Sunday, October 5, 2008


On Wednesday we came home to this perfect spring-like autumn--10-15 degrees centigrade with sun...(but obviously I ain't worshipping it)
By Friday the prairie turned into a frozen tundra worthy of a horror film and the little house on the prairie became the setting for the home of a murderous field hand....
I bet we'll find a dead body somewhere in the fields.....
Yesterday I thought I saw a human bone on our hike but it was just a very large stem of a mushroom. Hahaha...
I watch too many thrillers!!

The most fabulous part of this weather is that from a sunny place like what we now have today (can you believe that??), you can walk (or drive) about 1000 meters up and experience snow. I had a photo from the summer in shorts amdist snow in one of France's highest peaks.

But of course, like everything I have to record, it is now lost.

The countryside is great in small does. I'm really a city girl, however I am in no way missing the fashion weeks seeing as the clothes for next (and this!) fall are going to be diabolical.

Lanvin is my only hope.
Only their prices are hopeless.

I have received many inquiries as to why the gossip scene has been quiet in the last month.

I duuuu----nnnnno! ????!!!!

Perhaps it is the cliched 'quiet before the storm?' I wonder what storm is brewing.....I KNOW something (well, LOTS!) !!

But I can't tell just yet. We'll have to see how events play out.

It's so much better to watch, don't you think?


SR said...

Calm before the storm?

London BRRRRridge is falling down.
Falling down.
Falling down.

London BRRRRidge is falling down.
My fair lady.


Cha said...

we can't wait any longer. hahahah! give us the juice! pero alam kong pasabog yan!

Team Kitty

Anonymous said...

More gossip please!!!Love your place!

Twilight Zone said...

Woooooow lovely place...and hey you looks good.