Thursday, July 3, 2008


I have been busy this week writing British English that's why I had to distance myself from my other prose of Bakya English...

THE BIG ISSUE OF DA WEEK---(aside from Tim Yap turns to God--more later)

Chikatime seems to be taking some chika-time off from cyberspace.
As if I was the gatekeeper of Chikatime, so many people emailed, texted, called, posted asking if I could get the gals and gheys to grant them entry.

Well, maybe to Government I could ----but Embassy, as you know, could be a problem.....

UNFORTUNATELY you are reading the blog of one of the out-est outsiders in the world so ChikaTime ain't givin' me an all access pass to their site anytime soon.

I may be one of the biggest (gossip) tippers but I ain't THAT worthy!! At least not worthy of an invite or password. ( Tim Yap turns to God and says, "Just say the word and I shall be healed.." I say to Chikatime, "Just say the 'password' and the whole blogosphere shall shaddap!! )

BUT ---do not worry (blood) sports fans --after all, gossip has become a blood sport!---I think Chikatime will be back in no time. Well, we hope!

I have complete confidence in rumor mongerers because like weeds, we just keep sprouting when you least expect us to in places you never want us to be in (or you don't want to be seen in--like Andok's and Max's!) ...Look at Soozy Hopper-- bless her cyber-soul, Brian Gorrell, Chikatime-and well, moi!

GOSSIP doesn't die. It just gets re-incarnated.
(This is why Im surprised the Philippines has not turned Buddhist!)

THIS IS NOT the first time they have shut down. The latest (or maybe the only) one I recall was when the Inquirer did a big story on them and maybe because they are not used to fame and infamy, they were overwhelmed...

Well, they will learn like everyone else!
(remember Gorrell did it, too...)

Fortunately or unfortunately, SOME people (like me) are born with heated silver forks in their tongues plus Edward Scissorhands fingers for typing venom.

Those who never learn, well, what can I say???---you will probably read more about them in my next novel.

As a new kid on the blog, I am getting the feeling that the blogosphere is like an elementary school playground and one must ally oneself either with the biggest bully or the person who has rights over the slides and swings.

I would like to look at myself as the one with the verbal 'snides and swings."

Why don't we pose the rhetoric: He who brags most, bullies most or vice versa or WHAT!???
Who wants to kick-butt with Gladiator heels? Personally, I prefer classic Roger Vivier Belle du Jours.

The traditional Ateneo answer would be "That depends."

1) Have you been reading other blogs aside from this one, Chikatime and/or Gorrell? If your answer is "Yes" then you are spending too much time online and not enough time at the 70 off sales!!---hahahaha!!!
2) Do you read blogs obssessed with discovering the identity of "ChickenTime?"
3) Have you been reading another blog with the word Mabuhay on it?
(It ain't Philippine Airlines, okay, coz you know technology has not been assigned a seat yet!!)

If you answered "NO" to all of the above then THERE IS SOMETHING YOU DONT KNOW!!

My theory is, that the Mabuhay Shoppingera, who by the way, wants more hits on her blog so I'm practically sending the devoted followers of fashion to HER BLOG by writing this entry...
The Mabuhay Shoppingera who wants more hits has been bullying our friends at ChikaTime by threatening to expose their identities.

MY TAKE --one, two, three--- on this is:
SO WHAT??? - take one
So what if we find out that Vanessa, Vhong and Fuschia do not remotely resemble Perez Hilton??
So what if we find out that ChikaTime all this time was our next door neighbor who wears slippers and curlers and smokes while doing the ironing or making laba and kula?
AND SO WHAT if we find out Chikatime is really the Philippine Tatler???
(well, for one, everyone will stop reading and start laughing because it will be so un-fuckin believable!! )

On the contrary, the social climbers will have to like them MORE (in fact, embrace them and take them to lunch!) because now they are gonna put the fez to the blog and realize that "Caloy" the waiter has all this time been an editor at Chikatime. Imagine---instead of Big Brother watching, you better behave because "Kuya Boy" is watching....Ayan the late Inday Badiday used to say "Careful..Careful.." (Then one time the janitor threw out her guest, the catfish that could drink milk...remember??)

And finally, take three: LEAVE THEM ALONE!!
This blog, like Soozy Hopper may have hurt many but it has brought IMMENSE as in IMMENSELY so much pleasure to more people. If anyone could bring that much pleasure to a greater number of people, by all means, be my guest.

