Wednesday, August 27, 2008

HUMP DAY!!!! or is it bump day?

We're SO SORRY!!!!! na walang picture ang entry because the topic is just TOO HORRIBLE!!

Before we start--WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED to the site??? From a fashion reporter's point of view, alam niyo ba na the 'logo' look is DEAD??

If you guys do that to me I want Lanvin logos, okay because that's my favourite brand.
I will send you an image to use...!!! Grabe!!! And baduy ng logo!

Papa Brian and I have been hiding a LOT of things from you readers this month....We are sorry but there has just been TOO MUCH action, too fabulous to mention and news too ugly to release right away so we have to do some research!! You know how fair and unbiased we are!!

We tell like like it is!!! Well, he does because I'm a coward! Have to hide in the closet.

I gotta tell ya, WE still have LOTS of dirt, skeletons, fur balls, old newspapers for recycling, plastic bottles to make into jewellery and soda cans for dog training in our beautiful, lavender scented Sex and the City closet.


At least, on my part.

In the last month, a few media personalities (few, lang..) have tried to 'reach out and touch someone'---ME!

Why now after two books and a third in the works?

Are they innit?
Are their children innit?
Is there a LOVE CHILD innit? More on that and ma vie later.
(BTW, I saw the Supremes exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and I highly recommend it. There is a cute LOVE CHILD T-shirt!!!)
Is there a corrupt but loser politician innit? Corrupt because he stole, loser because he didn't steal ENOUGH and now can never hold a government job.

Exciting, innit??? Sino sha? Sino sila? Sino itich??

On a personal note boys and girls, I should have told you but you didn't ask--about my life as an unloved daughter. Oh and also the car that my father made me ride with a hole on the floor while his mistress and kids were riding around in Ford Explorers. There's LOTS more where that came from....

But that's for book four. Right now we have barely finished book 3.....
Who is innit???

If you kids behave before Christmas, Papa Gorrell and Mama Kitty will give you all the news NOT FIT TO PRINT!!! NOT sugar-coated because sugar is SO BAD FOR YOU!!!

Merry Christmas!!
Don't forget the (Philippine) STAR above the Christmas tree!!!


goodgirl said...

"..about my life as an unloved daughter. Oh and also the car that my father made me ride with a hole on the floor while his mistress and kids were riding around in Ford Explorers."

whoa ! wer did dat come from?

no wonder your bitchy -- (i think) that's more interesting than your blind item books po - because i am so slow & stupid in guessing who is & wat. Id definitely buy that if you are a book -- & i dont judge. -
and if I grew up like that i maybe wudve been a serial stalker mistress killer -- not a bitch.

collinfongjr said...

Im so excited about your third book that will release on Jan. 9, 2009
I do hope you will release it this december as for a Christmas Gift for us

------- said...

the logo thing that happened to the dona victorina blog also happened to a friend's site; I don't think it was hacked.

The background image for the site is hosted on Photobucket and I think that's where the problem lies.

love your blog!

Anonymous said...

Gosh Kitty darling,can't wait for the book!!!The most awaited book of the year!