Sunday, June 15, 2008


I don't want to be the fashion promoter of Damages but once again, it has proven to be a measure of what the working rich are moving into.

If you noticed, the bitch lawyer Glenn Close character is 'dressed' even in her downtime---double (or even quad)- ply structured cashmere cardigans, brooks brothers polo tees..everything just as neat and well-pressed as her clothes during the work week (not that she ever stops working!)

Avril Groom discusses this attitude to loungewear in "Easily the Best" in this week's FT How to Spend it magazine, the Bonus Issue (13 June 2008 which is out one Friday a month).
People want loungewear that has quality and looks good enough to go out in. Or daywear that also works as downwear.
Stella MacCartney for Adidas and Christy Turlington for Puma have done that.
Although I always hated the idea of Juicy Couture cashmere 'sweats' worn in public, I admit, they are the PIONEERS of this style.
DVF is introducing a transitional capsule wardrobe that works for all occasions and most types of weather. I can't wait!! I really admire the woman.

Lanvin, meanwhile, has made their ready-to-wear so comfortable that you could wear the silk shift you originally bought for a party, at home or at the beach!
I know, I know..what about the cost?
I have always felt that one cannot get too attached to material things.
One the other hand, I feel that if you have to take care of it like a baby (ie giving an expensive "It" Bag its own seat at a restaurant or wailing when a dress is ruined), that means you really can't afford it, can you?
Fashion is meant to be worn. Likewise, furniture is meant to be used.
If you are just going to look at it, you might as well open your own museum.
MEANWHILE---I was thinkin', music usually goes with lounging.
(see photo on left)
While waiting for my husband to get off work, I stopped by HMV on a rainy Friday to pick up Duffy's CD which was a disappointment.
I saw her on Letterman, on UK TV, read her reviews in trans continental magazines and papers, etc.
With all the publicity that she was better than Amy Winehouse, I found the CD a whiner.
What fag hag like me could resist Donna Summer?? A new record after 17 years and it sounded like a bad Cher record. And I love Cher!
I think I will stick to the long version of MacArthur Park.
OKay the Japanese one--- Arashi "Dream Alive" was an Asian top hit. Asian music doesn't do it for me but I thought maybe the Japanese will...just because they have their own planet.
JESUS N SHINTO!!! It was the worst!! It was worse than a Pinoy pop muisc CD!!
Thinking I could be hip by buying a UK alternative CD, I picked up The Ting Tings...and sure enough there was a ting about it...It made me tingk I wasted so much money on these bloody CDs I should have bought a dress at MnS!!!
Out of the six I bought on Friday night, only 2 turned out to be real winners!!
(see photo at right)
The Fratellis "Here We Stand" (Island) is a total hit! I can't tell which songs are particularly good bec the whole album just flows.
I can proudly say it was in the 'alternative' rack.
N-E-R-D "Seeing Sounds" is great--rap and blues in one--especially All the Girls Standing In Line for the Bathroom (the title says it all!) , Anti Matter (if you don't want a revolt at home, don't let your 8 yr old listen to this), Love Bomb, etc..
PS--I ain't no music expert so don't take this review seriously. I care about music as much as I do food where some one once told me that I never enjoy my food and only eat to stay alive.
WHAT's wrong with that?? You expect me to eat my cake and wear Alaia too?


oj hofer said...

hilarious: cake, alaia, and mcarthurs park :)

Jane said...

I must agree, "Seeing Sounds" is great. Try Katy Perry, too, but since am not a music expert as well...:D

Brian said...

Your review was perfect.
Kitty rules.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a music fanatic but love your review....WP is the total girl!!!TOTAL PARIAH..she sat 3rd row on the Philippine fashion week..a D-LISTER.OUCH!!!!

joy said...

Eat cake and wear alaia!

Lisa said...

Just got the N.E.R.D and I love it! Didn't care for Crayons either but will see Donna Summer in concert in August. Whoohoo! ;)