If you still don't get it, here's the Mario J delos Reyes scene: We take two pigs (let's say Ruffa and Kris Aquino) We kill 2 lechons for lechon..what else?? But then a whole baranggay enjoys it and you become mayor...Isn't that worth it even if you had to kill two cute, innocent, defenseless animals?? (I am a vegetarian)

Mabuhay ang shopping....But Gossip has the 'more historical term' term--Bienvenue....or OMG!!!! I LABS EET!!!

Chikatime has a GREAT FORMULA no one comes close to:
1) a great sense of humor
2) a hilarious command of Taglish and Bading-speak
3) graphic photos
4) magnificent moles

Even people they have crossed love them, hate them or love to hate them...(cuckoo Chanel and herpes--ay Hermes ---may be part of that group because I have never seen a site single-handedly put me off wearing these labels after seeing the WRONG PEOPLE in the right labels--you should see what my H belts are used for now--to tie up a balikbayan box---hahahaha!!No!)

And to close this entry, since I am such an excellent writer in the proper sense, I will have to round up my story by connecting the thought of my first paragraph with my conclusion.

Tim Yap was seen at Victory (what Muffy and Constance call DARK Victory--I think that's the name of a horse they lost money on) CRYING---as in not crying for a clean up of the Pasig River---hindi cry me a river--cry me a Pacific Ocean perhaps hoping to ship out to sea...

There are some great people at Victory but there are even more losers who use it for social climbing and networking, much like the way people in the Philippines use wakes and funerals---evenings are the most social. Sometimes even the dead get up for drinks or go to the loo.

OKAY THAT'S IT FOR ....well, for now.


MissBeatrice said...

I stopped going to Victory when celebrities (with their entourage and fans) started coming in. Feels more like a mall tour than a service.

Gina said...

of course when naff mabuhay shoppingera in her imaginary givenchy gladiators found out that chikatime was just some bloke earning 20k a month- she took him on- because she knows he's small fry- kayang kaya niya- mind you- i bet if it were someone with clout, connections- like you for example- she would not have the guts to take on- she really is pathetic- a bully- i hope the backlash happens- she's so pikon- no tongue in cheek for her!- i hope filscap runs after her for airing that naff SATC song without permission.

John-john said...

i feel so sad about what happened to chikatime...I don't know them, i only discovered that site by accident, but as far as I know, almost all that they publish is true, may mga napikon diyan...saw what david nugent said in his blog...i'm not saying that he's behind it or part of it, but knowing him, he's one sick bastard...

Anonymous said...

The bitch-y chic-y diva/bitch is back!!!I miss CHIKATIME.I wonder what Tiny teeny tim yuck do now.I miss his oily face and monkey grin.Goodluck nalang sa kanya!!!BTW,i found another blog that is so chic and fabulous,it talks about chizmiz and family lineage(kachurvahan and etc...Brenda Garchitorena and Alexis Carbonel included-as Mrs. Yap and GB-THE OUTCAST Kitty!

katsky said...

well written entry ms.go. why cant that mabuhay shoppingera (a.k.a. baduy shoppingera) be like you. chikatime also made entries about you but you are a good sport about it. they even have your picture edited with a trail of white powders that made you look like you just sniffed coke.
btw pls dont plug her EYESORE blog coz its absolutely SUPER-BADUY. the font and the colors are hideous. did she hire an elementary student to design for her?

Anonymous said...

Kitty,Brian hates Gino dela Paz!!!He writes crap on the condition of poor people in Manila.UGH,another closeted gay in B's hate-lists.I don't know why Tiny teeny tim yuck wants to RESURRECT his image.He probably is wishing for a larger cock when he kneels in front of the altar in Victory.Poor Guy...erase that,GAY PALA!Eto pa isa,the super baduy shoppingera is out their to kill CHIKATIME!!!i wish her all the kulani be in her puke.Sarap ipakulam.tsk tsk tsk.

Pammy said...

Kitty Go, I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!! Hahahahaha!!!

Best entry ever!! I cannot express myself enough.

(my sister is your friend. she's in DC now and her name starts with a K too)

Anonymous said...

oo nga i agree. i hope chikatime will have the balls to open up their site again. they've got nothing to lose (i think). most likely nga people will love them more if they stand up and take this fight with the mabuhey shoppingera kuno.
sometimes over na ang chikatime with the lait they do with people, but never the less, i still loveit! celebrity schadenfreude!

Anonymous said...

oo nga i agree. i hope chikatime will have the balls to open up their site again. they've got nothing to lose (i think). most likely nga people will love them more if they stand up and take this fight with the mabuhey shoppingera kuno.
sometimes over na ang chikatime with the lait they do with people, but never the less, i still loveit! celebrity schadenfreude!

Pepsi said...

