Saturday, August 9, 2008


(HOKAY---I gather the visuals do not work--as usual---I guess I forgot how I did it last time!!!)

I should have blogged about this before but then of course I didn't know the links.
CX has a brilliant new TV ad campaign that has the tone of a movie. Well, it WAS MADE by MOVIE DIRECTORS!
Who woulda thunk?

And the biggest and best news is T5, British Airways' exclusive terminal in Heathrow.

Even if BA had lost my luggage in the past, I cannot say enough good things about the new airport. (of course, they had their gliches at the beginning but who didn't? Even HK had tons of problems at the beginning)

From the entrance and carport, the airport already does not look like an airport but more like a mall or gigantic, futuristic hotel. At the height of summer holidays it was as quiet as a church.

Customs did not look like a dreary, grey counter with sour-looking civil servants bored with their jobs but colorful and lively, more like a McDonald's take out counter.

AND the BATHROOMS!! The airport loos have 'dark wood' doors and done beautifully in the style of Roponggi Hills. It's like someone saw the RH loos and said, 'Let's do that for T5."

The BA LOUNGES top every lounge I have been in. It is decorated like a boutique hotel with spacious jet/spa showers (equipped with Elemis products, toothbrushes, shaving sets, moisturizers, etc) and an Elemis spa where they not only do massage and facials but you also walk away with samples...Un-be-fuckin-believable!!

The Osborne and Little upholstery says it all and the food is equally great. I love the salad bar with cold pastas, fruit and greens. There are also hot pasta, soup and sandwich stations. There is also a full bar and wine bar with about 6 selections of reds and whites. First Class has free Moet!

I think it will be VERY DIFFICULT to top this terminal.

The only thing is, the shopping sucks (although there will soon be Blink, a waxing/threading/nails service). Lots of jewelery shops (supposedly catering to guilty husbands who fooled around on business trips) and mainstream brands (the only good ones are Smythson's, Paul Smith), although the Harrod's there is laid out like an American department store where it practically blends into the terminal.

Terminal 4 (where you used to go for BA continental flights) is a terrible airport but the shopping is great---Chanel, Agent Provocateur, LK Bennett, Smythson's, Pink's, Mulberry, Bally, Paul Smith, etc...

As you can see, I got a bigger kick out of transiting than my holiday itself...
NOT that my holiday wasn't great!

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Where have you been Ms Go?LOndon?Megeve?Paris?St Moritz?...we're all counting the remaining months for us to get hold of the most anticipated novella of the year!
To those who can't understand the word "fiction"..well you know what to do.I'm sure the four corners of Manila's glitzy enclaves (the richest bookshelves ACCORDING TO ASD)AND members of the so-called Buchi Gang and SOCIAL CLIMBERS will have the last laugh...i mean the laughing stock of this god-forsaken town that is Manila.May their Janylin trod feet kick some ass along the way.