Monday, August 4, 2008


THIS WEEK'S ENCOURAGUNG COMMENT COMES FROM TWILIGHT ZONE, who will win a gift pack of canned goods from Argentian Corned Beef (go ask for it from Boy Abunda!)

"...minsan naman we need a break diba? we are working very hard here abroad so hindi naman siguro nakaka guilty kung minsan i-treat naman natin yung sarili natin for a lil' shopping and a lil' cocktail in a bar kasi minsan kung iisipin mo na marami naghihirap tapos tayo nageenjoy dito unfair naman yung titipirin natin yung sarili natin dahil lang sa feeling guilty tayo dahil we spent money in one day na actually gastos na ng isang family for a month sa Pinas, parang di naman yata fair diba?"

That is SO RIGHT. People who work abroad will miss home and for all the hard work, they DESERVE to spend something on themselves. Expenses and standards of living are relative because quality (and the quantity you need to live there) of life varies from country to country. So a drink in Tokyo could be a month's rent in 'Pinas or a drugstore umbrella in London could be dinner for a week.

" e opinion ko lang naman im not trying to argue here just trying to justify naman yung minsan gumagastos tayo talaga for ourselves just to have a break. sometimes our olds tell the kids "why are you wasting food? Don't you know that many people out there are starving?" Parang nalilito yung bata na parang di sila maka relate,kasi minsan naman yung pagiging mahirap nung iba ginagawa nalang nilang excuse para sila lalong maging tamad at umasa nalang sa iba.i came from a poor family pero di kami umasa sa iba, we work very hard sana yung iba ganun din ang mentality...sana."

I also grew up in a home where we were not allowed to waste food and only allowed to eat what was given to us. WE couldn't just buy or ask for whatever we wanted to eat, wear, go to, etc....In other words, walang special order -special order. One big rule at home was NEVER to ask the maids to SERVE you water or ask them to TURN off the lights, TV, etc...YOU DO IT YOURSELF!!

It is always good to hear a 'success' story, no matter what degree , from someone who has done well and more so, does not take his good fortune for granted. (UNlike MANY people we know, number one na diyan si DJ!!)

HOkay--yan lang pow, I will be out of commission very likely for the next week because I will be in a big (old) European city where I will not have easy access to internet. But is is more likely because I am very low-tech and not wired. I can be in Silicone Valley and not be able to access internet.

But what can happen in a week, right??? hahahaha!!


Cha said...

hey kitty!
right on! i couldn't agree more. as long as we work hard for what we have- through our own sweat, blood n tears we don't need people to tell us things...

of course, i always think of the people in PI and my family giving me a wonderful opportunity to be studying here in London. btw, you said you're coming over in Sept. let me know...
but then i also have the chance to make a brighter future for me.
we have the same upbringing- even with helpers, you have to do things yourself. you can't depend on anyone, but yourself. Chukwa style, but works. I used to hate it, but I realized its your life and you run your own show.

at the end of the day- like what William Ernest Henley said: I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul. that's what matters most.

Also, God gave us bodies in order to work. There are people who are sick, disabled and working. the good life doesn't fall on our laps, we have to work hard for what we want.

Anonymous said...

I don't feel guilty everytime i treat myself to a mid-range shoe brand like Pedro or Adidas(yohji's line).My job sucks but the pay is great.Sometimes i treat my nieces yaya for a lunch at Cabalen(buffet style) and dinner at KFC(THEY LOVE HOTSHOTS).And my mom's alalay(mom is bed-ridden)is now working as DH in Paris(where i can't even afford the plane ticket).She sent us her photos at Champs elysee with her Collete's shopping bags.We're proud of her!!!

Twilight Zone said...

Now i can say that im going to miss you and your blog.
Going back home monday for a month holiday and im sure i couldnt follow your blog for long since my mom informed me that she ask to cut the internet connection at home.She complain that my son never do his homework and just sitting infront of his pc after school argh!will try to find your books so i could read while im on my holiday mood.

sankyu said...

awww the is sad twilightzone..... sana ma convince mo mom mo na ma retain Internet mow...gulpihin mo anak mo ibitin mo patiwarik hahhaa joking... pero sana mag ka Internet ka agad ulit

Anonymous said...

Well we have same brought up. although my sis spends all her money with shoes, clothes and bags that she dont even use. Expensive pa naman lahat sayang, while yung brother ko di nya man lang mapahiram ng kahit 1,500 para sa milk ng mga pamangkin ko :(