Monday, August 18, 2008

LEARNING THE HARD WAY...and not very much, I'm afraid!

This is the story that came out today in the Education supplement of the Inquirer.

The second link is the front page image with the story's teaser on the left-hand side.

O--open for business na si Gorrell, hokay?? It's a real cool psychedelic site!
Perfect for the psychos he's gonna nail!!

Maybe I should make my site invisible like what some of my characters will want to be.


sankyu said...

Yeah I agree pero in my opinion yung bagong theme nakaka takot lalo na andun yung face niya parang multo..... anyways opinion ko lang pow kasi hindi naman niya ni pupublish mga comments kow

Cha said...

Great article Kitty!
its like what Forrest told in the movie- life is like a box of chocolates, you don't know what to expect in every bite.
i'm glad that you are enjoying what you are doing, an happy with your life.

the same thing has happened to me- i'm in London taking my master's Chekwa language even if I'm 3/4. but as long as i'm in an English speaking country, I don't think I will need to for the moment.

We love you Kitty! and see you in London!

Anonymous said...

Kudos to YOU for that article in Inqurer!!!I agree with Cha(the Forrest GUmp's QUOTE).I've been to school for the last 12years of my fucked life being educated in a Catholic school(for my secondary years with teachers,guidance counselor and principals being my relatives),a public school(for my elementary which doesn't have a bathroom(for a gay lad like me growing up having a father who works for PNP)AND was sent to college before finding out that i'm going to wear a green pants and white polo,a P.E uniform the same color as the bus's curtains,and a Psychology professor who looks like a psycho with all the saliva he spits on my face and a BUsiness Correspondent professor who wear those huge glasses(not even Cutler and Gross)who disagree with me when i told her that she has a bad-breath(unfortunately for me,she failed me).Then i dropped out after two years wearing rthe same green pants before Oscar dela Renta have those color on Natalia Vodianova's appearance on Vogue 2008 editorial.I left our apartment and applied for a call center job which really gives me good compensation enough to cover my expenses on travel(to Cebu and Boracay and Baguio)shopping(for those UKAY-UKAY's vintage darling!according to Lulu Guinness)and my dog's vitamins and 3x a week visits to her doctor.This September,i'm hoping to enroll at a fashion school(fashion merchandising)and get back to shake my booty on my Flamenco classes and endure all the caffeine fix at work and graveyard shifts(not to mention peoples social climbing instinct at work and the fashion mistakes of my bosses.

Anonymous said...

One more thing Darling,i took a day of French lesson at Berlitz before and i'm hoping to go back to where all i started...from Bon jour to BOn soir!!!tant pis!

Have a fabulous week!!!

jade worldwide said...

madame kitty- it said in the post-script of your article that your upcoming book will be the last of the chicklit-genre. I hope not- please not...