Sunday, September 7, 2008


Now ain't Papa Brian DA MAN??? He really da man to break da baby momma story.
There's LOTS more where that came from, kids...ay--boys and girls..ay gheys...ay babies..ay mali!!!

Now a little about me and the baby momma's assertion that I am unhappy because I have no children unlike my more (re)productive relatives.
Unfortunately since da baby momma ain't in my inner circle, she does not know that I NEVER EVER WANTED TO HAVE CHILDREN. Just sex. Lots of it.
I disliked children from the time I was able to walk.
And unfortunately for da baby momma, she also had sex (perhaps a little too early and too suddenly not to think about birth control) and had a baby she probably (just MAY-BE) did not want to keep. I'm telling ya..being swept off your feet and into the bed only results in something you wanna sweep UNDER the bed.
At least I KEEP ALL MY DOGS in a manner only humans can be accustomed to!
I have to mention before the baby momma does, that I also had deer, owls, canaries, parakeets, a myna, a duck and an eagle in a past life.
YEP! My life is a real ZOO!

On a more continental European note, I was in Paris for the day and boy was it DIRTY!! If ever I go, I ain't evah getting down from the car!! Lanvin, Maria Luisa and Isabel Marant, come to (baby) momma....

Don't get me wrong. Paris is absolutely beautiful. I realized that Paris is truly feminine and London is its masculine counterpart. Just don't get out of votre voiture in Paris. Rome is merely an aging uncle that is starting to smell...

The Gard du Nord looked like a prison. When I held my ticket, I was expecting my name to be called next for the guillotine. Instead my name was called for a dry tuna sandwich at AutoGrill--gross!!!

So you can imagine how I LOVED the newly remodelled St Pancras station (see photo above) in Boris Johnson's London (ka-boarding eskwela of my husband). It looks like a mall/hotel and get this---the Eurostar arrivals had wood floors. They have Pain au Quotidien, the Belgian rustic restaurant chain sweeping Europe (there is a very charming outlet with a garden in West Hollywood).

I've been seeing such great improvements in London in the last two years ---T5, John Lewis and the Connaught now have airconditioning, the Savoy is getting a beautiful face lift and now this....

The former colonies are great, too--HK is always fab and Sydney has a drop dead beautiful Marc Newson first class lounge and Qantas is looking very spiffy down to their toilet kit with Korner beauty products and designer uniforms.
Okay--Cathay's free stuff are HORRIBLE!! The first class bag is from Ipanema looks like an African school project but the contents are Darphin (v good). The Business Class bag is nice--agnes b. with Murad or Dermalogica depending on the route (inbound or outbound--or rebound)
Don't get me started on the Shanghai Tang pajamas because I think CX does not know that Mao has already left the building with Elvis, Dodi and Diana and John Lennon.

O--shia--I better get going and start gathering all the news not fit to print....
And why was Mo Twister bullied by the Gucci Gang (uso pa ba ang Gucci dapat mag-Vanessa Bruno or Comptoir des Cotonniers na kayo, ha...Cheaper pa! ?)??? Don't they do enough bullying online?
Just asking......
Yan lang pow....


Cha said...

great one Ms. Kitty!

well the GG are oh so scared now coz people know their true identities and they suck big time!

i had this fab trip JFK-STN last Christmas onboard EOS (sorry this plane is now bankrupt along with Maxjet n Silverjet) pero 48 passengers only- boeing 757, flat bed seats and an individual 10" avod- its acutally a fujitsu notebook converted into an entertainment system with Boss noise cancelling headphones!
i dont really bother with the overnight kit, but i kept it for posterity anyways. well, i hope to be flying more biz class when I get to the real working world. coz that was paid by my mommy. hahaha!

si Kitty lang ang CHIC and the rest are gaya gaya lang!

Chinachix said...

enjoyed this entry kitty. crisp writing, as usual. love the Paris and London descrips!

collinfongjr said...

Ano ba yan mahilig sa skandalo. Why is it the Gucci Gang whats to bully Mo Twister. Why they got hurt for what happen to them. Its because there Identity and there bad attitude was Expose. The public know who & what they are. Ms. Kitty I do hope that you could release your third book early as December as your Christmas Gift to us

Anonymous said...

You are the the bomb...a chic bomb.