Thursday, August 28, 2008

EXCEPT FOR (our love) CHIKATIME.....

All you anonymous bloggers are COWARDS!!!!

Perhaps you better start coming out of the moldy woodwork.....
by Richard Bernstein

Notable paragraphs.....
....But what the Internet and its cult of anonymity do is to provide a blanket sort of immunity for anybody who wants to say anything about anybody else, and it would be difficult in this sense to think of a more morally deformed exploitation of the concept of free speech....

....Anybody of course is entitled to say what he or she wants about a book, including one written by me. It's the anonymity that Amazon grants to its reader-reviewers that I objected to, on the grounds that anybody who wants to say something nasty about somebody else's work ought to have the little bit of bravery needed to say it under his or her name.....

While the cat is away...EAT UP!!!

MAMA KITTY JUST WANTS TO MAKE SURE THAT...yOu can reAd thiS cryPtic mssg.

Promise me that while I am away, you will eat your cereal which comes from MILLET. Only da best!

Might be like eating shit but fiber is good for you!

We have all you can drink milk. (Meeeow!!!)

When I get a liquor sponsor, we will have open bar with real alcohol.

Remember boys, girls and gheys...BE REALLY GOOD and in due time (since there is a time and place for everything), your curiosity will be rewarded by Papa Brian as he hinted today...tsk tsk...Tussling with Team Brian.

Of course curiosity killed the cat but not before she swallowed the canary.... Ay the granary...ay the millet...ay mali!!!

Have a glorious weekend and don't eat too much millet.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

CLASSIFIED - ads or information???






patience patience patience....all will be revealed in your neighborhood blog when you least expect it!!!
(Meaning MY FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD BLOG....and I don't have that many!!!)



Sa umaga, dispachadora, sa gabi ay bonggang bonga....

Sa Umaga editor siya, sa gabi ay...MURDERER!!!! wow bonnga!!
I kid you not, kids!!

WHAATT III DIIIDDD FOOR LLOOVVEE!!! what i did for love....
Past: a mobile number, a text issuing death threats to an editor and a writer
Present: same BAT-number, different message
Future: Do you think it's time to change your phone number?
Or your job??? Telemarketing perhaps? Or contract killer?
At least it's tax free!!

HUMP DAY!!!! or is it bump day?

We're SO SORRY!!!!! na walang picture ang entry because the topic is just TOO HORRIBLE!!

Before we start--WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED to the site??? From a fashion reporter's point of view, alam niyo ba na the 'logo' look is DEAD??

If you guys do that to me I want Lanvin logos, okay because that's my favourite brand.
I will send you an image to use...!!! Grabe!!! And baduy ng logo!

Papa Brian and I have been hiding a LOT of things from you readers this month....We are sorry but there has just been TOO MUCH action, too fabulous to mention and news too ugly to release right away so we have to do some research!! You know how fair and unbiased we are!!

We tell like like it is!!! Well, he does because I'm a coward! Have to hide in the closet.

I gotta tell ya, WE still have LOTS of dirt, skeletons, fur balls, old newspapers for recycling, plastic bottles to make into jewellery and soda cans for dog training in our beautiful, lavender scented Sex and the City closet.


At least, on my part.

In the last month, a few media personalities (few, lang..) have tried to 'reach out and touch someone'---ME!

Why now after two books and a third in the works?

Are they innit?
Are their children innit?
Is there a LOVE CHILD innit? More on that and ma vie later.
(BTW, I saw the Supremes exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and I highly recommend it. There is a cute LOVE CHILD T-shirt!!!)
Is there a corrupt but loser politician innit? Corrupt because he stole, loser because he didn't steal ENOUGH and now can never hold a government job.

Exciting, innit??? Sino sha? Sino sila? Sino itich??

On a personal note boys and girls, I should have told you but you didn't ask--about my life as an unloved daughter. Oh and also the car that my father made me ride with a hole on the floor while his mistress and kids were riding around in Ford Explorers. There's LOTS more where that came from....

But that's for book four. Right now we have barely finished book 3.....
Who is innit???

