Sunday, July 6, 2008


or in English slang, 'frenemies..."
My, my girls and gheys!! Just as I thought it was safe for me to go into the water in my Eres bikini, we find out that the waters are not only filled with algae but with bullshit!!
So I had to retreat! Retreat! Retreat back to the beach house in my Allegra Hicks cover-up while clutching my Jack Rogers sandals!
JOS KO!! With all that happened this week, I am looking forward to my working vacation next week where I will begin writing my much dreaded book three whose working title is......(as morning AM radio DJ Deo Macalma would say)....SA SUSUNOD NA!!
Believe me, I dread writing it as much as the people in the book will dread reading it!!!!
Heinous-way, didn't you kiddies think that last week was such a roller-coaster on the Pinoy-centered blogosphere that Arianna Huffington could only wish she had that much action on her blog?
Okay--let me put the movie together for Mario J. delos Reyes
Act 1: Gorrell goes on a much needed vacation
(meanwhile, his blog rages on about issues concerning Tim Yap and Jenni Epperson being rude to another Pinoy girl)
Act 2: (simultaneous so maybe we might need 2 cameras)
camera 1: Mabuhay Shoppingera comes out of the Claude Montana shoulder pad look and declares that she will expose the identities of Chikatime editors and their credit card information!!! (OH NO!!!) ---- theme from The Omen
camera 2 (this better be the one in technicolor, digital with photoshop!!) : Chikatime goes off the blogosphere and gives 'only by invitation' notice
ACT 3: PANIC IN THE DISCO!!! (Read: the blogosphere not Louie Y's clubs and certainly NOT Embassy!! )
(you can just steal footage from War of the Worlds not including the monster or Outbreak including the monkeys)
Act 4: All my media--phone, internet, wrinkled fez---are inundated with questions about Chikatime and if I could possibly intercede for them like Padre Pio does with God...
First of all, if I ain't granted a sainthood or a knighthood, I ain't lifting a finger.
(btw, direk, I have chosen Weng Weng to play me or Pee Wee Herman for international release)
Act 5: Chikatime CLOSES for REAL (but i am still secretly hoping they will sprout again like weeds or white hair)
Supposedly someone ratted to the NBI about their cybercrime of 'libel' but who knows for sure!!!
(More on my theories this week when I have more time to formulate lies or better yet, FIND OUT about the LIES!)
FINAL ACT: Mabuhay Shoppingera explains herself in her blog in response to Gorrell's blog (which is really no concern of mine because it is between them and the world, but you guys go ahead and read it). And Gorrell declares one word:
MY QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Am I the last bitch standing? WHHEELL! It's not like I'm not used to it....It's just that I have know....get my claws sharpened at Hortaleza. Only Padre Pio knows how long THAT will take!!
MEANWHILE in thickness (all our brains) and in stealth, something from Asia has filtered into international media .. NO, no, no... I am not talking about Kung Fu Panda!!!
While we were looking for Chikatime the way we look for the perfect jacket or a cocaine fix in Singapore....
Our very own Bryan Boy who is already a big name in cyberspace and among niche traditional publications received his beautiful BB bag --ostrich, no less---from none other than Marc 'Mangkukulam" Jacobs, THE MJ of MJ and LV!
BB may be the inspiration behind the bag and behind the ads currently being ran in a glossy near you. Just open that magazine next to you in the beauty shop, ijot!
(see photos above from his website laid out next to the current ad campaign--SAY NIYO??)
But for me, the dedicated follower of fashion--well, becasue it's my job, okay!!
The bigger story was from WWD (see clipping) where they published a very cute photo AND story of Bryan Boy and the BB bag but did not put a photo of Neiman-Marcus honcho Burt Tansky receiving some European Award. Meanwhile, the BB news brief came ahead of Diane von Furstenberg's 'nanny memo' to the CFDA about tardiness of shows at NY Fashion Week...
(this is a fault Mangkukulam Jacobs has been known for!) But this is no concern of yours kasi hindi naman kayo invited!
QUESTION #2: DA WHO is this Richard Gutierrez who took the Tim-onyo to church?
What is the difference between him and Richard Gomez aside from name and body type?
Yan lang pow....


Bryanboy said...


btw... MJ also lifted my 'pose' for the LV campaign!


(sorry pero i dont like monogramouflage)

this is getting wayyy too freaky!!

jade worldwide said...

