Thursday, August 14, 2008


....That's the title for book 3 with the old favourites we love to heckle and new ones we're REALLY GONNA love to hate!! But at least we will get laughs out of everyone. AT everyone!!

Who really does give a chic, anyway?

Certainly NOT when you own this Fendi FW 08 pram swathed in white mink. (Also reversible into blindingly bling silver Kevlar of some sort)Price is available upon request and you know what that means. If you have to ask, then you can't afford it.

There was a less expensive version at the show made in quilted navy wool flannel or felt (I couldn't see from where I was) with white embroidery. I don't know if it's for sale but it's just what little Sammy needs since we are in the market for a pram, with Sammy being too old and feeble for long, arduous walks.

I'm sorry I have to move the release of the book to early 2009 because as it is until January 2009, I will not be in one place for more than a week or so. If I was more hi-tech, I would probably be able to do it but seeing as I thought BlueTooth was the name of a new restaurant, you know that I am still is the -3G tech level.



Blue Vitriol said...

Wow book 3 is actually on its way! Cant wait to buy it on Jan 09 (i'll be camping on the national bookstore grounds just to be the first one!). Hope you'll include Cebu City if and when you ever decide to do a book tour.

You Know We Love You,

fredrick said...

KITTYY??? just checked that the Bryan's blog is now open for invited readers only.. This happened the same before chikatime closed and bid goodbye..OH NO!! dO you know anything abt this??

shit, does this mean that he'd been hacked or forced to do that??

is this an emergency or am i just being paranoid???


Anonymous said...

This is fucking hilarious...can't wait for the book(January 23 is my birthday so probably i'll ask my boyfriend to distribute around 15 copies of your book....who gives a chic anyway?)i'm sure lots of ghels and gheys will be using this catchphrase to shit anyone.Wherever you're headed take care coz we all care for you.We love you and your books!!!!


joy said...

January 2009.
Its gonna be an exciting new year opening!

collinfongjr said...

Well Well Well Im so excited for the new book. There will be more social climber. I'm so excited to read this book.This will be your Christmas Gift for me and to my Friend. More power Kitty Go