Sunday, September 28, 2008


I usually do not choose a quote about myself but this week, I have decided to single out this quote from a reader about me simply because it is so true. I am interested in many things but I just like bullshitting more because it's easier and more people are interested.

At a dinner party last night we talked about quantum physics and Lama Rinpoche, the second highest Lama in Tibetan Buddhism. You can guess who the first is---NO NOT Steven Seagal who 'found gold in Manila' ---The Dalai 'friend of Richard Gere' Lama.
Of course, I was VERY quiet at dinner.
Oriellini said...
"You are such a brilliant writer,fashion icon and tounge-in-chic who could write about global economy,fashion,gossip and still watch Entourage and Master Showman at the same time.
Bravo darling..."
I also watch the World at War, History of Britain, Earth, Blue Planet and Top Gear and of course I read everything including soup can labels.

Since we have ran out of Birch Tree Milk Powder, and these days Seiko 'ang wallet na maswerte' ain't doing a good job, Oriellini is going to have to take home China milk powder which he can use as cemento nalang to build his house. Just add water!


Anonymous said...

Hahaha!!!you made my day kitty darling...i just got off from mrt station in AYala and heard these two anti-kitty go and anti-blog anmimals(luckily,they're both wearing those cheap animal print leggings so out you could mistake them as two tigress going out to eat at SM FOODCOURT!!!)PRAISING timmy's style and celine's past pictorials for a magazine.I don't know why Manila worships such hideous fashion sense if these two doesn't have a brain to go with their four senses!!!

Twilight Zone said...

hahahahaha this really made my day.. oh by the way all these contaminated milk is a big sale one take 2 ahahaha