Friday, August 1, 2008

FASHION PHILISTINES of the Philippines

May I just say something that has nothing to do with professional jealousy or sour grapes but what I feel is the reflection of why the Philippines, despite desperately seeking style acceptance, has been the 'child left behind?'

FIRST--let us start on a POSITIVE note since I am already KNOWN for my NEGATIVITY--but someone's GOTTA DO IT!!
I would like to CONGRATULATE fellow blogger MIZ BRYAN 'GHEY' BOY for all the publicity he has received --WWD, Elle.Com, Vogue Italia (ay TEEN VOGUE pala!!) , Straits Times, Ming Pao, etc...but the most quantitative thing he has done so far was make recommendations to Luisa Via Roma in Florence. In return for his support (since they have seen the numbers!), the shop has given him a drop dead fabulous Lanvin t-shirt (with a BOW OF COURSE!) ---se photos---that he has lusted after since the day he tied a bow on his hips (his signature looked picked up by the Marc Jacobs ad campaign this season)
OK--now for the negative part that you have ALL BEEN WAITING FOR...The shop Adora in Greenbelt 5 invited all these foreign journos (who Im sure are VERY NICE and QUALIFIED) obviously angling for a feature but why didn't they look in their Pinoy backyard with the chickens and the carabaos such as in Luisa Via Roma spotted him from another continent.
Why couldn't we in this town? BB is only a taxi or jeepney ride away, not an A380 20,000 miles business class ticket.
Which brings me to the following bitchy comments:
1) I am reminded of the time that a Cosmo Philippines editor asked me why Chinese press get all the best treatment in regional press junkettes. (It's true that's why I always sign up as Taiwan press bec they get to go to the best restaurants!) Apparently SOMEONE has NEVER LEFT DA BUILDING to know that the dominant market not only in this region but in the world, is China.
On a press trip to China for Cartier, Alicia Santos-Daniels ACTUALLY ASKED why the press briefings were in Chinese...Did she check the ground she was standing on???
3) I hope I am wrong--and PLEASE TELL ME I AM WRONG--but why did Adora have to invite WESTERN (and Japanese whose economy has not grown in 10 yrs and in fact are now cultivating inbound tourism)press and not regional press since a) what Adora stocks can be found everywhere else in the free world, b) who will fly from NY or Milan to shop in a store that has their same stuff? c) the region is awash with cash and lots of flights--China, SG, HK, Malaysia--they are all looking for a novel idea (which Adora is for this part of the world but not the rest of the free world). Asians love shopping and in cities like HK and SG, a 'weekend away' means going to ANOTHER COUNTRY which COULD BE the Philippines if we really tried.
And now for the bitchy question: Sino ba ang PR nila???
4) Which brings me to the news of the world:
The Nineteenth Century was the British Century
The Twentieth Century was the American Century and
The Twenty-first Century is, Im sorry to tell you, the Chekua Century.
BUT LADIES--everyone will get their ONe Century of fame, okay? When ours will be, I can't tell you. You better ask Madame Auring and Victor Wood.

Yan lang pow....
AY by the way pala, let me leave you with the followin quotes which put me in good company:
'If you can't annoy somebody, there's little point in writing'
-author Kingsley Amis
'The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.'
-designer Coco Chanel

Also, PS, Oriellini is right--no more fighting in the comments page (although it is flattering to be defended by my readers)

Sige--I have to get to the 'real bottom' of Raissa Molina and her ugly feet. Her 'other bottom' has already been liposuctioned into a can of Baguio oil.


Anonymous said...

OMG!!!love the Lanvin shirt!Congrats sa pinaka-fabulosang ghey na si Bryanboy.I haven't checked his blog this past days because i'm too busy with my two ASKALS taking them to Luneta,Ocean Park and parking area of Glorietta.I don't know that we have ADORA na here.Raissa Molina should undergo a whole body liposuction and temporary sunction.hehehe...Good day Kitty!

Bryanboy said...

ngek. thank you! i'm so honored!

i think at the end of the day, the whole western press exposure is for 'prestige' only/brownie points (or a feather on someone's cap) and nothing else. for instance, whenever i get a mention somewhere it doesn't necessarily mean my web hits will go up.

Anyhoo... I'm amazed at adora though... they certainly have money to burn! It would be interesting to see what IHT & co will say about the store/Philippines in general. I've been checking their site religiously and so far wala pang article.

The Transient Traveller said...

ms kitty, you are so right in your observations. the colonial mentality still rules, unfortunately.... we have very talented Filipinos (who have to go out of the Phils pa) who are recognized in other countries; when the foreign community take notice of them, recognize their talents and make them famous.... guess what happens: a-angkinin kaagad ng mga taga-Pinas... look at Lesley Mobo, and now, Josef Crisanto, and soon the industrial designer Stanley Ruiz, who has been reaping awards (check designboom) outside the Philippines. When will we ever recognize and take pride of fellow pinoys' talents HERE in the philippines.... haaaaay, when will we ever learn...