If you kids behave before Christmas, Papa Gorrell and Mama Kitty will give you all the news NOT FIT TO PRINT!!! NOT sugar-coated because sugar is SO BAD FOR YOU!!!

Merry Christmas!!
Don't forget the (Philippine) STAR above the Christmas tree!!!

Monday, August 25, 2008


Before I get to the mane event (because you'll start tearing your hair out with the stupidity of the Shoppingera), I got some 'splainin' to do. Some readers have been asking about why Gorrell and I are angry at certain individuals.

Gorrell is LIVID and there will be LOADS more, boys, gheys and girls!!
And you know when he gets angry, it gets uglier than Ridge's face and Dispachadora's haircut.

Look at it this way: Our blogs are like fashion shows where there is as much action on the blogs as there is 'backstage.'

So here is your backstage pass/exectuive summary for Brian Grazer so you can understand our feelings which we have been keeping from you all month!! Imagine--a WHOLE month of secrets!!!

After bragging and blogging about their achievement of shutting down Chikatime, Ridge Bradley and Annie Batungbacal decided to take on Gorrell and me via hateblogs that they put up specifically to insult us. (If I closed Chikatime I would be ASHAMED to face anyone let alone admit it!!)

At first, Gorrell and I decided to ignore them because they were simply hurling insults at us and threatening to 'expose' us. The only thing that will expose us is LED lighting.

In my case, the hateblogs were linked through comments which I foolishly allowed since I am a believer in free speech...Well, look what it got me. It was like allowing a cobra to latch onto my leg and feeding it a mouse everyday.

But then came extortion and inciting violence. (Did they really THINK I would pay money for something that didn't have a Lanvin label??)

SO we HAD to do something like turn the tables against them. Then it became CHAKAtime because not only did THINGS get ugly but Ridge and the shop girl ARE UGLY!!

Because they spent a WHOLE MONTH threatening to expose us but did not come up with anything that could send us closing our blogs, we decided to take matters into our own blogs.
Ok--so I'm a lesbian. Can I help it if my dogs are cute and cuddly??

Our allies in the cyber-playground were more than happy to cooperate having been bullied by these two who bullied our favourite Chikatime into closure.

Clearly, they do not have as many on their team as Brian and I do.

Well, maybe that is WHY they had to put up hate blogs.
To criticize, you have to have facts, not just empty threats and good and loyal moles to back you.
A sense of humor helps too...Which is what Chikatime had!!
They were going to reveal incriminating information about me and Brian.

Bring it on but I hate to disappoint the frog and his partner in fashion crime.

We got to the playground FIRST! And all the swings are occupied by OUR FRIENDS.

You cyber monkeys can always take the jungle gym.


The bRidge over Troubled Waters has gone a bRidge too far.
But it seems not far enough in his modelling career…
Just as far as fake names and phoney achievements.
Now he’s so busted, McNulty has to move him to a Panamanian jail.

But enough of him because he is a typical has-been that never had been, worse than a loser on Pinoy Big Brother.

Of course, it takes one to know one as you will see from this entry about the person who promised to launch his modelling career – (hahaha!)
The tricycle industry is looking for an image model.

This blog originally started as an accompaniment to my books. It STILL IS!!
But as all of us know, truth is more exciting than fiction, which my books and this blog were originally created for.

Technically, everything I say is fiction unless it is interpreted otherwise.
Usually by the guilty.
Sino sa inyo ang guilty???

The last time I brought myself to write poison prose against someone was when Alica Santos-Daniels TRIED (but obviously failed) to malign me through her column. That was way before blogs were the way to spread the good, the bad and the fuggly.

Now this…. I hope, like my next book, it’s gonna be my LAST because I hate having to fight with someone who has far less fashion sense and common sense than I do. It's humiliating. FOR ME!

I don’t want to name names unlike Papa Gorrell who boldly gives a name to everything including his plants. The Europhile in me believes people should socialize and speculate. Talk to each other at cafes! You guys better get out and gossip face to face more often!

Last I heard, Gorrell had a new hybrid of poison ivy called Mabuhay in honour of the people of the Philippines who screwed him (in more ways than front, back and over) BIG TIME!!!

