Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Last night I saw the new Guy Ritchie film, "Rock and Rolla." Un-be-fuckin-believably good fun!
The premiere was sometime last week around the corner from my hotel but since I wasn't invited, I watched the interviews and red carpet footage live ...from my hotel room!!! Mr Madonna seems like a really nice guy! He doesn't even 'own' a car, preferring to get around by bike.

I LOVE THIS FILM---it's stylish (especially the lighting and opening credits), snappy, snide and simply swell because it is rude about everything from immigrants to homosexuals, no one is spared!
I usually watch Guy Ritchie movies on DVD with subtitles because I can never understand what they are saying (Cockney, the language of da British 'hood)
But this time, since I was seeing the film in an English-speaking country, I had to see it without subtitles but I guess I didn't really miss anything since everything started and ended in "fuck."

These days I find it hard to see a film on an uncluttered screen. You kids should go to the opera in HK--there are so many subtitles that the libretto is not projected on top of the stage but on the side in English, Chinese and Italian. It's like attending an auction where worldwide currencies come on the monitor.

Some great, new phrases I learned that DO NOT include the word FUCK:
sausages and beans (men's private parts)-apparently this is an old term accdg to my husband who studied Latin
a week in the snow - a week's worth of cocaine. I think Celine would have learned that here in London
Virginia killer sticks - this is the BEST! (for the under 25s, this is from Virginia Slims which was a cigarette brand marketed to women in the 70s--NOT in THEIR 70s!)

The bonus: Ari Gold from Entourage is in it as a rocker's manager, Stringer Bell (from the Wire) plays a thief--what else? and Super Hands (from UK's Peep Show) plays a drug dealer because he looks like one to begin with.

Although there is NO REAL story and it seemed like Guy Ritchie had to end the film fast before Madonna got home, it is a joy to watch because of the script, relationships (Thandie Newton's accountant character married to a gay lawyer) and characters (Roman Abromovich, anyone? and Russian goons).

Oh and I highly recommend career girls to see this and observe Thandie Newton's YSL-ish wardrobe so you girls can get inspiration and get some power dressing tips and STOP looking like oficinistas in P(l)ains and Prints.


Anonymous said...

Virginia Slims!!! Do you also remember the long More cigarettes (brown, as long as the Virginia slims)?

I used to buy More by the "tinge" from this vendor who sold "Blue Seal" cigarettes at the South Gate of La Salle.

That vendor had every imported brand available, including those black Russian cigarettes and those multi-colored cocktail cigarettes.

julie said...

hi there. i saw you on the streets of london but didn't have the nerve to go up to say hi. sayang

ragamuffin girl said...

so true about HK shows with the surtitiles!

AnnaSophia said...

Kitty, I have to correct your description of Cockney --- it is an accent (some may argue it is a dialect, but definitely not a language!) spoken by people born within one mile or within hearing distance of the bells of St Mary Le Bow. I think your description of the area being the "British Hood" is also inaccurate, and I'm sure the Cockney's will not be happy! Afterall, the area you are referring to also includes the City of London --- I think no one can argue that The City is certainly not da Hood!

P.S. You must be loving the London weather at the mo!

goodgirl said...

i lab guy ritchie but i luuuuuuuurve his wife more.