Friday, August 22, 2008



Today I am trapped at home by the howling winds and rain of HK typhoon signal 8 (which is equivalent to 3 in the Philippines but you know in HK, everything has to be MORE MORE MORE, HIGHER HIGHER HIGHER..including typhoon signals).

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Hardly---well, Gorrell is cute--but not me! That's why I have to hide underneath all that clothing and Gorrell is in a t-shirt!!
What can I say? We are just happy people...(cynical, analytical and bitchy but happy)

As classical dancer Isadora Duncan once said, "I am happy but not content."
This sort of summarizes the state Gorrell and I, and other bloggers too fabulous to name, are in.

Gorrell and I are not content for our own reasons which we discuss in our blogs and that is really OUR business as much as all other blogs have their own.

We originally did not want to address the existence of hate blogs thinking they have a right to express themselves and that the topics (us!) were really insignificant.

In fact, we didn't read them but our readers would send us material.

Also, I realize that opening a blog, like writing an opinion column, opens the blogger to criticism and he/she has to be prepared for that. Of which Brian and I have prepared with Crisco on our faces, double-layered Teflon and javelin rejects from the Olympics.

At first there was extortion. That was okay because I didn't know how to go to Western Union and I spent all my money at the sales. (EXTORTION, okay?? Not whistleblowing which means being cheated by DJ then telling the world!)

Then there was slander. Which was still okay because makapal naman ako and I don't deny my cattiness, bitchiness, negativity, ass-kicking, etc have made me lose the Ms Congeniality title...And I know people hate me for this and not because I'm beautiful....YUCK! hahahaha!!

Then there was even more slander towards members of my family but my dogs thought it was a strong bark but still not quite a bite.

So I just let it go.

There came death and kidnapping threats and posts to incite harrassment and violence. Okay---there is a time and place for this and it is in a Jerry Bruckheimer film, not in a blog against me and Gorrell.

So the Social Sheriff together with his posse (and truthfully, only 2 of mine because like me, my friends don't know anything beyond turning on the computer) call da blog pow-liz and the the blog is off cyberspace in about 12 hours, the same time it takes from HK to London! (No--we didn't go there to complain but we would have if the trip was FREE!!!! Like DJ and Celine would have done but not write about it)

Here's what I gathered from a forum when I googled about blogs being removed:
"If you're not getting any response from support, then they clearly donot want you blogging here. Blogs only get marked inactive when theyare doing something that staff disapprove of.My advice would be to forget about hosting your blog here and find agood web host that supports. Yes, that will cost money, butyou are less likely to have your blog vanish overnight withoutwarning."

So what is hate and negativity worth? Nothing, really. And you SHOULD KNOW if you are NOT WANTED. And you should know that if you don't spend your money on something tangible like shoes, it ain't worth it!!

Why has Gorrell's blog lasted despite threats of closure and libel? (Oh yes, and death, of course..)
Perhaps because there is A LOT OF TRUTH in it???

I wish I could do that porky photo he did on his blog but pictures are really not my forte.
Also, photoshop and re-touching are not my strengths unlike the guy in the photo who is more soft-focused than Barbra Streisand in Mirror has Two Faces.

It's a GAS and you will be AGHAST to know Gorrell has pulled the cheap bath mat from underneath the porker.

Sometimes it is not good to mess with people with a lot of patience who make time their friend. Having a following helps, too!
But being promised a modelling job by an unemployed stylist just will not cut the Margiela jacket right.....

Perhaps one should start trying to be a model citizen instead of trying to become a model considering one turned the Chika in Chikatime into chaka.


Mikki said...

What a loser! A week after the demise of Chikatime, though deeply saddened by such a loss, I forgot completely about hacker Bridge and fashion paper plate Jenni E. To pop up once again in the blogosphere via yourself and Brian for starting a slog is hilarious. I can't stop laughing. This guy is an even bigger hypocrite than he already is.

Throw cookies their way, hun. They are not worth our precious time. Checked, of course, with A. Lange & Sohne watch.

TONIanTONIo said...


SAY-IT-AS-IT-IS SPUNK...and more

I love you, beautiful, brave true-souls.

Go, Gorrell!
Go, (Kitty)Go!

This world needs people like you. Mwah.


Gina said...

That Bridge is bipolar.

joy said...


Gorrell is cute, and so are you.


Gina said...

can someone please tell shoppingera it is rayban w-a-y-f-a-r-e-r-s. not rayban wayferers!

dindin said...

nasusuka ako sa comments ni "ridge" about you and bryan. i will never visit his site again!!! nagsisisi ako! napaka-psychotic ng lolo mo... (very, very disturbing!!!)

ipagpatuloy lang ang pagpapakatotoo ha, miss kitty. i won't claim to be a kindred soul in the pursuit of truth and justice chuva chuva, though.

truth is, i don't care about the veracity of what you post here, really. i don't care. i just love the way you write because i am ENTERTAINED AND TICKLED. and that is more than enough reason to read your blog.


sankyu said...

Hello Kitty can you enlightened me about the BT thingy....nawala ko dun ahhh pero it seems that Brian is very mad at him aside from the ano ba nangyari talaga?? sorry it is not my business to know pero i am just curious............. kawawang bata batuta

Anonymous said...

Yeah we heard from my friends in HK it was signal #8 there... I miss chikkatime though.. :(

winner takes all said...

I MISS CHIKATIME!!!!!!!!!!!!