In the BC days (before computers), I would never reply to hate mail. And boy did I get A LOT as a columnist and editor!

However, online, things seem different---especially if violent threats and extortion are involved. I also can’t stand ‘jologs Tagalog”---very un-chic and very bad for the evolution of our national language. But bakla-speak is always welcome even if I can’t understand the –itich- ‘codes.’ My brain is too slow.

As a rule, being a former career girl myself, I don’t like the idea of destroying people’s reputations which have a lot of bearing on their careers. I just FIRE them.

But this time I can’t.

So I fire prose.

Stupid, arrogant and ignorant advertising clients, creative directors, media buyers, PR people---- are you reading this??

If you’re not, lolokohin na naman kayo by those types like Tim Yap, Gretchen, Celine, etc…..

Then you’re REALLY gonna be folded, hung (up to dry) and all boxed up. In a McDo box. Lined in plains and prints.

I usually don’t talk about myself because I think OTHER PEOPLE and events are far more INTERESTING. I also prefer not to discuss my lifestyle unless I am promoting something like a book.

But this is an exception…..

Bitchiness and cattiness? Everyone knows I was born with a knife in my mouth and fire in my fingers.
Hated by my staff? It don’t matter to me, honey, as long as I gets the job done. You gets?
Sex? Done that. A lot.
Drugs? Done that. Enough to still remember the sex.
Lies? Who hasn’t done it? Let’s start with DJ and Ridge….
Video tape? I wish I HAD done that. Think of how much I’d be making today!

But one thing I NEVER did was ride on other people’s coat tails. In fact, I LEFT the Philippines so I could never be accused of that. And sure enough---before Sex and the City had a script, I was already living that life. That’s why I find the show so corny.

Why go back to my old life?? It was good then but I think I have it better now.

I do not latch on to other blogs with higher traffic to promote my sad blog plastered with press releases and window shopping. Nor do I latch on to other blogs with the aim to destroy them.

I also do not latch on as stylist to some movie star and charge a client 350,000 pesos to put the girl in a white shirt and jeans!! That’s my maid’s ‘going to the grocery’ uniform! (But no jeans allowed under my watch—only chinos or twill. And it’s all black in the winter and all white in the summer if you want to know)

And who is this IJOT client, may I ask? Perhaps I can write you a press release at 200 USD a word….??? Email me at this blog. Would be a great pleasure.

I hope this stylist still has some of that money because she’s REALLY gonna need it.

Not all is lost because there are options……Look on the bright side!! Think positive if your career is heading negative!!

Well, there is always the Inquirer but they ain’t payin’ you no 350,000 pesos. Maybe 3500 a story WITH pictures pa!! Like her husband’s work, perhaps?
At the STAR you might have to work for freebies. Or you can charge per sq inch like your editor.
OR she could work at any of the glossy magazines. If they have the readership they all CLAIM, perhaps she can establish a following as big and loyal as Gorrell’s.

That’s IT! Why not have your own ideas and your own angle like Gorrell….???
(The RIGHT angle??)

Shame…He was just brave and angry enough to think of it first!
That’s what you get if you don’t take a stand!!

Oh by the way, speaking of standing on your two feet, have you received your gladiator sandals yet?
Because they are now so out you have to bury them (like your career) for aliens to unearth light years from now.

I hate to tell you, I just came back from London where I had a major shopping spree at Rupert Sanderson.

But then again, you wouldn’t know such an esoteric brand because you didn’t even know Nancy Gonzalez when her name first came up. And you spelled Wayfarers wrong.

Of course I’ve nevah been a low-brow Jimmy Choo wearing woman datchoo are…..

And you call yourself a stylist??? Of what? Dead people??

I wouldn’t even let you style my sock drawer!

You know how things come full circle? I have another career suggestion for you.
Go back to where you came from as a dispachadora as our Chikatime friends used to call you.

Is that why you had them closed? Poor things. They had a good concept, too.

Are you going to try closing down every blog with a strong following??

