 'nagco-complain ang mga nag-bayad," (wouldn't you??) etc.."etc...

Unfortunately for me (and my husband), the messages and beeps were interfering with The Wire. Nothing, not even death, recession or robbery, interferes with The Wire.

But Aga M. indirectly did.

We watch The Wire with subtitles because both I and my British public-school educated husband can't understand 'hood-speak. Unfortunately it isn't one of the Romance Languages. "Where you at? Bitch, riding with my homies in da 'hood..." does not exactly qualify.

We also need subtitles for Texan, heavy New Yoik and Southern American accents and Cockney.

Basically we need subtitles for everything in English except Curb Your Enthusiasm and Entourage. But we rewind a lot.

So when Nora's Pinoy texting (another form of subtitling) was interfering with The Wire, my husband had this final say ---aside from 'Just tell her to push her way in and wait for the show to start!"

"Pinoys are always nag-wa-wala...Did she think you gave her tickets to Yoyo Ma at the HK Performing Arts? Tell her that it is more like Araneta Coliseum. "

After that, we switched to the extremely long and boring "The World at War."

Does that tell you anything?

Anyway, after all that, the only thing Nora could say to me when she came home was, "Guapo si Aga."

What does that tell you?


Brian said...

SOOOOOO funny. I had to read it twice.

Cha said...


well that was a funny post! its really Pinoy na Pinoy. Filipinos would really like to see artistas and would brave the elements and all. At least Nora was happy and just said Guapo si Aga.

Twilight Zone said...

Diko yata nabalitaan to ah...

parang mas bagay sa kanya yung salitang maganda sya kesa gwapo ahaha.
alam mo naiimagine ko sa picture na to?parang sinasabi nyang....
"I can Feeeeeel it! lolz" na parang sabi nya "oh, ganda ko noh?"
anu ba yan parang may mali dito sa picture nato, although never ko sya nagustuhan kahit kelan e diko naman sya pinintasan,pero gaya nga ng sabi ko parang may mali o kakaiba sa picture ahahahaha.

Anonymous said...

Sean loves The Wire too. He was really sad when it ended. And he understands ebonics! Hahaha!

See you in Delhi!

Anonymous said...

Pinoys will always go gaga over artistas!!!I have to laugh at loud inside the NAIA 3 while reading this!!!

collinfongjr said...

Well what will you expect when it comes to artistas. My God Etong mga Filipino nakakahiya kung magwala. What would you expect eh mga DH naman yan mga yan. I met Aga Mulach long time ago. He's a nice guy naman. So I dont have any problem with naman. Except with this filipino's who so irritating when they see Actors

utheman said...

collingfongr or something, para ka namang sino kung makalait sa mga dh no. judging from your poorly constructed post, a lot of them could run circles around you, this one included.

anyway, it's always fun reading anything and everything you write miz kitty. keep them coming pow.

ANDYTOWN said...

Oh well, no wonder TFC (The Filipino Channel) keeps on sending their artists abroad... That's easy money for them...

Timmy Sy Ang said...

epic photoshop fail

keep up the great posts