Awesome entry! You and the chikatime team take it all in stride - love the humor. Unfortunately, the BIATCH you all speak of just doesn't get it: It's gossip and pure entertainment (especially for me), and part of the culture. The US is starting to prosecute cyber-bullies like her. Let's just hope for the best with chikatime.

I wish I could express my comments in Tagalog, but alas, it is non-existent (just reading it requires a translation from my mother). I would fare only slightly better in Illongo.

dumb blog said...

Hey Kitty! I just want to tell you that I enjoy reading your blog so much and that you have got to be the classiest woman ever.

These lousy ubiquitous idiots, (mabuhay girl in particular) can't handle media "divertissement" because from where they come from, probably some tekla-ish city in the south it's all drama and "away" and "woe is me death will befall thee... WA- KLASS AND BADUUUY!

Why can't they just take it for what it is and stop acting like they have power over "Caloy's" (hahaha) who write about them? noh? don't they ever read perez???

I LOVE YOU KITTY! I got your books too! Much love from So-Cal. =)

*I've got a feeling that Ms. Mabuhay will never write smack about you because she could never in her dreams go against someone as classy and intelligent as your are. Haaay.

Maia said...

I love this entry Kitty!

chikatime should win an award as blog of the year because they are really funny! Wala silang sinasanto and LOSER ka na lang if you take them seriously. I think it's sad mabuhay shoppingera is using them to get attention for her blog.

or maybe she got affected. lies? anung lies? lies na BADUY siya? has it ever occurred to her that so many people hate her guts? Who does she think she is to make all these demands to chikatime? Rachel Zoe? The Pope?

gina a backlash will happen no doubt. parang she never learned her lesson just because she's the only one out of the Gucci Gang who escaped unscathed in the Brian Gorrell saga.

John said...

While I support freedom of speech, I dont think anyone has a right to malign anyone else. Im sorry thats just my oppinion. I have a cousin who lives in the US and is in a fit of depression because of hate blogs that have spread false rumors about her. And shes only 14.

While it may be entertaining to alot of people, it still isnt right. What if it were done to you? Or your children? or your Spouse?

You dont justify something by saying it "entertained" people anyway.

Mikaila said...

I have a friend who also goes to Victory, but she only goes there because of her crushes and the celebrities who attends the sad lng...parang nawala na ung essence of being a Christian....and about am pissed off from what happened...they could just create a new blog na lng cguro...u an alternative...

hope said...

i H8 bullies. the reason why the blogosphere is so appealing is the right of speech is sacred.

instead of picking on those guys, mabuhay shoppingera should concentrate on cleaning up her act.

i miss chikatime :(

Anonymous said...

Oo nga. SO WHAT if we find out Chikatime's identities. If I were Princess BADUY I'd be more worried about Chikatime's tippers bcoz they're the ones who know (and submit dirt) about Chikatime's subjects. Don't shoot the messenger! CT provided a platform where most of their content came from reader submissions. If Jenni didn't have haters then she wouldn't be there. For a public personality masyado siyang pikon!

Da whooo is this ridge guy who's helping her? You need to tell us the gossip about him Kitty!

Anonymous said...

Aww, sayang naman but I hope magopen ulit sila. Btw, here's an article i read just this morning..

"People are talking about Chikatime

By Micah Gomez
Philippine Daily Inquirer

Last updated 15:42:00 04/15/2008

MANILA, Philippines—Spotted, in a hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada: a former “That’s Entertainment” actor now playing the role of his life—as a bellboy in a casino hotel.

And the blogger dishing out juicy nuggets such as that isn’t Gossip Girl. Editor Vanessa R. and contributors Vhong P., Sarah M., Veena H. and Vilma S. run Chikatime, a local gossip blog that has been the talk of Internet addicts.

The site claims to receive 4,000 hits a day—even on days when no updates are posted.

Chikatime’s claim to fame—or one of them—is breaking the Brian Gorrell-DJ Montano story before Gorrel put up his own blog.

But Brian and DJ aren’t the only subjects of Chikatime. It has targeted almost everyone, from celebrities and fashionistas to columnists, editors and socialites. They have “leads” coming in from everywhere—even supposedly industry insiders.

The blog seems to be this era’s weapon of mass destruction. It could be a great tool of expression and creative prose, or it could be a means of anarchy and vendetta.

It could be the hoi polloi’s voice from outside the red carpet, the other side of the velvet rope.

Chikatime entries range from eyebrow-raising to downright nasty. Bouncing checks, gate-crashing, backstabbing, locker-room embarrassments—the blog is packed with enough dirt to make the Upper East Side sound like Pleasantville.

(Chika is popular lingo for gossip.)