WHAT?? Have the cheap dispachadora shops selling Italian clothes from China closed??? NHOO>>…..But what about the Paniki mentor??? Can he help?

There is always McDonald’s in a foreign country if you are too ashamed to ‘work it’ in Manila. After all, you have the husband and the passport unlike poor lil’ ol’ moi who still has a Pinoy passport!

A word of advice from coffee to cocktails: I don’t think you can be a barista sa America because Starbucks is closing 600 stores. Bartender, pwede….

Then you better see an agency…such as Why Not??? Why not? It’s better than a travel agency!

Okay kids…Talking about travel agencies…..
I’m going to be gone for a few days so no posts until early September because I am not hi-tech. Travelling NOT FOR FREE, you see.
When I get back, even if I am paying for this trip, I will give you a full report if there is anything exciting like Colin Firth winking at me.

NOT LIKE SOME people who take free trips and don’t report on them and get banned by the Singapore Tourism Board!!!

Meanwhile, stay cool and stay out of trouble.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

THE PHILIPPINES' NEXT MODEL... of crimes to the fashion business

On Monday afternoon, if I have time, I will be posting hilarious and incriminating information (well, may-be also insulting) about one of the country's self-proclaimed famous stylists of questionable fashion provenance.

What am I saying? QUESTIONABLE PROVENANCE. Period.

Until tomorrow...Mabuhay! (ay Baboosh pala!!!)

Friday, August 22, 2008



Today I am trapped at home by the howling winds and rain of HK typhoon signal 8 (which is equivalent to 3 in the Philippines but you know in HK, everything has to be MORE MORE MORE, HIGHER HIGHER HIGHER..including typhoon signals).

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Hardly---well, Gorrell is cute--but not me! That's why I have to hide underneath all that clothing and Gorrell is in a t-shirt!!
What can I say? We are just happy people...(cynical, analytical and bitchy but happy)

As classical dancer Isadora Duncan once said, "I am happy but not content."
This sort of summarizes the state Gorrell and I, and other bloggers too fabulous to name, are in.

Gorrell and I are not content for our own reasons which we discuss in our blogs and that is really OUR business as much as all other blogs have their own.

We originally did not want to address the existence of hate blogs thinking they have a right to express themselves and that the topics (us!) were really insignificant.

In fact, we didn't read them but our readers would send us material.

Also, I realize that opening a blog, like writing an opinion column, opens the blogger to criticism and he/she has to be prepared for that. Of which Brian and I have prepared with Crisco on our faces, double-layered Teflon and javelin rejects from the Olympics.

At first there was extortion. That was okay because I didn't know how to go to Western Union and I spent all my money at the sales. (EXTORTION, okay?? Not whistleblowing which means being cheated by DJ then telling the world!)

Then there was slander. Which was still okay because makapal naman ako and I don't deny my cattiness, bitchiness, negativity, ass-kicking, etc have made me lose the Ms Congeniality title...And I know people hate me for this and not because I'm beautiful....YUCK! hahahaha!!

Then there was even more slander towards members of my family but my dogs thought it was a strong bark but still not quite a bite.

So I just let it go.

There came death and kidnapping threats and posts to incite harrassment and violence. Okay---there is a time and place for this and it is in a Jerry Bruckheimer film, not in a blog against me and Gorrell.

So the Social Sheriff together with his posse (and truthfully, only 2 of mine because like me, my friends don't know anything beyond turning on the computer) call da blog pow-liz and the the blog is off cyberspace in about 12 hours, the same time it takes from HK to London! (No--we didn't go there to complain but we would have if the trip was FREE!!!! Like DJ and Celine would have done but not write about it)

Here's what I gathered from a forum when I googled about blogs being removed:
"If you're not getting any response from support, then they clearly donot want you blogging here. Blogs only get marked inactive when theyare doing something that staff disapprove of.My advice would be to forget about hosting your blog here and find agood web host that supports. Yes, that will cost money, butyou are less likely to have your blog vanish overnight withoutwarning."

So what is hate and negativity worth? Nothing, really. And you SHOULD KNOW if you are NOT WANTED. And you should know that if you don't spend your money on something tangible like shoes, it ain't worth it!!