Twilight Zone said...

wa na ko ma say pa dahil trulili ka inday, i saw Adora and my first impression kung makikita mo yung lugar e impressive naman compare sa iba ko ng nakita sa pinas (im not talking about here outside Phil) pero isa isahin mo ang laman nothing special naman makikita mo narin kung saan saan, ako naman e hanggang sa huai hai lu at xangyang sa Pudong lang kayang mamili at da moment dipa branded lol.


sankyu said...

Hello Kitty nice post.. pero ang dami sa pinas nag sasakripisyo para lang makakain at hindi magutom.... nakakalungkot isipin nasa crisia ang pinas ngayon pero ang dami pa rin gumagastos pasa sa pasyon pero mas madami naghihirap.

I can still remember when I was in a bar here in Tokyo one Japanese guy told me... why are you spending money for drinking any many of your kababayans are suffering ayun ni safoul ako sa mukha after that nag iisip na rin akow tamma nga cya

sabi pa rin niya PH is still a poor country kasi may ari cya ng isang company dito sa Japan mabait cya gusto lang cguro niya sabihin na mag asta tayo ng kung sino mahirap pa rin ang Pinas at mas makakabuti kung yung gagastusin natin sa gmik i donate na lang natin sa charity unlike yung mga ginagawa ng mga elitista nating kababayan sa pinas...

parang sinampal ako ng sampung beses nun then nag reflect ako...h

Anonymous said...

actually I've been trying to contact bryanboy since I wanted to feature him being marc Jacobs' muse, but he hasn't replied to my texts or calls. Bryanboy, if youre reading this PLs email me at

Brian Brotarlo said...

Snobbery and racism still sells in this country.

Twilight Zone said...

Sankyu, minsan naman we need a break diba? we are working very hard here abroad so hindi naman siguro nakaka guilty kung minsan i-treat naman natin yung sarili natin for a lil shopping and a lil cocktail in a bar kasi minsan kung iisipin mo na marami naghihirap tapos tayo nageenjoy dito unfair naman yung titipirin natin yung sarili natin dahil lang sa feeling guilty tayo dahil we spent money in one day na actually gastos na ng isang family for a month sa Pinas, parang di naman yata fair diba?yun e opinion ko lang naman im not trying to argue here just trying to justify naman yung minsan gumagastos tayo talaga for our selves just to have a break.
sometimes our olds tells to the kids "why you waste food?dont you know that many people out there starves?" parang nalilito yung bata na parang di sila maka relate,kasi minsan naman yung pagiging mahirap nung iba ginagawa nalang nilang excuse para sila lalong maging tamad at umasa nalang sa iba.i came from a poor family pero di kami umasa sa iba, we work very hard sana yung iba ganun din ang mentality...sana.

Anonymous said...

the transient traveller...Lesley Mobo, and now, Josef Crisanto, and soon the industrial designer Stanley Ruiz, who has been reaping awards (check designboom) outside the Philippines. When will we ever recognize and take pride of fellow pinoys' talents HERE in the philippines.... haaaaay, when will we ever learn...
These highly creative designers should be given recognition by the President or kahit man lang local officials and organizations.Puro nalang kasi tayo PACQUIAO.i have nothing against this boxer but hey!hindi lang siya ang gumagawa ng pangalan sa sports.BTW,i'll check ADORA on weekends.I want to smooze and booze who frequent the store at Greenbelt.

sunny said...

I love Bryanboy's shirt.

Anyway, Adora might have purposely disregarded the local press mainly because they might loot the shop on opening day in exchange for media exposure. (giggles)

Anonymous said...

Thank the high lord for such astute fashion sense observations found among the people here. The last time i was in milan, i was aghast with how directionless fashion has become. There are no new distinct trends emerging, just sort of a lazy lets go back to the past and do something we havent seen lately sort of approach. Will new novel fabrics set the tone for the next trend? Anyone have thoughts on this? Toodle la loo!

tessa marie said...

well, for now adora has not even formally opened. there was only a soft launch last january 31, 2008. by the time the inauguration hits, plus the opening of the last section (ground floor of GB5, they call Global Edit), i'm sure they would want to get local media mileage.

in the latest society(? or was it preview? i'm not really into magazines, whether foreign or local) has an extensive feature on adora.

although we can't keep people from thinking adora is such a snooty store, i hope you grow to like it too. i'm a loyal tyler customer (now becoming loyal to stella luna as well) and i wish all the best to the company that runs adora, tyler and stella luna. :)