The site is loaded with blind and not-so-blind items, YouTube videos and photoshopped pictures that keep people coming back for more.

The blog’s subjects are not pleased, of course. The people behind it have received violent threats on e-mail.

Attempts at tracking down the group behind the blog have been futile so far. According to one blog investigator, he does not have the real names of the bloggers but he knows they log on from Makati and from Pasay.

Vanessa, Vhong, Sarah, Veena, Vilma and all their tipsters unabashedly spill out what other people are trying to hide. But who are they really? That’s one secret they’ll never tell"

Anonymous said...

Fuck! I just found out about this. Excuse the cussing but I think it's called for. No wonder I haven't been getting any new entries from them in my google reader.

Mikki said...

Those Givenchy Glad-he-ate-her Sandals are hideous! After the disasters caused by Julien MacDonald et al, I truly believe Givency is a house that cannot be reinvented. Just think about, if LVMH resurrected Charles Frederick Worth... people would stay away from it in droves.

Gina said...

bagay name ni mabuhay shoppingera because she shops people -like chikatime!
promise i won't shop her to filscap for unauthorized use of the naff SATC theme song.

Noobstick said...

Kainis naman! Guilty pleasure ko nga yang chikatime naging guilty na lang tuloy! Nabasa ko yung blog entry ni Jenni Epperson tungkol sa apology ng chikatime and there she said na she doesn't want to destroy them daw like what they (chikatime) did to others (as in sa mga taong dapat magpasalamat sa chikatime dahil di ko sila kilala dati pero dahil sa chikatime ay nakilala ko sila).

If shutting down chikatime is not destruction then I don't know what is! Ipokrita talaga oo.....

jade worldwide said...

it's a bit disappointing the farewell entry of chika time...may pagka-recapitulation. well, maybe they were under a lot of pressure kaya hindi pwede iyong stance na no defeat, no surrender. Masyado naman kasing onion-skinned ang mga wanna-bes sa atin.

oh, well-yours and CT blog are my diversion from the usual serious stuff....sometimes I just need to switch off from the usual depressing, dreary news of the day and the inconveniences of regular city-wide strikes where I am and heaps of uncollected garbage all over the city (nope, it's not manila but there are reminders of it).

happy weekend everyone.

geisha said...

sa true lang, mas duwag si jenni. why? because when she was being fanned in chikatime, it was not really libelous. she is a public persona or she claims to be one, surely she relishes her “celebrity”. so, she is fair game for gossip sites. if you take gossip sites seriously, then YOU’RE the one who has a problem!!and i mean that.

what was mentioned about jenni sa chikatime was her bragging about being a rich girl with a shopping magazine daw in the Philippines when she went to Singapore. binola nya ang isang Singaporean blogger. all that chikatime did was exposed her!

lahat naman dun for fun. it was meant to serve as a wake up call too for the HIGH Society. even respectable broadsheets merong ganito, like Cocktales and Maurice Arcache, Anton san diego, etc..mas grabe nga yung kay Brian Gorell because what was being alluded to the Gucci Gang is a crime, errr, crimes!

sayang ang chikatime. masyado kasing matatakutin mga writers. where is freedom of the press. yung blog nyo naman parang kasabihang pinoy lang, bato bato sa langit ang tamaan wag magalit.

ang sa wari ko, mas dapat mahiya si jenni epperson. sayang talaga, guilty pleasure ko pa naman tong chikatime, hehe..they make the high and mighty, rich and powerful, to keep their uberpampered feet on the ground.

another thing, ms. epperson is also making anonymous blogging a crime. it is not. a lot of respectable blogs are doing it anonymously too. it doesn’t mean when you make balandra your name, you are brave or respectable. far from it.

there are several reasons why there are anonymous blogs, not just it. but it doesn’t make them any less a citizen journalist. at least they don’t always write about themselves.. no me me me, just me, about me, what did i do today, what did i buy today..etc..

Sassafras said...

this is the first time i heard about chikatime shutting down and i am in shock...naaliw at natanggal ang homesickness ko ng blog na yun, salamat nalang sa kanila whoever they are that they entertained me...

fredrick said...

oh cmon victory?!?! e karamihan ng preahcers dun bading!! well it takes one to know one.. I went there once to accompany my male "friend"..oh deba?? I pity the others who work there for the true meaning of worship but as it is, i don't believe in their shit.. tas sinama pa nila c tiny tim yuck?? e di lalong bumaba tingin ko sa kanila..

tanggalin nila mga pamhin na obvious nnam na nde magbabago at ang hanap din e mga pamhin at nde si LORD! im puking now!