Why has Gorrell's blog lasted despite threats of closure and libel? (Oh yes, and death, of course..)
Perhaps because there is A LOT OF TRUTH in it???

I wish I could do that porky photo he did on his blog but pictures are really not my forte.
Also, photoshop and re-touching are not my strengths unlike the guy in the photo who is more soft-focused than Barbra Streisand in Mirror has Two Faces.

It's a GAS and you will be AGHAST to know Gorrell has pulled the cheap bath mat from underneath the porker.

Sometimes it is not good to mess with people with a lot of patience who make time their friend. Having a following helps, too!
But being promised a modelling job by an unemployed stylist just will not cut the Margiela jacket right.....

Perhaps one should start trying to be a model citizen instead of trying to become a model considering one turned the Chika in Chikatime into chaka.

Monday, August 18, 2008

LEARNING THE HARD WAY...and not very much, I'm afraid!

This is the story that came out today in the Education supplement of the Inquirer.

The second link is the front page image with the story's teaser on the left-hand side.

O--open for business na si Gorrell, hokay?? It's a real cool psychedelic site!
Perfect for the psychos he's gonna nail!!

Maybe I should make my site invisible like what some of my characters will want to be.

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Gorrell announced on his blog that he was closing for a short time for 'maintenance' because he has over 500 posts.
Of course, I don't know what maintenance means because I never had to do it seeing as my ENTIRE blog should be completely torn down and remodelled by Kelly Wearstler or Nicky Haslam if I had the money.

Friday, August 15, 2008

JAZZ ASKING the Supremes.....

I hope this comes out unlike the other posts I didn't know how to load or got removed.....(I think I'm not meant for photos)

Anyway, it is a photo of Dita von Teese holding up a card that says "I Love Supreme."

It comes at a time when a) the stripper and ex-Mrs Marilyn Manson requested through her manager that all her online photos taken in her gig in Manila be taken off cyber space (I wonder what Ari Gold would have told her if HE was her manager?? Mike Ovitz? Ed Limato? Frankly I don't care whether this photo is official, stolen, Joey de Leon in drag or a signed fan photo rpinted at Kinko's) and MORE IMPORTANTLY b) Bryan 'Ghey" Boy has made "I Love Bryan Boy" his blog signature where everyone from Marc "Mangkukulam" Jacobs to chubby Mickey ??(from NYC's Paper magazine)to every emaciated INTERNATIONAL model in the world has held up every kind of paper from toilet paper to A4 used as a placemat.


Couldn't they have used PERSONALIZED stationery?? Or paper stolen from a hotel?

Have they not only run out of endorsements (writing skills we knew went out the door as soon as they learned to write on sand) but also IDEAS???

Nagtatanong lang pow.....

And now I leave you these tunes for your weekend Karaoke.....

Ain't no mountain high enough...
Ain't no river wide enough....
To Keep Me Copying YOOOUUUUU!!!!!

Do you know where to copy from?
Do you like the things that Bryan Boy is showing you???
Do you KNOOOWWW!!!??????

Thursday, August 14, 2008


....That's the title for book 3 with the old favourites we love to heckle and new ones we're REALLY GONNA love to hate!! But at least we will get laughs out of everyone. AT everyone!!

Who really does give a chic, anyway?

Certainly NOT when you own this Fendi FW 08 pram swathed in white mink. (Also reversible into blindingly bling silver Kevlar of some sort)Price is available upon request and you know what that means. If you have to ask, then you can't afford it.

There was a less expensive version at the show made in quilted navy wool flannel or felt (I couldn't see from where I was) with white embroidery. I don't know if it's for sale but it's just what little Sammy needs since we are in the market for a pram, with Sammy being too old and feeble for long, arduous walks.

I'm sorry I have to move the release of the book to early 2009 because as it is until January 2009, I will not be in one place for more than a week or so. If I was more hi-tech, I would probably be able to do it but seeing as I thought BlueTooth was the name of a new restaurant, you know that I am still is the -3G tech level.


