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If I were you, dollface, I wouldn't want to be going around admitting this.....

Based on the online information that has been sent to me, it seems like the blogosphere is mourning the loss of the website everyone loves to hate,

(I don't look for material myself because as it is I don't even know HOW to begin to look seeing as I already have a hard time looking for my glasses or my dogs...)


Now that CHIKATIME CLOSED, I am so fuckin' angry I want EVERYONE TO KNOW!!! (But I have my ways of dealing with anger----at a bookstore near you!)

Although I am very new to blogging, there are several points that irritate me about people who want to 'control' the content of cyberspace.

1) As long as there is no racism, sexism, child pornography and/or bestiality, the contents of someone's blog is really NONE OF ANYONE'S BUSINESS.

If you want to control the contents of a blog, then I suggest you take it up with people in trad-media where they can REALLY CONTROL what is published or aired. Cyberspace is the last territory (actually, a very new one like a housing development on reclaimed land) of vigilante journalism.

There is also the option of putting up YOUR OWN BLOG to fight other blogs...

But mine is simply to promote my books and "gather information"....

2) The ones who complain are usually those who want to be public figures by being famous for being famous but without any effort at all except by getting dressed and showing up. Some even get dresses for FREE!

But, sadly boys and gheys, being a public figure is like marriage where from store opening to scandal, ya gotta be there, baby. If you put yourself out at every party, you BETTER be ready when scandal comes a-calling. Better yet, if you can't stay away from scandal or bad behaviour, stay away from the cameras!

What is SO HARD TO UNDERSTAND?? You don'd have to go to UCLA Film to get it!

If you can't take the heat, why go into the kitchen in the first place? Just watch cooking shows on TV!! (I love the ocean but I have sworn off beaches so I simply watch National Geographic!)

(This is why I have abso-fuckin'-lutely no sympathy for socilialites and movie stars but have a lot of sympathy for royalty because they are literally 'born in captivity' to the public and papps)

Also worth noting, social climbers with 'information' to hide. Perhaps Chikatime hits hard because like they say in PR, "If there's smoke, there's fire!" FIRE FIRE FIRE!!!

3) Is the Philippines REALLY that big a tech-society that they know the word 'cybercrime?"

The following are excepts from a story in the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

"The cybercrime bill would contain definitions of cybercrime, punishment of such crimes and provisions on cooperation with the international community, among others.
Last year, the DoJ created a task force to deal with cybersecurity issues in legislation and investigation....The task force worked closely with the Council of Europe, a private organization, and local experts composed of IT practitioners and other stakeholders."

Okay--do you think the Council of Europe really cares about the contents of Chikatime when they had the Nigerian Gold Scam going around cyberspace for years? (I think they caught the guy last weeek)

"Among the top priorities of the group was to work for the passage of the cybercrime prevention act, which failed to pass in the previous Congress. -----Meanwhile, Sy said that two major cybercrime cases were filed by the National Bureau of Investigation this week. These cases involve Internet libel and qualified theft."

If something failed to pass in Congress, Top Priority ba 'yan?? Kung Top Priority bakit it didn't pass?? With the I Love You virus originating from the Philippines, global phishing, identity theft etc, we concern ourselves with LIBEL and QUALIFIED THEFT....OH MY GAS!!! (as Chikatime would say)

Suddenly we have made cybercrime a priority in a country with NO WI-FI and LIMITED BROADBAND???

How many times have I been on MSN messenger with someone in the Philippines and THEIR network dies??? HUH?? Or more elementary, their phone has no signal!!

(and suddenly we are HIGH TECH CSI-24 Cybercrime investigators!!)

I have a feeling the NBI has NUTTIN' to do with Chikatime's closure....

4) Why did these people CHOOSE to pick on Chikatime and no one else? The God of Cyberspace knows there are SO MANY other such sites!!

As far as I'm concerned, they have NOT BROKEN any law (see point number 1). Who could take themselves SO SERIOUSLY to have them closed down? Many of Chikatime's subjects of ridicule STILL enjoyed the blog while it was up. The best thing about Chikatime is that it had no alliance (unlike MANY people we know with TOO MANY...), no agenda and no identity (but so what??)

AND SO WHAT if they were 'in Makati lang pala or General Santos or wherever making 20,000 a month..." Clearly, this is yet another example of playground mentality (rich vs poor) because if this was put up by the head of a call center who owned a WHOLE building and who had the whole government in his pocket, this closure would not have happened, WOULD IT???

