Saturday, August 2, 2008


Last time I checked, I was the author of this blog but I don't understand the relationship between Dr Jam and Blogger Brian.
(see cut n paste below)

I posted their comments...Why DID I??
(Who knows since I'm a terrible moderator having posted a lot of wrong things and deleted some others by mistake. I'll get it one day and by that time it will be too late because we'll be communicating telepathically)

I have received other comments also wondering about Dr Jam and Blogger Brian....
Someone's got some 'splainin' to do.

And this time it ain't gonna be me.

DrJam has left a new comment on your post " Look at the electrocuted Catwoman-looking Frenchw...":

Blogger Brian said...

Are you luurrrkkiinnggg here now Jam?
Locked out everywhere else mate?
I mean, talk about a confusing comment.
You need to get laid Jam!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008 10:01:00 AM HKT
hahaha!exactly the response I would expect from a 4th grader.That was why I pointed out the difference of writing styles between you and KG.if you can't stand criticism, get out of the kitchen!At least KG doesn't censor comments here like you do.Is that the only way you can make yourself look good?censorship?


sankyu said...

Maybe Dr. Jam is DJ? Just my assumption based on the Initials

redchick said...

drtard, part of sissy's gang. lurking here coz he cant get in brian's blog.. banned!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
DrJam said...

Blogger sankyu said...

Maybe Dr. Jam is DJ? Just my assumption based on the Initials

Saturday, August 2, 2008 6:27:00 PM HKT
hehe!give it another try.when u say ur assumption,could you be a maryknoller?

Twilight Zone said...

hmmm Sankyu, can you read my mind? lol

gp said...

Maybe Brian should explain.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
gp said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Brian said...

Its very simple peeps.
Dr. Jam (Spam) is a complete loser who is banned from not only my blog but others as well.
I'm tired of these no-hopers who have nothing better to do then question and harrass. He started a blog, but it failed miserably. Crash and burn. You need intelligence for a blog, and dr.Spam has NONE!And now he hates any blog that becomes successful. We banned him from my blog because I just got so tired of these losers tricking me with their words. He is a master at this art form of deception. He would write a nice comment in my blog, then go to others and rip me apart.
He was playing all the fields trying to BIG NOTE himself. Jam has a tiny penis as well. And we all know what that means....... don't we?
Dr.Spam is such a loser. When I saw him in Kittys blog, I HAD to say something.I feel the need to protect my favorite feline. He is like mold on cheese. Stinky and inevitable.
Jam, get a life. You suck and so DID your failed blog.You are banned forever from my blog you thimble full of ball sweat. I hope Kitty bans you too!!!!!!!
You should do everyone a favor mate and walk into the Manila Bay and just keep walking.

sankyu said...

Also to you Dr. Jam... I am not a Blogger coz I have not started my own blog..... understood??? or you are just stupid enough to make Your ASSUMPTION? are you from Holy Spirit?

Based on my analysis nakikiride on ka sa ibang blog para ma recognize ang blog mo... awww huwaaat a pitiy....

Anonymous said...

"Ahhh! It’s such a delightful, miasmic gallimaufry of friends and enemies here, a most welcome diversion from the boringdom found elsewhere amongst these irking Pinoy exotisistic blog concepts running hither and tither. Dibah? Suffice to say it affords one to step off his or her high pen for a tad and deal with the flipple-flap out of the mundane, random blogger types that seem to have infiltrated your blog. Kitty! Friend. Let us continue our sweet dance till the last tinkle of the high note has sounded, yes til the basist base note and the whistlest whistle have encompassed their range then our work is yet undone.

As for hoodwinkle, we are sufficiently parched venturing through his avenue as it has become quite cobble-stoned and heavily tread upon by halfwits, though he has served our purposes well. The fool. I have always longed to infuse my topics with a measured yet bile retrograding calm (the Manila 500, down with them all!) yet found our other home a tad cast in a deservedly unflatteringly light. No matter. We have a new home and will henceforth relegate his to mere vacation home status. Here's to accomplishing our hearts whim, yes? Carry on and fear not, your rather obsessive compatriot has arrived to hack, sway and parry with her high pen of might!

Let's not forget!

Four legs good, two legs baaad!
Four legs good, two legs baaad!
Four legs good, two legs baaad!