Saturday, August 9, 2008


(HOKAY---I gather the visuals do not work--as usual---I guess I forgot how I did it last time!!!)

I should have blogged about this before but then of course I didn't know the links.
CX has a brilliant new TV ad campaign that has the tone of a movie. Well, it WAS MADE by MOVIE DIRECTORS!
Who woulda thunk?

And the biggest and best news is T5, British Airways' exclusive terminal in Heathrow.

Even if BA had lost my luggage in the past, I cannot say enough good things about the new airport. (of course, they had their gliches at the beginning but who didn't? Even HK had tons of problems at the beginning)

From the entrance and carport, the airport already does not look like an airport but more like a mall or gigantic, futuristic hotel. At the height of summer holidays it was as quiet as a church.

Customs did not look like a dreary, grey counter with sour-looking civil servants bored with their jobs but colorful and lively, more like a McDonald's take out counter.

AND the BATHROOMS!! The airport loos have 'dark wood' doors and done beautifully in the style of Roponggi Hills. It's like someone saw the RH loos and said, 'Let's do that for T5."

The BA LOUNGES top every lounge I have been in. It is decorated like a boutique hotel with spacious jet/spa showers (equipped with Elemis products, toothbrushes, shaving sets, moisturizers, etc) and an Elemis spa where they not only do massage and facials but you also walk away with samples...Un-be-fuckin-believable!!

The Osborne and Little upholstery says it all and the food is equally great. I love the salad bar with cold pastas, fruit and greens. There are also hot pasta, soup and sandwich stations. There is also a full bar and wine bar with about 6 selections of reds and whites. First Class has free Moet!

I think it will be VERY DIFFICULT to top this terminal.

The only thing is, the shopping sucks (although there will soon be Blink, a waxing/threading/nails service). Lots of jewelery shops (supposedly catering to guilty husbands who fooled around on business trips) and mainstream brands (the only good ones are Smythson's, Paul Smith), although the Harrod's there is laid out like an American department store where it practically blends into the terminal.

Terminal 4 (where you used to go for BA continental flights) is a terrible airport but the shopping is great---Chanel, Agent Provocateur, LK Bennett, Smythson's, Pink's, Mulberry, Bally, Paul Smith, etc...

As you can see, I got a bigger kick out of transiting than my holiday itself...
NOT that my holiday wasn't great!

Monday, August 4, 2008


THIS WEEK'S ENCOURAGUNG COMMENT COMES FROM TWILIGHT ZONE, who will win a gift pack of canned goods from Argentian Corned Beef (go ask for it from Boy Abunda!)

"...minsan naman we need a break diba? we are working very hard here abroad so hindi naman siguro nakaka guilty kung minsan i-treat naman natin yung sarili natin for a lil' shopping and a lil' cocktail in a bar kasi minsan kung iisipin mo na marami naghihirap tapos tayo nageenjoy dito unfair naman yung titipirin natin yung sarili natin dahil lang sa feeling guilty tayo dahil we spent money in one day na actually gastos na ng isang family for a month sa Pinas, parang di naman yata fair diba?"

That is SO RIGHT. People who work abroad will miss home and for all the hard work, they DESERVE to spend something on themselves. Expenses and standards of living are relative because quality (and the quantity you need to live there) of life varies from country to country. So a drink in Tokyo could be a month's rent in 'Pinas or a drugstore umbrella in London could be dinner for a week.

" e opinion ko lang naman im not trying to argue here just trying to justify naman yung minsan gumagastos tayo talaga for ourselves just to have a break. sometimes our olds tell the kids "why are you wasting food? Don't you know that many people out there are starving?" Parang nalilito yung bata na parang di sila maka relate,kasi minsan naman yung pagiging mahirap nung iba ginagawa nalang nilang excuse para sila lalong maging tamad at umasa nalang sa iba.i came from a poor family pero di kami umasa sa iba, we work very hard sana yung iba ganun din ang mentality...sana."

