Sunday, August 17, 2008


Gorrell announced on his blog that he was closing for a short time for 'maintenance' because he has over 500 posts.
Of course, I don't know what maintenance means because I never had to do it seeing as my ENTIRE blog should be completely torn down and remodelled by Kelly Wearstler or Nicky Haslam if I had the money.


Poor Girl said...

please tell brian dat i missed reading his blog.. please open it again to d public :(

mi Boudoir said...

yeah, yeah.. i realized the stupidity of my panicking the moment i hit the submit button to leave that comment in your previous post. i actually remember reading in his (gorrell's) last two posts that he'll be doing some maintenance on his blog site. it's just that the horrific memory of opening another blogsite (chikatime hehe) and seeing the now all too-familiar message "this blog site is by invitation only!!!" is still very, and i mean, very fresh... it actually stirred some paranoia in me. whew! thanks for the assurance though. cheers!

Dalagang said...

please tell gorell not to take his break for too long. miss his blog already!!

pm said...

Gorrell's back!

Check out his brand new site.

Anonymous said...

OKk.I have a peace of mind now.Nag over-react naman akow kaagad.But really it pisses me off when i found out from another blogger that Brian's blog is officially over(may you rest in peace).

Brian said...

I LOVE Nicky.
GREAT article in VF. Read it in bed last night.