Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Before I get to the point of my existence, I have to apologize for the state of this blog. The pictures, layout and background are diabolical. I still have a day job as a busy body so I have yet to find the time and knowledge to fix it. Sadly, I can't promise this will ever happen because as it is, I have yet to complete the task of doing the photo albums from my first marriage. The marriage has come undone and the album has not even been done yet! That makes the wait on my visual creativity longer than the wait for a Birkin.
So as Jeff Goldblum in The Fly quiveringly said, "Heeelllppp mmeee..." Any help will be appreciated. Girls and Gheys, I never promised you People magazine. Hopefully it's worth a read!
Ah of course, yes...back on course...about this week's magic trick of turning white powder into white diamonds. This beats the wedding at Cana (where Jesus turned water into wine) by a (diamond) minefield. But throw gold into it, too because it's now what-- 900-1000 USD an ounce???
A few things we should ask about M. Le V Froggie and how this may affect Christina Lopez (este..Vergel) and her potential to drip in diamonds. ...(I hope this doesn't end in tears or another kind of Coke induced drip)
Remember class, this is a THINKING blog, okay? I encourage you to analyze the news, discuss among yourselves (Globe and Smart have to thank me for encouraging SMS and calls) and of course, report back to me!!
When there is a 'situation" as they say in media, the subjects usually give two answers: a) maybe , b) no comment or c) both. *In each case, the reporter COULD assume the answer COULD really be a 'Ja." Please choose the correct answer to the questions below.
1) Could Legs Diamond possibly be married before or perhaps still?
2) Could The Girl's Best Friend be separated with children?
--Five points: One last bonus question lang: Da Who is the quiepo in the photo on Chikatime?? Tanong lang pow.
*This comes from the William Morris Showbiz Crisis Management brief that gives this example: Variety reports Britney going into hospital for food poisoning= drug overdose because she saw her thighs in the mirror.
How could people possibly be so negative towards the idea of 'true love??" I myself am a believer in true love but consider the divorce laws SOME people--such as diamond and gold miners--- may have to face:
1) Hong Kong divorce - the rule has changed in the last few months to be like a Hollywood divorce (50-50) meaning 50% to the wife and 50% to the husband and company whether male or female or a combination. Sometimes this may include pets.
2) UK divorce - wife must prove that the husband has to support her in the style she has grown accustomed to. Wife and shark lawyer show credit card bills, club memberships, rent, beauty salon bills, haute couture bills, etc. This is from the Ivana School of Divorce which is "Don't get mad, get even.." The pound is now 1 pound to 1.8 USD (sometimes 2!)
3) France divorce - This I don't know but we can ask M. le President Sarkozy since he and his former wife personally have had a lot of experience between them. The Euro is now 1 Euro to 1.6 USD
So you see kids, diamonds may be forever but some marriages don't. Look at Tom and Nicole, Ron Pereleman and Ellen Barkin, Sean Penn and Madonna, Whitney and Bobbie Brown, my own marriage!!! ...I rest my case.
AY speaking of cases which may also be court cases, I have to find out whether one of the Gucci Gang who never really wears Gucci but has a single LV bag...really has a court case in HK aside from a divorce case. A little Peach told me! (Oy--Good luck sign yan for the Chinese, ha...)
HOKAY! I think I am done for the day. Perhaps even the week unless the highly unlikely event of little birds flying through my windows happens. It's raining you see, so the birds are not out.
But the snakes tend to come indoors!


willows&cattails said...

Way to go, Kitty Go! More power!

azianprinze10 said...

i love you kitty!!! tried buying ur books from amazone but they're not available, and also asked a friend from manila to buy it for me, but he told me it's sold out too! it's just sad/bad, local bookstores in here in vancouver doesn't have it! for now, ill just be contented with reading ur blog 'till my friends get me a copy... only the best for you!


Brian said...

I love this. You are such a great writer!

Sunshine said...

Dear Kitty,

I really love it when you are so spontaneous. Maybe you should also rename yourself Witty Go!

All the best.

Gatsby the Great said...

Congratulations and Welcome to the blogging world. Don't worry about the appearance yet of your entries, what's more important is the content.

Your site will definitely be saved as a favorite.

As they say, "if you don't have anything nice to say about anybody, come sit by me." lol

shadowkat said...

herrow... just a few notes about getting unhitched in honkers...

the new 50/50 law is the baseline for ALL negotiations nowadays. so, amicable or not, you and spouse have to split everything right down the middle. EVERYTHING. and that's just the start.

oh, and if you're getting unhitched, make sure you have a good solicitor that can prove you need to be supported in a certain way. otherwise, its curtains for your signature lifestyle

The Nashman said...

I will keep my eye out for Emily Relucio's spawn. Is she invited to Tita Shawie's London Premiere of "Caregiver". I will look for her on the red carpet.

Ack! YSL is dead...who will dress me up? I guess I can go to Primark..or maybe I can ring all those children of politicians from fourth-class municipalities na naglipana sa London enroled in some 'intensive 4 week fashion course'