Sunday, June 15, 2008

PUBLIC FIGURES--or mere figurines??

I pulled out this section from a story entitled "Technology Feature: The Long Road to Justice" by PJ Punla, which I found in the infamous Brian Gorrell's blog (
Before we get into my feelings on public figurines, I have to plug a featured short film on the same blog. "Prostituition" presented by Atty Adel Tamano and directed by Gemma dela Cruz discusses the situation in the Philippines wherein the cost of higher and better education has forced many eager learners into prostitution.
(sorry i dont know how to load youtube--i don't know how to load anything! I dont even have a site meter so I dont know if I have only one reader or none)
I think this has become an unfortunate world wide problem. It is not uncommon for women who want a Harvard education to resort to hooking. As the film says "Every cent she makes is one step closer to her goal..."
MEANWHILE--the Phil govt prefers to pay off its foreign debt instead of educating its people bec a SEEMINGLY liquid emerging economy attracts foreign investors who, as part of the deal, will of course pay 'fees' to corrupt govt officials to be able to do business in the country. The ironic part is, some of these 'fees' include entry or tuition into the best schools in the west. Howzzat boys and girls???!!!
Although surounded by neighbors like Taiwan, Korea, Japan (all of whom DO NOT have an English speaking population), unlike their neighbors, the Philippines has not learned that an educated country becomes a wealthy one.
SOME of the priveleged all over the world either a) pay to get into good or not so good schools or b) take education for granted. Of course there are numerous cases of drop-outs who do well (such as Bill Gates) but for every under-educated tycoon are thousands of students who do not have the privelege of a good education.
I personally am not a huge believer in higher education because majority of my older relatives including my dad, barely finished High School. or college They came from a world of poverty where hard work was the only opportunity and failure as basic as putting food on the table was not an option.
It is a world unknown to us today, the consumerist generation that THINKS the good things in life are a right and not a privelege...(I think this is why American Idol, being a movie star or model and reality shows have become so popular--they are shortcuts to fame which lead to money)
I have only a local Philippines university degree and my husband did not finish his university education. And yet, we both have managed careers outside our home countries.
BUT based on what I have observed and heard from friends, relatives and employers, what we did 20 yrs ago (not finishing school) cannot be done today unless we became successful entrpreneurs.
NOW ON TO THE TOPIC OF PUBLIC FIGURINES...and one of my favourite topics: LIBEL!
From PJ Punla's piece: (small fonts are mine)
Current legal definitions of libel require a statement to satisfy the following criteria in order for it to be considered “libelous”:
1. The statement should have been published.2. The statement should have enough information in order for the subject to be identified by the public.3. The statement should have malicious intent against the subject.
What interests me is this issue on 'public figures."

2. Are the subjects of the blog posts identifiable? And, sub-questions: since libel for private persons is not the same as libel for public personalities i.e. celebrities, should Montano and his family be considered as private citizens or public personalities for the sake of the libel argument?

The most irritating thing about social climbers like Gorrell mentions (see an example in left hand photo above) is that these people LOVE JUST ABSOLTULEY GET WET OVER getting thier photos in society pages of newspapers and magazines.

THEY LIVE for thatMOMENT when the FLASH HITS THEIR EYES!! They spend their entire waking hours either doing coke or dressing up...

BUT---when scandals arise, they are the first to plead to leading simple lives!!

Publicity for me is like marriage. It is a 24/7 commitment to the public. That is why I have no sympathy for movie stars and celebrities who plead for a private life.

WHO ASKED THEM to go into acting? They could have kept thier jobs as waiters at the Ivy!!!

Socialites who throw themselves at cameras to be famous for being famous are the same. If you angle for a photo everytime you have a dress on, then why would you complain if a blog talks about your business malpractice, your drug habit, your extra marital affairs, etc.

Again, WHO ASKED THEM to be photographed??

Sometimes there is a need to be photographed aside from the requirement to be in your school yearbook so people can laugh at you later or in case you become a serial killer or beauty queen, people can see your before photo.

