Saturday, August 2, 2008

ANIMAL RIGHTS (and our wrongs)

I DO NOT condemn meat eaters because that is their choice. Almost all my friends, except for my yoga teachers, are meat eaters. Like smokers, sun worshippers and alcoholics, I do not take their choice against them.

I have personally not eaten meat for about 25 years. Poultry and fish, SOMETIMES but I wish I didn't. Everyday I TRY not to eat poultry or fish and I can go for weeks without them such as now in France (surpise surprise in the land of tete d'veau and fois gras). I took a four-day workshop with JIvamukti founders David Life and Sharon Gannon and they really changed my life. Although I primarily practice ashtanga yoga, I make it a point to take classes with Jiva when I am in New York or London.

From them I have learned that being human is being humane enough not to take advantage of defenseless beings such as animals. We are only sharing the planet with them. In fact, we are just RENTING the space! Most of us subscribe to specicism where we humans think that everything else exists for our existence.
(Well, there ARE SOME who this everyone else EXISTS for THEM!)

Look at us now---food and oil shortages, disease because we are encroaching on animal life and putting them in enclosed spaces, pollution and other environmental damages....

I have no children but I know many of you do. What will they be left with?

Today I read a great column by Nicholas Kristof in the International Herald Tribune. I occasionally love to hate this guy especially on his patronizing attitude to issues of child labor and prostitution but this, I really enjoyed. (Apparently geese, like foxes but unlike humans, mate for life) Some key statements.

'The 150 geese knew that something dreadful was happening and would cower in a far corner of the barn, and run away in terror as I approached. Then I would grab one and carry it away as it screeched and struggled in my arms.
Very often, one goose would bravely step away from the panicked flock and walk tremulously toward me. It would be the mate of the one I had caught, male or female, and it would step right up to me, protesting pitifully. It would be frightened out of its wits, but still determined to stand with and comfort its lover........
So, yes, I eat meat (even, hesitantly, goose). But I draw the line at animals being raised in cruel conditions. The law punishes teenage boys who tie up and abuse a stray cat. So why allow industrialists to run factory farms that keep pigs almost all their lives in tiny pens that are barely bigger than they are?'

MEANWHILE---the Pinoy UN ambassador \Baja seems to be following Emily Lopez's footsteps in diplomacy

It was unclear whether, among the 42 cases, accountability office researchers included a lawsuit filed last month by a Filipino woman who accused her employer of luring her from the Philippines to the United States with false promises of help in finding work as a nurse.

In that case, the woman, Marichu Suarez Baoanan, 39, said her employer, Lauro Baja Jr., then an ambassador to the United Nations, and his wife had forced her instead to work more than 120 hours a week as a domestic servant in their townhouse, prevented her from leaving the house alone and paid her only $100 a month. A lawyer for the Bajas has denied the charges and said Baoanan was trying to use the case to secure a visa that would allow her to remain in the country.

Yan lang pow, ma'am at sir.....Anong drinks niyo?


Twilight Zone said...

Yay i wish i could do the same lol but i hate vegies and love meats but this time i guess i have/must start loving vegies.
Pork here found with steroid(maybe thats the reason why im getting too fat Argh!)
Chickens,they sell double dead even at the supermarket (i cant believe it and still dont believe it)
Fish looks ok,they sell fish here all fresh still at aquarium but im allergy in sea foods.
organic vegies might good but how to recognize organic?
What to eat? doesnt matter to me anymore lol, who wants to live forever anyway.

Hans said...

Kitty, this is your best blog so far. Your sister-in-law, who's my best friend in the old workplace (where they've got it all), used to laugh at me when I told her my reason for eating pork. Like you, I am a major dog lover and I respect their keen intelligence and sense of loyalty. Hence, I consider it equally barbaric to condone the slaughter and consumption of animals that are even brighter than canines - pigs. Stay well and keep on writing! - HRUM

Anonymous said...

I tried to avoid meat in the past 22years of my life but it didn't work OUT.I always crave for meat...meat...meat.I live with four friends(not to mention my boyfriend who loves to eat meat!)whose mantra in life was to eat a canned tuna and corned beef to the max!When i'm with relatives(adventist)we eat veetables 24hrs a day without batting an eyelash.Even my shakes would have to be carrot shake,tomato shake and all sorts of shakes!!!And then i go like a battered shake who can't make a fruit shake but can shake my booty ala beyonce.I'm a flamenco dancer by the way.hehehe

jade worldwide said...

The more I work on the bird flu issue, the more I am convinced that as people now are eating more meat - compared to say 30 years ago - when it was a once/twice a week staple- the more we are bringing diseases to ourselves with industrial methods of raising chickens, pigs.

I normally buy biological/free-range products though they're more expensive but they do taste better aside from , well, at least they ahd a good life before they were slaughtered.

However, i cannot refuse foie gras (I know, I know) on those once in a blue moon opportunities.

Fish? sad to say even salmon are now farmed and loaded with antibiotics...and how can you be assured salmon is really wild (and besides that's also contributing to dwindling numbers of wild salmons. And there's diwndling numbers of fish stocks all over the world.

Mundos said...

I admire your ideals but to quote Bono, "I'm not evolved enough to be a vegetarian."

Josh AviƱante said...

Oh my, is the tale about the geese real? I was so touched when I read it - that bird trying to save her mate or the least sqwaking sqwaks of encouragement. I could imagine him saying "Be brave my sweety, you are dying for a good cause. I will always love you! Sqwak!" It's funny but I am more inclined to feel compassion over a hungry street kitten over an annoying taxi driver. I know it's sinister but that is how I feel.

I'm not really a vegetarian but I do enjoy vegetables over meat. Bartenders at watering holes I frequent mistake me for being vegetarian.

25 years Ms. Kitty!? Oh my, I envy you haha!