Sunday, June 22, 2008


BEFORE WE GET INTO TODAY'S POST: I was told that Powerbooks in Greebelt or one of its branches in Makati still has Chic Happens, my second book. I have very few copies left in stock in HK--about 6--so if you live in Manila or know someone who can buy it for you, please try Powerbooks.

Yesterday, after interviewing the talented and overly-travelled designer NATHAN JENDEN who has an eponymous line ( and is also the brilliant creative director of Diane von Furstenburg (aka DVF) , I decided to go to the ATM machine to withdraw money.

Aside from having not a single cent on me, it was also an unconscious action to check my bank account to see if I had enough money to buy Jenden's clothes in his private sale this coming week in HK--at KOU Concepts, 22flr, 19-20 Connaught Rd. (24-25 June, 3-8PM, 11-7pm) .

THEN I decided to get a sorbet at a new place called I SCREAM at the IFC.

For the first time in my life, a reader (code name: ragamuffin) approached me and maybe because it was HK or maybe because I feel that public opinion has changed towards me (thanks to the fall of the Gucci Gang to Giordano Gang and their failed diamond heist), I was not afraid to admit that I was "Kitty Go."

Usually, when someone asks me, "Are you Kitty Go?" I would ask, "Who wants to know?"

I'm always afraid these people have contracts out for me.

I wish I could say they were marriage contracts or a movie contract from DreamWorks but nnnhhoo....Very likely they will be contracts of the Kalashnikov or a switchblade variety. (Either that or in the case of Christina Vergel, they cry in a corner of the Mandarin bar in a gladiator outfit)

SO when Ragamuffin recognized me, I was ecstatic.

So ecstatic that I forgot to pay the 28 HKD for my lychee sorbet.

The guy had to run after me all the way to Alain Figaret where--attention boys and girls of the white shirt variety--the whole store including white shirts is on sale 30% off!

I guess I must be famous enough to be recognized but not famous enough to get a free ice cream.

And now a word from our sponsor:

This will be my last post for the month because I am drowning in work from my real job. In July we can talk more about fashion after I finish writing about fashion.

Also, Bryan Boy has so kindly recommended PayPal but I am so technologically inept that yesterday I spent HOURS setting the thing up but failed.

I completely lost track of time.

The days are very long and all I know is I came home wearing sunglasses and by the time I gave up on PayPal, the maids were turning out the lights and the dogs were ready for bed.

So I would say it took about a week for me to find out I couldn't do it.

PayPal will have to wait because I am planning to hire some Pinoy here in HK who can come and help me sometime in July.


Brian said...

I'm glad you will hire a pinoy love.
They are very smart.And cute.


Anonymous said...

if you're looking for help sometime this july, i can apply to be your assistant. :)

Blitzen624 said...

you need an assistant? can I apply??? would really like to live in HK... but how urgent is your requirement?

Janelle said...

I was able to buy both your books from National Bookstore in Cybermall, Libis last week. I already have both but my friend in CA asked me to buy for her.

Matt said...


are you using a mac? i know a pinoy who works in a mac store in central that is uber helpful....

e-mail Brian G for my e-mail and i can provide the dets if you need his help.

B...IF Kitty asks can you give her my e-mail?

Super helpul with alot of goodies in store..... for the computer lang ha????? no other side goodies.

If you want your banyo offer still stands...hahaha

Good luck!

Thanks B! I'm cute Tsinoy..... Thank you very much!


ragamuffin girl said...

What exactly do you need help with? I work part time in HK...and am always on the lookout for interesting stuff to do especially since my son will be studying the whole day come September. :)

redchick said...

i bought my copy at national bookstore in the old Greenbelt 1, they still copies by the cashier. :)

Anonymous said...

your blog is a part of my morning rituals... Cheers Ms. KG!

Anonymous said...

Hmm I think Kitty will be processing a lot of applications now..:)

Matt - wow you're also Tsinoy?!

Matt said...

OpenID equilibrium2008 said...

Hmm I think Kitty will be processing a lot of applications now..:)

Matt - wow you're also Tsinoy?!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008 9:17:00 AM HKT


As Kitty says, who wants to know?

Anonymous said...

Kitty hire me!!!!hahaha!!!i'm serious sweetie.I would love to be your assistant.I have a job here in Manila but my heart is in the fashion industry and to be your assistant...i would die for it.

Anonymous said...

I got mine at Powerbooks in Greenbelt.My sister got her copy at Powerbooks in Mega.