The only times you need your photograph to be publicly circulated are:

1) when you want to announce anything like company annual results

2) when you are trying to sell something

3) when you need to be the image of a business, a brand or a product--being paid makes it even better

4) when you are trying to raise money for charity (in some cases, people have their homes photographed when they want to sell them but that, too, is gauche)

SOCIAL CLIMBERS as we know them definitely do NOT fulfill any of the above criteria. (Well, okay maybe Tiny Tim and Skinny Celine with their ads...)

3. Are Gorrell’s statements intended to be malicious or not?With the Internet now a contentious arena where national and international laws are being contested, the outcome of this matter – and, indeed, its very conduct – seem to be enough reason for the international, online, and legal communities to keep a close watch on this blog, its owner, and the matters outlined therein.

Yes, I have always wondered what the boundaries are between truth and malice.

Sometimes when you tell the truth it merely comes out malicious...Remember the saying "The truth hurts??"

Well, they come from the same school as Gossip Girl.

Meanwhile, maliciousness is plain fun. Remember "If you have nothing good to say about anyone come sit next to me??

" Well, they come from the same bitch!

BTW--I haven't addressed the photo on the right--it's the beautiful arrangement Ghey Bryan Boy ( sent me for my 45th cougar birthday!! Thank you Bryan Boy!!

-Does that mean these flowers are now public figures??? Maybe we should ask the woman in the left hand photo....What happened to her FREE HOTEL GYM membership??? Which I feel I paid for because I paid for mine!!! All that --see, again--for showing up at a pool party!! TWICE!!


Jane said...

Not a techie either, but of the little that I know: when you hit "new post" or "create post", you'll see a link that says "edit html" on the page that loads. There you can paste the embed code of the YouTube video clip you want to post. If the embed code is disabled,you can just copy the URL and put it as a link. To link, highlight the word you want to be linked and then click the icon with a chain link-globe picture which you will find on the left side of the "edit html". When you click the icon, a dialog[ue] box will appear and you can paste the URL there.

The site meter, I don't have any idea also but perhaps a widget will do. You can visit

Hope this helped. Oh, and, welcome back, Kitty :)

jade worldwide said...

just a small comment on the cost of education nowadays. i only did not have"just" a diploma from a local university (at U-belt pa) and then med studies in Intramuros, my elem and high school were public ones. Hah, i can almost imagine social climbers avoiding me. Anyway, I , too am shocked with the costs these days with my cousins asking for help in their education (i'm childless, dogless by choice but not lonely)- and I wonder if education is so expensive, why they didn't strive to get scholarships or study in public schools like me until of course , the realisation that all the good teachers have left to be dakilang atsay/caregiver/teacher in the US so probably the quality of education in the public sector has also nosedived like everything else in the Philippines. Heck, I was told that medical graduates training to be soecialists couldn't present cases in english.
so it's ginna be downhill from ehre folks, so fatsen your seatbelts.

Nine Moons said...

hi, I'm the PJ Punla you linked via Brian Gorrell.

glad to hear I'm not the only one who's had to think seriously about libel and the online world, being a blogger and a long-time online denizen myself....

brief tech help:
to upload YouTube videos, look on the right-hand side of any video. under the "Embed" line is some HTML code which will allow other people to repost that video elsewhere. just copy-paste the code - you can use the keyboard shortcuts or the right mouse button - and put it in the post you want to have a video in with.

for a reliable and friendly site counter, try this provider site: Bravenet. [just google them ^^] you can install the code by going to the "Customize" option in your blog and copy-pasting the codes from Bravenet into an "add HTML/Java code" box to appear on the side of your blog ^^

Anonymous said...

Being a victim of malicious posts about me, knowing I know the people behind it, I think our cyber law isn't that good yet. Just imagine our judges now are not even aware that computer evidences now can be used as court evidence. arrrghhh!

And about the education, it is also true that because a lot of Filipinos who wanted to finish college and get a decent job afterwards are being forced to be into prostitutions. Mostly of the companies in the Philippines hire for permanent basis only if you are from DLSU, ADMU, UP and UST. But the rest, good luck.