Friday, July 11, 2008


MY MY MY...the moles are up and about today like the week has no end in sight.

I have no news simply because I am expecting a lot more news to come my way in the next week. I am SURPRISED---SHOCKED and AWED---at the number of moles digging around society this week and ruining garden parties!

Come to think of it, we have not had a quiet week since I started this blog.

I THINK the third book is going to turn out swell!! But I shouldn't speak too soon since I haven't even written my name.

The last two weeks saw me terrified that I would not be able to write anything but today, before I board my plane for London, I am PSYCHED and rarin' to go.

That's half the battle. The other half is writing the first sentence. Lots of the old characters we love to hate and some new ones we've hated all along!!

ALSO, I am looking forward to Gorrell's SOCIAL SHERIFF--A great blog name that will feature the pretenders we love to hate. (Am I writing a hate blog, by the way??)

He will be blogging in a country far, far, far away from the clutches of the pikon, sore losing social climbers, the AFP, the NBI, PC, MetroCom and the NOCD (Not our Class Darling) which includes the self-appointed blog police!

And our quote of the week goes to John-John who will receive passes to Kung Fu Pandak, Birch Tree Milk Powder and a Seiko Wallet, ang wallet na maswerte. (Joke lang....Unlike Yoyo Tan and Christina Vergel, I have no sponsors, sorry! may sponsors pa ba ang mga yan???)

This is dedicated to the SOCIAL SHERIFF:

John-john has left a new comment on your post "SEX, DRUGS AND VIDEO (GAMBLING)....": In relation to the closure of Chikatime, and why some of the so-called socialites are making a fuss about some of the posts...I remember tuloy the comment of someone I met in HK..there's a small party in RED (the bar on top of IFC), this is after HK Tatler Ball...there's this model, the date of James Bond (owner of Bond Properties in HK) and Kevin Chau (who said to me, "you're not from here, are you?")...anyway, the lady told me that - "I don't think Philippine Society really exists" i understand, to them we're still a 3rd world...and i understand, feeling lang ang ibang tao dito...hahahahah

O--Paano na yan, Gorrell, the Social Sheriff?? Go straight to jail (or the bathroom stall) and do not pass by the party at Embassy na lang??


Anonymous said...

My friends are going nuts for the third book(kahit alam nilang matagal pa to')!!!Kitty,your books are everywhere again.I saw these four fabulous fags at ATC Powerbooks discussing the characters in fornt of the cashier.Anyways,i am so fucking excited for the next Chikatime.

T.J.B said...

wait wait wait. which gorrell is opening a blog named social sheriff? i doubt that would materialize... well, if its brian that is. well, first of all, he's not even pinoy. like wtf?! are you kidding me? and besides, even if he has associated himself with these tragically sad lowlives (which is clearly his mistake) that doesnt mean he can talk about filipinos in such a way. besides, (i support AIDS foundations) i dont think people would want someone with aids bashing at their social lives when in fact he went all the way dirty. no offense meant, just trying to be realistic here. like brian g. if its you. get a grip. get a life. toodles.

erin de la cruz said...


sankyu said...

Hello Kitty meow meow... =<^-_-^>= How can I buy your book kung nasa Tokyo ako?? Should i ask my mom to but it in PH and send it to me or can i buy it online?

kingcrux31 said...

I can't wait!


Hi Kitty,

I am one of those creatures who found your books way back time in memorial, those were probably the best days of the social mountaineers like Yoyo Tan, whose older sister was a good friend of mine from dlsu......well recently i lost a friend( my belief) since she never communicated to me after telling her to forego her project with YOYO TAn, she happened to be in a networking n.g.o who probably never heard of your books nor the stories of Brian so in confidence i told her to cut her losses and from thereon i never heard her voice again...

she probably have been dreaming herself to form part of Yoyo Tan's amazing(?) p.r so there goes the end of friendship and for her ambitions.

Goodluck to your writing....always looking forward for it, to be honest Your like Domminick Dunne in a way... cheers!


Brian said...

I LOVE this blog. Classy shit.
TEACH me how to write Kitty.
I love you.


Anonymous said...

Comment on t.j.b...RELAX LANG!!!just enjoy it and stop bashing Brian just because he's a foreigner with HIV,doesn't mean he's not capable of writing(shits about parvenus and social climbers)even he's far,far away in Neverland!!i'm sure you will enjoy it.Peace!!!mwahhhh...Kitty we miss you here!!!