And now, kiddies, before I close, I leave you with this wonderful quote from Mr Bennet in Pride and Prejudice...(and if you are READING this blog or have READ CHIKATIME and DO NOT agree with this, you are a HYPOCRITE!!)

"For what do we live, but to make sport for our neighbors, and laugh at them in our turn."

Yan lang pow.....

Later today, I will have more news unfit to print.

If I remember to post.


Gina said...

very aptly said by jane austen.
perhaps we should complain to index on censorship in the UK- or better else let's have that shoppingera blog closed down as well for being so naff!- a cybercrime worst than any other.- she's still airing that naff SATC song without permission.

Mikki said...

Who said they had the moral high ground to shut down It is all hypocrisy I tell you. Very well said, Ms Kitty.

PS. It is ridiculously funny that the Mabuhay Shoppingera and friend had chikatime edit their apology post (thus, the removal of the 'thanks to our sponsors' part) because of the hitherto undetected sarcasm (MB already copy-pasted the apology on her blog before it went through several revisions). There is no more freedom of speech!

Anonymous said...

what i really want to know ay kung sino ba yung ridge na yan.IS HE TO THE MANOR BORN? ang kapal ng mukha nya to criticize people who earn 20,000 a month when half of the filipino population live on less than $2 a day!

Filipino U2 Fan said...

I am hard-pressed to believe that the NBI had anything to do with the site's closure.

There was an article (a paragraph, to be more accurate) on DIGG that says that the NBI confiscated the computers of the owners of Chikatime. When I clicked on the link to read more about what happened it just lead me to the multiply site of the guy who helped Miss Epperson find out the identities of the people behind Chikatime.

Dalagang said...

Amen! There's no better way to say it. Ang pikon laging talo. They think that lower income group don't have the right to express their thoughts and opinion. shoppingera is so hypocrite, she even admitted that when she was featured in chikatime e "that's the only time she get hight hits for her site". she should thank them, not close them. now, her blog is so boring. she just used chikatime! that's is hypocrite to the highest level.

Maia said...

the more i look further into the loss of chikatime, the more it becomes SUSPICIOUS. i am starting to think that jenni and ridge hacked into chikatime, grabbed their personal and confidential information and used that data to blackmail them, which led to their demise.

Ridge and Jenni posted this on June 28:

"And a tracker-software I sent to all the consoles he used since the last few months alerted me."

and on June 30, Jenni wrote this on her blog:

"i would love to post the credit card information that chickentime used to pay it's go-daddy server, as well as the other credit card used to upgrade the account to anonymous"

credit card information don't grow in trees. that's confidential, proprietary information only the cardholder and the merchant should know. by jenni making threats of releasing credit card information, she affirms that she has chikatime's data in her possession. isn't that illegal?

andy said...

si loving all the attention...

even had an interview in inquirer about how she did all of that crap..what the fuck was that? iyon ata ang pinaka desperate move nya to be recognized and be popular..

blackmailing people wont get u up there jenni..

Anonymous said...

Why is that ridge sucking up to shoppingera? What's in it for him?

John said...

If you research "Cyber-bullying" in the U.S.A You will find cases of children committing suicide. This is because at a young age they have already been subjected to "paninira". I hope that people do not condone online libel.

Freedom of speech is such a broad statement. People also deserve freeedom from paninira dont you think.

Rosanna said...

when i was young and trees were tall, mabuhay shopingera would ask that i be fitted in the lobby of the shangrila makati so she can "personal shopper me".... now she has this leathery office to boot and choosing between several wine racks. taray ng lola mo!!!the height of kacheapan. ang alam ko AGES AGO NYA PA ALAM ANG IDENTITIES NG CHIKATIME PEOPLE BECAUSE SHE IS A CONTRIBUTER FOR CHIKATIME HERSELF!!! that's a fact!!! di pwedeng magdeny ang bakalang kabayo na si mabuhay shoppingera!!! imagine one night sa embassy, may i agaw ng mic ng dj ang bakla at shout ng shout ng MABUHAY SA CROWD!!! adik na adik ang pootah!!!

flyy said...

The whole "Oh, look at me.. I'm holier-than-thou and I fought against the evils of the world by shutting down a little filipino gossip website." thing is doing my head in.

Can you say BITCH,PLEASE?!

Linea Italia saleswoman - turned socialite wannabe - turned NBI tipster.


what does she wanna be next?

if she doesnt like the blog,surely she can just ignore it di ba?

like you said why kill the lechon?

btw loving the blog ms. go :)

Kis0flife said...


maleficentisaposer said...

