Friday, June 20, 2008


I have a feeling we didn't drink very much because I forgot to put the music on.

The party may have looked good on a table but I was so disorganized I forgot the sounds!!

There I was so excited to play my CDs from Tokyo--what the Japanese call Bossa Nova Rock--then...I forgot one of the most important elements of a successful party. Musique!

My favourite is Clementine: The Paris Collection. I also love (not in photo) Sweets Bossa Rock Performed by Ideal.

I also wanted to play The Birthday CD 2003: Bangkok Lounge mixed by J. Cuunjieng not for me but for my dear friends Constance Brooke Pendleton and Muffy who celebrated their birthdays in Bangkok in 2003 as the label says.

If I got carried away with caviar, they had cake--carried in by a naked man!!!

It is one of the best and gayest CDs I have and I love it.

J. has also been invited by the gay bar Happy in Singapore where if you can't be gay, at least you can be Happy!!!

AND FINALLY BEFORE OUR DREADFUL WORK WEEK ENDS...I leave you with something to ponder at Andok's.....

A little flying fish has told me that our favourite swimmer turned swindler and his Madame turned Mrs. have to swim faster, harder and around more continents because they have made a Baracuda in the BIG TIME China Sea very unhappy.

(Jaws theme..dun.dun.dun.dun..)

Perhaps a life raft rather than a Porsche Cayenne would be in order.

Let me go fishing and I'll get back to you kids. OR better yet, read about it in my book!

Clue: It involves money. What doesn't except exchanges for store credit?? Even digging is called gold digging....


Matt said...

Vueve for drinks, c'est bonne!

How smanshy.... Cheers!

Blue Vitriol said...

Wow Many Happy Returns!!!
Can't wait for book three...

Eva said...

DB and JR?