Sunday, October 26, 2008


Except for the financial markets which are really rocking the world (in a REALLY BAD way) and lawsuits slapped here and there, it has been a slow month for news and gossip. Maybe people have been too busy losing money if not their minds.

I am ALMOST through with my Turd World Tour (Delhi is next in less than 2 weeks) but let me update you with what I've been up to. A lot of good, I must say. Not very glamorous, I'm afraid. I had to check my cattiness in the litter box at the entrance to the temples.

But I think Delhi will be glam because I'm going for a wedding.

I went to Siem Reap to see Angkor Wat and of course, being a world heritage site, I HAD to FORGET my camera. But not all was lost because this was my second time in Angkor and like reliable haute couture, it gets better every time you visit and you see things that you missed the first time. Like Elizabth Taylor (despite her yoyo dieting), the beauty, fabulousness and drama are still there.

I first visited Angkor around 2003---what I would classify as pre-Tomb Raider---when Angelina and her director just packed up out of the Raffles Grand Angkor and the crew just packed up out of the Soffitel.

At that time there were only two hotels---the Raffles Grand Angkor and the Soffitel. There were also no tuktuks (open-air carts attached to a motorcycle) and if you wanted to go around town you had to 'hitch' a ride on a motorcycle for a dollar. We had to 'special order' a tuktuk to accomodate my husband who can't even fit into a phone booth.

There were also no good restaurants. You had two choices: the street next to the river or the street NOT next to the river. Needless to say, w ate all our meals at the hotel.

There was only one market in town--aptly called "The Market"--which has not changed but it is now called the Old Market since there now is a night market. "The Market" may not have changed but everything around it did. It seems to have the same fate as the Angkor ruins what with everything around them changing while the ruins sit there lording it over the whole town, unchanged for centuries.

Today the main road is lined with every conceivable monstrosity of hotels and bars including an Aman mysteriously hidden behind solid black gates and white cement walls which reminds me of the Russian Embassy in Manila. (But I heard that they have a great restaurant)

Meanwhile, the Singapore Embassy in Phnom Penh is so beautiful and swish it looks like an Aman!! (maybe even better because it will have hi-speed internet and 24 hrs airconditioning)

There now LOTS of GREAT restaurants in Siem Reap! I have to say that although my Cambodian trip was very humbling, we DID NOT, NOT ONCE, have a disappointing meal.

The last time we were in Siem Reap, tourist visits were estimated at 500-700,000. Today it is at 1.5-1.7 million.

Despite heaving with tourists, I love the way Siem Reap has developed. The locals know they have a cash cow in the ruins (aside from Angkor Wat, further out is the less visited and more beautiful Rollos?? which was the blueprint for Angkor Wat) and nature reserves like a bird sanctuary. Crime by locals and tour operators is low because they know that their behaviour will reflect on their town and will affect their income.

If ever you get robbed in Siem Reap, it will probably be by a foreign backpacker. Siem Reap's situation is the opposite of Phnom Penh, which is like Manila, where you fear for your life and risk your patience and sanity if not your wallet.

Of course you can still get blown up by a land mine but I believe you can also just as easily get killed crossing the street in New York or Ho Chi Minh. (Oooohh....I saw a three cycle bang-up happen right in front of us in Yogyakarta!! Waddaya tell ya???)

I enjoyed Siem Reap so much that I want to move there--perhaps rent a house for extended periods. I found out it is cheaper to rent than buy. Although my husband thinks it is not a good idea because of landmines (this coming from a guy who goes to disease-ridden India every other month), I should probably do it in the next three years before 21 December 2012, when we hit the end of the 5th world of the Mayan calendar (; Exciting times, this end of the world business....

