Thursday, July 17, 2008


This week, aside from my many duties of cleaning, cooking, grocery shopping and driving, I am watching the UK TV series 'The Whistleblowers.' Non Non NO NHO NYET!! THis is not the TV show about Gorrell and me (but we are waiting for Brain Grazer and Ed Burns to call...hahaha!)
'The Whistleblower' is a co-production by--- I-forgot--maybe Caravan Entertainment--with BBC America. It's a great series about two lawyers who quit their jobs to work as whistleblowers. The male lead seems to be a Dominic West (of 'The Wire) 'the younger'--same look, same hair, same dress sense (well, a little better). The Eurasian girl he stars with is probably the best dressed sleuth since Charlie's Angels----and she has great hair!!! She's as dark and brooding as they are bubbly.
Lots of sleuthing and 'research' (legal and otherwise), tons of consipiracy theories and even more chances for you to question your school, your government, your hospitals, your life...
But THEN when you watch this on TV you will realize---HEY! That's VERY NORMAL.
THERE is absolutely no question about it.
It the Philippines.
Corrupt immigration officers, torture in the name of security, kidnapping, bribery, schools that don't care about kids, gazillions of people who have to compromise...
As Tom Jones sang 'It's not unusual...'
Speaking of whistleblowers, is the OTHER more daring whistleblower Social Sherrif Gorrell, on a fag-blog roll or what?
Everyone must be scared shitless...writing to him pleading to be kept out of the blog, asking their friends to talk to him, asking other bloggers to talk to him, or even TALKING TO HIM THEMSELVES !!!!!
Why do control-PR even before Chic Happens???
as your friendly cyberhood busy body, I would be CURIOUS!!!
I personally am so scared he's going to find out I didn't brush my teeth last night!!
AND slept with my contact lenses on!! AND slept with my husband!! tsk tsk
It's about time someone said something about the abuse of models by agents. Jokey DingDong is not the first and he is probably not the worst but he's bad enough.
I hope this whistleblower has a day job because it might be hard to get modelling gigs once someone from the industry (the cottage industry of spinning lies and generating abuse??) goes against an agent.
Although I wouldn't exactly put him in the Mike Ovitz/Ari Gold/Ed Limato caliber....hokay??
I think people have to realize that there are other jobs aside from showbiz, modelling, drug dealing, contact killing, etc. that will earn you a considerable amount of money.
I am secretly hoping that CC's complaint will get him somewhere or at least create a change in the modelling/agenting business.
About time SOMEONE said SOMETHING!!!
It's sad but true that we never take action for anything unless it affects us.

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