Thursday, August 28, 2008

While the cat is away...EAT UP!!!

MAMA KITTY JUST WANTS TO MAKE SURE THAT...yOu can reAd thiS cryPtic mssg.

Promise me that while I am away, you will eat your cereal which comes from MILLET. Only da best!

Might be like eating shit but fiber is good for you!

We have all you can drink milk. (Meeeow!!!)

When I get a liquor sponsor, we will have open bar with real alcohol.

Remember boys, girls and gheys...BE REALLY GOOD and in due time (since there is a time and place for everything), your curiosity will be rewarded by Papa Brian as he hinted today...tsk tsk...Tussling with Team Brian.

Of course curiosity killed the cat but not before she swallowed the canary.... Ay the granary...ay the millet...ay mali!!!

Have a glorious weekend and don't eat too much millet.

1 comment:

Cha said...

sinong pinatay nya? given na super!!!