"......someone ratted to the NBI about their cybercrime of 'libel'....."

NBI? What do they know about solving cybercrime? My gulay! I wouldn't be intimidated by them...I did have a chance to work with them upclose one time...and it ain't CSI , nor did they follow the minimum protocols for exhumation.

hope said...

leaving a comment as a daily follower of your site...

DO NOT BACK DOWN! remember what i said of having the luxury of giving the GG the middle finger because of who you are... just remember that.


T.J.B said...

bryanboy, im sorry but i have to be horrifyingly honest and straight forward. i actually hate the bryanboy bag. it looks stale and passe. if chikatime says it looks like chickenpox, be happy. i think its kulugo bag paired with kulugo shoes. but then, to each his own. i know its your favorite. but what about fendi? most of sex and the city's episodes show them carrying fendi purses...

anyhoot, my gay mother kitty, the only reason the nbi is hitting on chikatime is because well, a girl named k.t.w told me that someone is paying the police big money to actually get them. someone like i dont know, some who owns bars? restos? oooohhhhh. well, another clue, when tim said he owned part of embassy, i think what he meant was he is working for the owner of embassy who happens ot own a lot more... ohhhhh... something to that effect.

andy said...


i love kitty...

yes.. i dunno what happened to "the gorella" ...i dnt like it that hes on the shopingera side..

well chikatime people exposed his dj montano thing ... before he decided to create his shopingera is bragging how she ..single handedly blackmailed the chikatime people..

wow jenni..well u can add that to ur resume... really.. what an achievement to mankind..

fried-neurons said...

Sweetie... "schadenfreude" doesn't mean frenemies.

schadenfreude - taking delight at the misfortune of others.

Leave it to the Germans to have a word for that. Haha.

jinny_chu said...

Hi Ms. Kitty Go,

I kept thinking about you. You're "the last taray standing." I really admire you. You are consistent. Hindi mabibili or something. Ika nga, ikaw ang aking batayan ng isang class na mayaman. I'm not rich, just an ordinary person. While mowing our lawn last Sunday, I just thought of you and told myself that sa lahat ng mga sosyal, si Kitty Go lang ang hindi takot maging "bakya" or I mean "cowboy." Walang kiyeme sa katawan. You can obviously tell who are rich and not. The classy rich are quiet. They are proper. Very well said ni Raul Manzano. That's all! Kung ako man ay mag social climb for the first eh pipili na ko ng mayaman. Si Kitty Go lang. LoL.

(P.S. Ms Go, ok na po sa akin ang freeng libro nyo with signature. joke lang po).

Anonymous said...

i'm DEVASTATED about chikatime's demise. i can't believe they're permanently gone from cyberspace!! that site is very funny. most people i know including myself don't take it too seriously. kaya nga tsismis eh. it's cheap and trashy but it's gossip.

RIP Chikatime

jade worldwide said...

"si Kitty Go lang ang hindi takot maging "bakya" or I mean "cowboy." Walang kiyeme sa katawan. "

I second the motion....pwede na tayong magtayo ng Kitty Go fan club. Ordinary peeps din po ako, plus baka sampalin ako ng mga katrabaho ko at beneficiaries namin if I start using those designer stuff..okey lang sa akin iyong iba to have them as long as iyong ipinambili hindi ninakaw sa taong-bayan at walang na-agrabyado.

Kis0flife said...

LOL you're a hoot!

japilyn said...

Tsk, Tsk, Nakakalungkot talaga ang pagsasara ng Chikatime. Why can't the people behind its closure learn from the other subjects of the article na hindi naman pikon. The moment they made balandra their faces in the net, newspapers, tv shows, they voluntarily made themselves public figures noh.
Pero mas nakakalungkot kung totoo ngang tinakot sila para magsara. I just hope that they (the people behind Chikatime) are all safe and okay now.

Jean said...

Eww....Tim Yap looks like my bisexual bipolar xhusband!!!!!!!!!ewwww.........talaga!

Miss Kitty, love your site!

Anonymous said...

someone like i dont know, some who owns bars? restos? oooohhhhh. well, another clue, when tim said he owned part of embassy, i think what he meant was he is working for the owner of embassy who happens ot own a lot more


I hope you're not referring to the same Chinese guy I'm thinking of. He seems so nice.