I also grew up in a home where we were not allowed to waste food and only allowed to eat what was given to us. WE couldn't just buy or ask for whatever we wanted to eat, wear, go to, etc....In other words, walang special order -special order. One big rule at home was NEVER to ask the maids to SERVE you water or ask them to TURN off the lights, TV, etc...YOU DO IT YOURSELF!!

It is always good to hear a 'success' story, no matter what degree , from someone who has done well and more so, does not take his good fortune for granted. (UNlike MANY people we know, number one na diyan si DJ!!)

HOkay--yan lang pow, I will be out of commission very likely for the next week because I will be in a big (old) European city where I will not have easy access to internet. But is is more likely because I am very low-tech and not wired. I can be in Silicone Valley and not be able to access internet.

But what can happen in a week, right??? hahahaha!!

Saturday, August 2, 2008


Last time I checked, I was the author of this blog but I don't understand the relationship between Dr Jam and Blogger Brian.
(see cut n paste below)

I posted their comments...Why DID I??
(Who knows since I'm a terrible moderator having posted a lot of wrong things and deleted some others by mistake. I'll get it one day and by that time it will be too late because we'll be communicating telepathically)

I have received other comments also wondering about Dr Jam and Blogger Brian....
Someone's got some 'splainin' to do.

And this time it ain't gonna be me.

DrJam has left a new comment on your post " Look at the electrocuted Catwoman-looking Frenchw...":

Blogger Brian said...

Are you luurrrkkiinnggg here now Jam?
Locked out everywhere else mate?
I mean, talk about a confusing comment.
You need to get laid Jam!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008 10:01:00 AM HKT
hahaha!exactly the response I would expect from a 4th grader.That was why I pointed out the difference of writing styles between you and KG.if you can't stand criticism, get out of the kitchen!At least KG doesn't censor comments here like you do.Is that the only way you can make yourself look good?censorship?

ANIMAL RIGHTS (and our wrongs)

I DO NOT condemn meat eaters because that is their choice. Almost all my friends, except for my yoga teachers, are meat eaters. Like smokers, sun worshippers and alcoholics, I do not take their choice against them.

I have personally not eaten meat for about 25 years. Poultry and fish, SOMETIMES but I wish I didn't. Everyday I TRY not to eat poultry or fish and I can go for weeks without them such as now in France (surpise surprise in the land of tete d'veau and fois gras). I took a four-day workshop with JIvamukti founders David Life and Sharon Gannon and they really changed my life. Although I primarily practice ashtanga yoga, I make it a point to take classes with Jiva when I am in New York or London.

From them I have learned that being human is being humane enough not to take advantage of defenseless beings such as animals. We are only sharing the planet with them. In fact, we are just RENTING the space! Most of us subscribe to specicism where we humans think that everything else exists for our existence.
(Well, there ARE SOME who this everyone else EXISTS for THEM!)

Look at us now---food and oil shortages, disease because we are encroaching on animal life and putting them in enclosed spaces, pollution and other environmental damages....

I have no children but I know many of you do. What will they be left with?

Today I read a great column by Nicholas Kristof in the International Herald Tribune. I occasionally love to hate this guy especially on his patronizing attitude to issues of child labor and prostitution but this, I really enjoyed. (Apparently geese, like foxes but unlike humans, mate for life) Some key statements.

'The 150 geese knew that something dreadful was happening and would cower in a far corner of the barn, and run away in terror as I approached. Then I would grab one and carry it away as it screeched and struggled in my arms.
Very often, one goose would bravely step away from the panicked flock and walk tremulously toward me. It would be the mate of the one I had caught, male or female, and it would step right up to me, protesting pitifully. It would be frightened out of its wits, but still determined to stand with and comfort its lover........
So, yes, I eat meat (even, hesitantly, goose). But I draw the line at animals being raised in cruel conditions. The law punishes teenage boys who tie up and abuse a stray cat. So why allow industrialists to run factory farms that keep pigs almost all their lives in tiny pens that are barely bigger than they are?'

MEANWHILE---the Pinoy UN ambassador \Baja seems to be following Emily Lopez's footsteps in diplomacy

It was unclear whether, among the 42 cases, accountability office researchers included a lawsuit filed last month by a Filipino woman who accused her employer of luring her from the Philippines to the United States with false promises of help in finding work as a nurse.

