Wednesday, August 27, 2008



Sa umaga, dispachadora, sa gabi ay bonggang bonga....

Sa Umaga editor siya, sa gabi ay...MURDERER!!!! wow bonnga!!
I kid you not, kids!!

WHAATT III DIIIDDD FOOR LLOOVVEE!!! what i did for love....
Past: a mobile number, a text issuing death threats to an editor and a writer
Present: same BAT-number, different message
Future: Do you think it's time to change your phone number?
Or your job??? Telemarketing perhaps? Or contract killer?
At least it's tax free!!


Gina said...

wish you can share all the juicy bits with your readers.

cynical chick said...

the thing is that "salesLAIDY" and her cohorts are so feisty and arrogant online but they cant even hurt a rat face to face. sobrang tapang as if they can really kill people. all they can do is murder you online with their imaginary fangs.

if talagang matapang kayo SalesLAIDY , BURNT TOAST, HATERHATE im sooo ready with my two smoking barrel (go figure)

Pathetic people!!!

Ms. Kitty,

Suggestion: sana sa book 3 na ioorder online may signature mo po :)


ewanko said...

kitty are addicting...your site
actually can do with a bit of makeover...
just the same, it's vile, evil and oh sooo
abangan ang susunod na kabanata.

Thanks for taking the place of my
therapist...You got me hooked.

PS..I did buy your first book...and will get
the next..and the next.