@actually couple of months aqo, d' partner of my "mother-in'law" died and as the coffin was being closed for cremation asked in a very loud voice, may pagkabingi- what's going to happen next? when told cremation is about to start , said loud enough for everyone to hear, what a waste of the casket-
di ba nde na kasali ung CASKET sa cremation na?

Vince in Kyoto said...

Sino nga ba yung ridge na yan.

According to this guy mp3musicmp3, who frequent leaves comments on Shoppingera's Multiply site, sya ata si ridge...

This was taken from one of the commentator's Multiply site

which led to this Friendster site

Ang taray ng profile, huh?

Earl Denver said...



gossip girl said...

@ vince_in_kyoto: tama ka ate. tarush to the maximum level especially how he emphasizes himself thru huge fonts and bold letters cause his words don't really make any sense. ndi naman siya trying hard mowdel da ba? ka-cheap-an to the nth level. wag nang pagaksayahan ng panahon.

andy said...


hacking is a cybercrime right??

if they hacked through chikatime.. to get their credit card details..

SHAME ON YOU! mas malala pa yun sa libel..

gawd.. someone tip the NBI.. and while your at it.. bring some money too heheheh

makaw88 said...

i have a hunch that mp3musicmp3.multiply has the initials D.N. (clue: chicken NUGGET) who has alsoi been featured in chikatime before.

and yeah, thats right, the only reason that mabuhay shoppingera (i can think of waaaay more appropriate meanings for MD: Mega Demented, Most Deluded, Morbidly Dorky, etc) got hits was beause people wanted to find out about chikatime!

i am really seething with anger right now for what theyve done. so shutting down chikatime makes them feel proud, huh? im so sure a lot of people will feel so much pride as well at cutting her hands off! or plucking her eyes out with a toothpick!

Anonymous said...

i just read the poor-little-slut-sales girl-baduy-shoppingera's blog and it was hideous!!!i can't believe people with poor taste are hooked on that kind of blog,that was my first and last checking out that crap blog.BORING,PRETENTIOUS AND SOCIAL-CLIMBING(money can never buy you class talaga!!!Even Carrie Bradshaw won't dare read it because she will be very busy scanning her precious Louboutin's and Manolo's

Lilian said...

Da who ito'ng si Ridge? is he a Filipino model? parang afam. in fairness, cute siya ha. At grabeh ang mga comments. Chika item siya.

Amberi Sorry said...

chikatime is one of my guilty pleasures.... Sadness

maleficentisaposer said...

Lilian said...
Da who ito'ng si Ridge? is he a Filipino model? parang afam. in fairness, cute siya ha. At grabeh ang mga comments. Chika item siya.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008 11:55:00 PM HKT

seriously? you must be a relative of his to say such thing. just a hunch ha, prang galit sya sa mundo ksi lahat ng good qualities na sa kanya na hehehe

wyt said...

why are these people using others' popularity just to be noticed and seem important.
susme, may pasagot sagot pa sha sa post ng chichitsthefan na pseudo-intellectual litanya e nauwi din naman sa simpleng social climbing through network building. baka un ang habol nya, konekthionn...

impokrito. (yesyes. i used "im" para sa impakto)

model? cute? ay, i hope yer kidding ha :-)
kung hinde, chaka ng taste mo. may fetish ka ba sa adiktus sa photoshop?
and my gulay, the photoshop "skills".
naman naman. kacheapan.

sankyu said...

What did they use to get the account? Di ba illegal din yun ? seems like the sniffed the traffic to gather information from the Internet.

I think sniffing without proper authorization is also considered a crime.

Para silang hacker na nag sniff ng traffic against a financial institution gathering information about credit card numbers and the person who owns the card.

CT editors can speak with the management of the hosting company hosting CT to file against them since they sniffed traffic without proper authorization...yan ay kung hindi sila nag ask ng permission.

purplePRINCEdiaries said...

i read chikatime on a daily basis and often i get upset and disappointed kapag walang bagong pagtatawanan...
as for the people who end up being rediculed on the site, don't get beet red, tawanan nyo nlng!..
ika nga ni azenith briones sa temptation island: "what are beeEtches for but to beeEtch around fellow beeEtches"
as for kitty love your books!... pramis! good thing i was able to grab a copy!

gaux said...

What you should do is get a petition online for KC (her favorite client) to drop Mabooohay girl as one of her PR's. Use your brains, get back the right way. Isa pa, report the credit card as "lost" then charge her with credit card fraud after all she said that she knew the details of that credit card. Dali, that's known as hacking, credit card "fraud" and the fact na sinabi niya in public is an admission that she hacked your site to get the credit card.