Sunday, October 5, 2008


Look! Even before Sarah Palin, someone already used a bearskin for publicity!!

Well, technically Celine (lines are getting better, by the way) IS from Paris....With the 'other' Celine, lines might be getting longer or fatter.....
I was going to discuss the old film 'The Way We Were' with Barbra Streisand and Robert Redford but I realized I didn't finish it on the plane and have to finish it on the way back to HK tomorrow.
(I'm like Woody Allen--too much fresh air makes me ill and clogs my breathing passages)
Anyway, I was not going to discuss Paris or Celine either but Evelyn Nesbit who is the subject of the book American Eve set in the early 1900s. She was probably the first 'It' girl created by the form of media we could still identify with---photos and posters as opposed to murals and tapestry.
Of course on the topic of 'It girls' in the portrait painting department, we have Georgina Duchess of Devonshire, the Tudors and other Hollywood-ized versions of history.
There is an interesting bit of trivia at the start of this book.
Apparently, the first 'play' showgirl-turned scandal Suzy, Evelyn Nesbit performed in was 'Floradora,' the most popular show on Broadway at that time.
Guess where it was set and what it was about?
I quote from the text...I QUOTE okay, not plagiarize like that Ortega guy from Supreme....see Donia Victorina. I don't know enough because like his editor, I don't read Rolling Stone.
'Just as things Oriental had found their way into the popular culture and marketing of the day, so has the Philippines, newly accessible because of the Panama Canal. Floradora, a 'spicy little musical dish,' was the most popular show on Broadway. Playing nightly at the Moorish Casino Theatre and nicknamed the 'temple of feminine pulchritude,' Floradora was set in a mythical Philippine Island.'
Okay--I hate to hand Repertory Philippines the bad news but this wasn't exactly South Pacific.


Gina said...

This was doceumented in the film 'Ragtime' with Norman Mailer playing Stamford White.

Ann O'Dyne said...

and Joan Collins played the Nesbit role in Girl On The Red Velvet Swing

Skunkeye said...

Also a ponit of refernce for Calude Chabrol's recent Girl Cut in Two - updated to contemporary Lyon with Ludvine Sagnier playing the ingenue - a local weather girl in this case.
Have fun in your travels - visit soon!

Twilight Zone said...

hey gurl am back and yup ive been in a looooong holiday back home and very lucky to be back here my pc having virus for atleast 3 weeks sigh!
ohhh i got your 2 books but guess what?the first 2 National bookstore didnt have your book unless you order(Star Mall/Metropolis Alabang and National Glorieta) but finally i got it in Festival mall(Alabang).
Ohhh you cannot imagine i got headache guessing names hahaha but the celebrities(actors&actress) i got them aside from some of fashionistas(kunu).
Well now i could imagine the 3rd book and i cant wait that book to come out coz am sure thats more interesting hmmm.
when it will bw coming out?pls dont make us wait too long.