Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What did I miss?

It will probably be hard for you-s to believe that I am NOT a fan of Sex and the City. Not the TV series. Not the movie. If a script is merely as quick as I am, then I feel I have wasted my time. If a show is not aspirational enough (ie I have lived it, am living it or may live it in the next few months), I am not interested.

Truthfully, I only watch SATC at the dentist only because the other choice is Lion King. If it was Rock n Rolla.....Then I wouldn't be at the dentist, would I?

Why be interested in what you already have had?

WHELL..boys and girls and gheys, I only saw SATC last night, with no sound and with Chinese subtitles. For blockbuster fluffy films, the cheapo in me always feels that I should wait to see them on the plane so I get to see them 'for free!" (Look what it got me!)

Let me 'splain why I ended up having to strain my eyes between reading Chinese characters and looking at the clothes which looked like Cher and Diana Ross concert cast-offs.

The entertainment system in my 'cabin' did not work. Never mind that you can have four pillows, that they can prepare eggs to your taste (yes! like freshly fried or scrambled), that they can make your bed and make you lie in it....There was every conceivable service and comfort but entertainment. At least for me.

Thank God I still had my eyesight after the film so I could stare at the walls...(No, I read!!)

I complain about airlines because I hate being faced with unpleasant surprises such as in the HKG-LDN sector where one of the engines caught fire and we turned back. (CX, however, was very efficient and we were delayed only two hours)

Now this.

Perhaps I should adapt the attitude of one of my friends who often takes PAL> He says, "With PAL you expect the worst so when you get something--ANYTHING--- good, it's a bonus." Well, before, with PAL, if you arrived at all, they were doing you a favor. Then if you were a day late, that was service. These days you line up for tickets like Bryan Boy did until he figured he should have just gotten in line for the Madonna concert. It was shorter.

Probably because I was angry that I couldn't see SATC in its original language, I started to notice flaws in the film. First of course were the clothes which I hated and which only seemed to scream, "I have no intention of looking attractive in these clothes except to homosexuals."

Now for my questions:

1) Doesn't Mr Big have ANY friends?

2) If he was so rich, why did he make Carrie pack and crate everything herself?

3) If Carrie was so fab, why did she have a pink floral terry tea towel from Mongkok in her house? (Samantha used it to hold champagne in the scene above) Could it be Cath Kidston?

Now for what I loved:

1) all the wedding dresses especially the Lanvin pleated one

2) Miranda's Norma Kamali red swimsuit and the Escada leather multi-colored mosaic woven beach bag (I thought of waiting for the sale last season but I guess I forgot to follow-up)

3) Carrie's fluffly bomber in the reuniting scene with Mr Big--Valentino??

4) Samantha's kimono when she was preparing sushi---Etro?

Since we are on the topic of fashion.....

I was at Alexander McQueen on Old Bond Street on Monday and the stuff was absolutely beautiful. I wish I could have bought everything in the store even if I will never lead a fabulous life.

Clearly the credit crunch has not hit his end of the market because on Monday the place was full of people (and their dogs) with some women asking, "Is everything in?", "Do you remember

what I signed up for this season?"

Well, the only thing I've signed up for is vaccinations for India. YYHHUUCK!!!

There was a long black column with a throwback scarf with gold facing perfect for my book party when I hit the NYTimes bestseller list.

There was a strapless paisley gown that would be perfect for my book signing at Elton's country house.

There was an over the top gold and red matador jacket perfect for ANY DAY!! And more jackets to go with everything!


OOHH--and a little bird in pegged trousers told me that my favourite bootmaker Georgina Goodman 'consults'---read supplies--- for the shoe lines of Balenciaga and Alexander McQueen (whose boutique is right across hers also on Old Bond Street).

A sad day for a fashionista. I had to pass on a black top from Givenchy that drowned me in ruffles because my husband (he of the "7000 euros? Is it made of gold?" school of birkin) said I looked like a Victorian widow. I think that IS the LOOK!

I guess I will have to wait for the sales and wear it only in the company of homosexuals.

Thank God he didn't come with me to the Barbican to see House of Viktor and Rolf (until 21 Sept) or he'll be totally creeped out by conceptualism. It was just too fab for words.


Indigokint said...

It has been some time since your entries have made me laugh in amusement. I'm glad you watched SATC, even if it elicited your polite disdain. This was a classy write up. These are the things you should write about more often.

goodgirl said...

ok -- so if u lived the SATC life, who r u then?

r u a carrie?
or that brunette ex-alcoholic chick?

Cha said...

we love the fashion goddess in you!

Anonymous said...

Darling,i love Carrie's bohemian,sweet and versatile style...but love Samantha's sex-kitten bombshell style even more.Very sexual and glamorous.


Anonymous said...

Hay, finally, I found someone who isn't a fan of SATC. I never got into it either. Watched a few episodes and told my friends, "Sorry I can't relate. If I were that old already and still grappling with those inane high-schoolish problems, I'd shoot myself."

The clothes are monumental, I must say. I didn't watch but I see the clothes and the influence in all the fashion rags. For that, BRAVO, SATC!