Monday, June 2, 2008

are available at
NATIONAL bookstore (or net??)
The 'other' Opus Dei-owned bookstore does not carry them so don't even pray you'll find them there!
HK - maybe we can arrange a sale but dapat CENTRAL or ADMIRALTY lang, ok because I ain't going to Kowloon or China!


PI Flashbulb said...

Me kasamang autograph and picture picture pwede?

Pepsi said...

Hi Kitty - Congrats on the blog! My uncle went all over Manila in a quest for your books. With luck, he found both copies and hand delivered to me while we were on a family vacation in Hong Kong!

Arianne said...

Hi Kitty! I just learned about your blog from Brian's blog. Well done!
I love reading your writings.

I was in Manila last week and got a copy of 'Chic Happens' from Fully Booked at the Fort. However, there's none of 'When Chic Hits the Fan'. I loved reading your book and will try to get hold of the first one and looking forward to reading your next book(s). Keep on writing and more power!

Anonymous said...

Kitty you're back!!!can't wait for the third book and the tongue-in0chic society bashing least to those who claims they're "high-society"...i'm from Masbate...never heard?(DITO NANGGALING ANG OTHER HALF NIEVERA.hehehe...btw,i worked as A call center agent here in Alabang and do overbreaks just to google you and the guucci gang controversy.i can't afford couture but i have calvin klein's anD gucci luggage i got for sale(garage sale yata!!!maybe it's fake...)but who cares eh mas fake naman Birkin ni CVD.LOVE YOU KITTY!!!