Friday, August 15, 2008

JAZZ ASKING the Supremes.....

I hope this comes out unlike the other posts I didn't know how to load or got removed.....(I think I'm not meant for photos)

Anyway, it is a photo of Dita von Teese holding up a card that says "I Love Supreme."

It comes at a time when a) the stripper and ex-Mrs Marilyn Manson requested through her manager that all her online photos taken in her gig in Manila be taken off cyber space (I wonder what Ari Gold would have told her if HE was her manager?? Mike Ovitz? Ed Limato? Frankly I don't care whether this photo is official, stolen, Joey de Leon in drag or a signed fan photo rpinted at Kinko's) and MORE IMPORTANTLY b) Bryan 'Ghey" Boy has made "I Love Bryan Boy" his blog signature where everyone from Marc "Mangkukulam" Jacobs to chubby Mickey ??(from NYC's Paper magazine)to every emaciated INTERNATIONAL model in the world has held up every kind of paper from toilet paper to A4 used as a placemat.


Couldn't they have used PERSONALIZED stationery?? Or paper stolen from a hotel?

Have they not only run out of endorsements (writing skills we knew went out the door as soon as they learned to write on sand) but also IDEAS???

Nagtatanong lang pow.....

And now I leave you these tunes for your weekend Karaoke.....

Ain't no mountain high enough...
Ain't no river wide enough....
To Keep Me Copying YOOOUUUUU!!!!!

Do you know where to copy from?
Do you like the things that Bryan Boy is showing you???
Do you KNOOOWWW!!!??????


fredrick said...

haha check out the 2nd comment before the cut wahahaha on the supreme

sankyu said...

Ohh no.. what happened? I just visited the link today and I got the following message:

Error 404
Sorry, no posts matched your criteria.

Anonymous said...

What the fuck happened to Brian's blog?It's been four days and i can't even open his blog.Will somebody tell me who's behind these?Kiity,darling,we really don't care if Dita Von Teese love Supreme!!!We don't!!!!Who the hell read those ugly piece of shits from the Supreme Master of all things gay and faux?


mi Boudoir said...

hi kitty!

i've been reading your blogs and that of brian's since day 1. i just have a minor, ok, a major question, what happened to his brian's blog??? why is it for invitation na lang and how do we get invited? has it been shutdown already? oh nooooooo.... oh noooooo talaga. i didn't save any of his emails pa naman or multiply whatevs... huhuhu

love your books btw and your blogs! more power!


TONIanTONIo said...

I am so after your sassiness, Madamme. *curtsy*

I lurv yer spirit. xoxo