In that case, the woman, Marichu Suarez Baoanan, 39, said her employer, Lauro Baja Jr., then an ambassador to the United Nations, and his wife had forced her instead to work more than 120 hours a week as a domestic servant in their townhouse, prevented her from leaving the house alone and paid her only $100 a month. A lawyer for the Bajas has denied the charges and said Baoanan was trying to use the case to secure a visa that would allow her to remain in the country.

Yan lang pow, ma'am at sir.....Anong drinks niyo?

Friday, August 1, 2008

FASHION PHILISTINES of the Philippines

May I just say something that has nothing to do with professional jealousy or sour grapes but what I feel is the reflection of why the Philippines, despite desperately seeking style acceptance, has been the 'child left behind?'

FIRST--let us start on a POSITIVE note since I am already KNOWN for my NEGATIVITY--but someone's GOTTA DO IT!!
I would like to CONGRATULATE fellow blogger MIZ BRYAN 'GHEY' BOY for all the publicity he has received --WWD, Elle.Com, Vogue Italia (ay TEEN VOGUE pala!!) , Straits Times, Ming Pao, etc...but the most quantitative thing he has done so far was make recommendations to Luisa Via Roma in Florence. In return for his support (since they have seen the numbers!), the shop has given him a drop dead fabulous Lanvin t-shirt (with a BOW OF COURSE!) ---se photos---that he has lusted after since the day he tied a bow on his hips (his signature looked picked up by the Marc Jacobs ad campaign this season)
OK--now for the negative part that you have ALL BEEN WAITING FOR...The shop Adora in Greenbelt 5 invited all these foreign journos (who Im sure are VERY NICE and QUALIFIED) obviously angling for a feature but why didn't they look in their Pinoy backyard with the chickens and the carabaos such as in Luisa Via Roma spotted him from another continent.
Why couldn't we in this town? BB is only a taxi or jeepney ride away, not an A380 20,000 miles business class ticket.
Which brings me to the following bitchy comments:
1) I am reminded of the time that a Cosmo Philippines editor asked me why Chinese press get all the best treatment in regional press junkettes. (It's true that's why I always sign up as Taiwan press bec they get to go to the best restaurants!) Apparently SOMEONE has NEVER LEFT DA BUILDING to know that the dominant market not only in this region but in the world, is China.
On a press trip to China for Cartier, Alicia Santos-Daniels ACTUALLY ASKED why the press briefings were in Chinese...Did she check the ground she was standing on???
3) I hope I am wrong--and PLEASE TELL ME I AM WRONG--but why did Adora have to invite WESTERN (and Japanese whose economy has not grown in 10 yrs and in fact are now cultivating inbound tourism)press and not regional press since a) what Adora stocks can be found everywhere else in the free world, b) who will fly from NY or Milan to shop in a store that has their same stuff? c) the region is awash with cash and lots of flights--China, SG, HK, Malaysia--they are all looking for a novel idea (which Adora is for this part of the world but not the rest of the free world). Asians love shopping and in cities like HK and SG, a 'weekend away' means going to ANOTHER COUNTRY which COULD BE the Philippines if we really tried.
And now for the bitchy question: Sino ba ang PR nila???
4) Which brings me to the news of the world:
The Nineteenth Century was the British Century
The Twentieth Century was the American Century and
The Twenty-first Century is, Im sorry to tell you, the Chekua Century.
BUT LADIES--everyone will get their ONe Century of fame, okay? When ours will be, I can't tell you. You better ask Madame Auring and Victor Wood.

Yan lang pow....
AY by the way pala, let me leave you with the followin quotes which put me in good company:
'If you can't annoy somebody, there's little point in writing'
-author Kingsley Amis
'The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.'
-designer Coco Chanel

Also, PS, Oriellini is right--no more fighting in the comments page (although it is flattering to be defended by my readers)

Sige--I have to get to the 'real bottom' of Raissa Molina and her ugly feet. Her 'other bottom' has already been liposuctioned into a can of Baguio oil.