Siem Reap reminds me of Manila when I was growing up but with better restaurants and nicer people. There is a gay bar (we MUST have those to qualify as a real city!) aptly called Linga (the ancient three-part phallic symbol of Shiva found in most temples) across from the very chic One Hotel (Hotel One??) and Ahaha which has cute waiters and a GREAT wine list (where the overrated Cloudy Bay costs 100 USD while the yummy new find, Villa Margarita costs a mere 55 USD). Never pay retail for Cloudy Bay or Chateau Neuf-du-Pape. Both good but overrated and overexposed. The Selma Blair or Proenza Schouler of wines.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


I should have done this at the beginning of the month but as you know, heat makes you think and move slower.....
Just a quick note to let my adoring public (ngek! hahahaha!!) know that I am doing Third World travelling almost all of October (and then some) that I now feel like a UN aide worker.
(Last night, back in HK for the weekend, I practically forgot how to get into a taxi having been on tuk tuks for over a week)
Unlike bloggers like Bryan Boy or Chuvaness who can blog even from an outhouse, my tales of whine and gross-es will have to wait until I get back because I am very low-tech and also if I do find a computer, I would have to wait which I hate doing.
Until my next extended time in civilization, I bid you....Namaste....

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Look! Even before Sarah Palin, someone already used a bearskin for publicity!!

Well, technically Celine (lines are getting better, by the way) IS from Paris....With the 'other' Celine, lines might be getting longer or fatter.....
I was going to discuss the old film 'The Way We Were' with Barbra Streisand and Robert Redford but I realized I didn't finish it on the plane and have to finish it on the way back to HK tomorrow.
(I'm like Woody Allen--too much fresh air makes me ill and clogs my breathing passages)
Anyway, I was not going to discuss Paris or Celine either but Evelyn Nesbit who is the subject of the book American Eve set in the early 1900s. She was probably the first 'It' girl created by the form of media we could still identify with---photos and posters as opposed to murals and tapestry.
Of course on the topic of 'It girls' in the portrait painting department, we have Georgina Duchess of Devonshire, the Tudors and other Hollywood-ized versions of history.
There is an interesting bit of trivia at the start of this book.
Apparently, the first 'play' showgirl-turned scandal Suzy, Evelyn Nesbit performed in was 'Floradora,' the most popular show on Broadway at that time.
Guess where it was set and what it was about?
I quote from the text...I QUOTE okay, not plagiarize like that Ortega guy from Supreme....see Donia Victorina. I don't know enough because like his editor, I don't read Rolling Stone.
'Just as things Oriental had found their way into the popular culture and marketing of the day, so has the Philippines, newly accessible because of the Panama Canal. Floradora, a 'spicy little musical dish,' was the most popular show on Broadway. Playing nightly at the Moorish Casino Theatre and nicknamed the 'temple of feminine pulchritude,' Floradora was set in a mythical Philippine Island.'
Okay--I hate to hand Repertory Philippines the bad news but this wasn't exactly South Pacific.


On Wednesday we came home to this perfect spring-like autumn--10-15 degrees centigrade with sun...(but obviously I ain't worshipping it)
By Friday the prairie turned into a frozen tundra worthy of a horror film and the little house on the prairie became the setting for the home of a murderous field hand....
I bet we'll find a dead body somewhere in the fields.....
Yesterday I thought I saw a human bone on our hike but it was just a very large stem of a mushroom. Hahaha...
I watch too many thrillers!!

The most fabulous part of this weather is that from a sunny place like what we now have today (can you believe that??), you can walk (or drive) about 1000 meters up and experience snow. I had a photo from the summer in shorts amdist snow in one of France's highest peaks.

But of course, like everything I have to record, it is now lost.

The countryside is great in small does. I'm really a city girl, however I am in no way missing the fashion weeks seeing as the clothes for next (and this!) fall are going to be diabolical.

Lanvin is my only hope.
Only their prices are hopeless.

I have received many inquiries as to why the gossip scene has been quiet in the last month.

I duuuu----nnnnno! ????!!!!

Perhaps it is the cliched 'quiet before the storm?' I wonder what storm is brewing.....I KNOW something (well, LOTS!) !!

But I can't tell just yet. We'll have to see how events play out.

It's so much better to watch, don't you think?